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Handbuch panasonic kx hdv130

Manuals Brands Panasonic Manuals Telephone T-Mobile KX-HDV User manual Panasonic KX-HDV User Manual. Quick Links. See also: Administrator's ManualManual. Related Manuals for Panasonic KX-HDV Telephone Panasonic KX-HDV Operating Instructions Manual Sip phone pages. IP Phone Panasonic KX-HDV User Manual 2 pages. Link-to-cell bluetooth cellular convergence solution with 3 handset 88 pages.

Summary of Contents for Panasonic KX-HDV Page 1 1 P a g e Panasonic KX-HDV User Guide nextiva. Page 2: Table Of Contents 2 P a g e Contents Installation Page 3: Installation 3 P a g e Installation Desk Setup 1. Attach the stand by inserting the stand into the slots as shown below Figure Figure Attaching the Stand 2.

Connect the Ethernet cable, the handset and the AC adapter as shown below. If desired, an optional headset or computer pass-through can also be connected to the phone Figure Page 4: Wall Mounting 4 P a g e Wall Mounting Before attempting to mount the Panasonic KX-HDV phone to a wall, make sure the wall and the attachment method is strong enough to support the weight of the phone.

Insert the tabs of the wall mounting adapter in to the designated openings in the base, and then slide the wall mounting adapter in the direction of the arrow until it clicks Figure Page 5 5 P a g e Once you have connected the Wall Mount Plate to the phone via the tabs, follow the steps below Figure : 1.

Fasten the wall mounting adapter to the base with the small screw. Connect the AC adapter and handset cord. Page 6: Location Of Controls 6 P a g e Location of Controls The image below shows the standard buttons on the Panasonic KX-HDV Figure Figure Button Map Figure Key 1. ENTER — used to confirm a selected REDIAL HEADSET item. Page 7: Provisioning Instructions 7 P a g e Provisioning Instructions Before you can make calls with the Panasonic KX-HDV, it must be added to your Nextiva account, assigned to a user, and provisioned.

NextOS 3. For Administrators, log in to the NextOS 3. Select the Panasonic KX-HDV phone from the drop-down list below the Own Device radio button Figure Figure Select Model 8. Enter the MAC address in the MAC Address text box Figure Page 9: Checking The Firmware Figure Confirmation Message Checking the Firmware Before attempting to provision a Panasonic KX-HDV phone using the instructions below, make sure that the phone is on firmware version 2.

Verify the firmware version that displays on the screen is version 2. If it is, skip to the section titled Entering the Provisioning Server. If the firmware version is lower than 2. Page 11 Figure Figure Save Firmware Changes The firmware on your Panasonic KX-HDV has now been updated.

NOTE: When this phone is power cycled for any reason, the embedded web feature is turned off and must be turned back on. Page Entering The Provisioning Server 12 P a g e Entering the Provisioning Server If the Panasonic KX-HDV phone was purchased from Nextiva, then the phone should arrive with the provisioning address already programmed into the phone. If the phone was purchased from a third party, or if the phone required a factory reset, you will need to manually enter the provisioning address in to the phone.

Click the Maintenance tab at the top of the screen Figure Figure Maintenance Tab 7. Click the Save button. The phone should reboot. If it does not, manually reboot the phone by temporarily disconnecting the AC adapter from the back of the phone and reconnecting it Figure Figure Save Provisioning Changes The phone should then provision and register.

Page Additional Setup Options Correcting the Time If the Panasonic KX-HDV does not display the correct time, first check the time zone assigned to the user in the NextOS 3. If the time zone is correct, you need to adjust the time zone settings in the phone itself. Click the System tab at the top of the screen Figure Figure System Tab 7. Click Time Adjust Settings on the left side of the screen Figure Figure Time Adjust Settings 8.

Page Line Mirroring This feature is commonly used by administrative assistants for ease of call transfer, and by call center managers to assist in monitoring their employees. Page Directories Panasonic KX-HDV phone. Doing so will ensure your speed dials are not lost in the event of hardware failure. From the main dashboard, click Manage in the Users tile Figure Figure Manage Users 4. Hover your cursor over the user for whom you want to set up speed dials, and click the pencil icon to the right Figure Scroll down and select the Routing section Figure Figure Routing Section 6.

Click the pencil icon to the right of Speed dial Figure Click the plus sign at the bottom-right Figure Figure Add Speed Dial 8. Select the speed dial number from the Option drop-down list Figure Page Automatic Call Distribution Acd States To set up this feature, contact Nextiva Support.

NOTE: If you will be setting up ACD capabilities on the Panasonic KX-HDV phone, you will not be able to set up line mirroring or BLF. Both of the programmable keys on the right side of the phone will be dedicated to ACD features and not available for other use. Page Basic Phone Usage middle softkey. NOTE: If you dial the full 10 digit phone number of the party you want to call, the Panasonic KX-HDV will automatically start dialing, so pressing the Call softkey will not be necessary.

When finished with the call, go on-hook to disconnect the call. Using the Handset: 1. Page Accepting A Call 25 P a g e Accepting a Call Using the Handset: 1. While the phone is ringing, go off-hook. Using the Speakerphone: 1. While the phone is ringing, press the SP-PHONE button on the bottom-right of the phone.

Using a Headset optional : 1. Page Terminating A Call 26 P a g e Terminating a Call Using the Handset: 1. While on a call, go on-hook. While on a call, press the SP-PHONE button on the bottom-right of the phone. Page Conferencing Checking Voicemail When you have a new voicemail message, the Panasonic KX-HDV phone displays Voice MSG:XXX on the screen where XXX is the number of the messagesand the message waiting indicator light on the upper-right of the phone slowly flashes blue.

Call Lists The Panasonic KX-HDV does not store missed calls, incoming calls, or outgoing calls locally on the phone. Because of this, the phone can be safely rebooted without losing your call logs. Page Changing Acd States In order for an agent to change their ACD state for the queues in the call center they are assigned to from the Panasonic KX-HDV phone, ACD functionality needs to be enabled on the phone.

To do this, see the Automatic Call Distribution ACD section above. It does not matter whether there is still a call in progress on the Panasonic KX- HDV phone when you do this. Page Using Speed Dials 31 P a g e Using Speed Dials Using the Handset: 1. Go off-hook. Enterthen enter the speed dial number on the keypad, and press the Call softkey middle softkey on the phone. Page Additional Features 32 P a g e Additional Features Do Not Disturb DND The Panasonic KX-HDV phone does not have a dedicated DND button.

DND can be turned on or off using feature access codes, or through the menu on the phone. Using Feature Access Codes: 1. Page Factory Reset The Panasonic KX-HDV can be factory reset from the device or through the web interface. From the web interface: You will need to navigate to the web interface of the Panasonic KX-HDV, follow the steps below to access the web interface, and then factory reset the phone: 1.

Click Reset to Defaults on the left side of the screen Figure Figure Reset to Defaults 8. Page 35 9. Click the OK button when the pop-up message appears asking if you are sure you want to reset the settings Figure Figure Confirm Reset Your Panasonic KX-HDV has now completed the factory reset process.

From the Panasonic KX-HDV 1.

Manuals Brands Panasonic Manuals IP Phone T-Mobile KX-HDV Administrator's manual Panasonic KX-HDV Administrator's Manual. Quick Links Download this manual See also: User ManualManual. SIP Phone KX-HDV Please read this manual carefully before using this product and save this manual for future use. In this manual, the suffix of each model number is omitted unless necessary.

Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Related Manuals for Panasonic KX-HDV IP Phone Panasonic KX-HDV Quick Start Manual pages. IP Phone Panasonic KX-HDV User Manual 2 pages. Summary of Contents for Panasonic KX-HDV Page 1: Sip Phone SIP Phone KX-HDV Model No.

Thank you for purchasing this Panasonic product. Page 2: Related Documentation Briefly describes basic information about the installation of the unit. Operating Instructions Describes information about the installation and operation of the unit. Page 3: Table Of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Initial Setup Page 4 Table of Contents IP Address Mode Page 5 Table of Contents PC Priority Page 6 Table of Contents Enable Call Log Line 1— Page 7 Table of Contents 4.

Page 8 Table of Contents SRV lookup Prefix for UDP Page 9 Table of Contents First-digit Timeout Page 10 Table of Contents Tone Timings Page 20 7 Firmware Update Page Initial Setup Section 1 Initial Setup This section provides an overview of the setup procedures for the unit. Document Version Administrator Guide Page 23 1.

For details about the required network settings, consult your network administrator. For details about configuring network settings via the Web user interface, see 4. Page Overview Of Programming 1. Page Phone User Interface Programming You can change the language used on the LCD. Because the language settings for the LCD of the unit are not synchronized, you must set the languages individually for the unit. Page 28 1. Page Accessing The Web User Interface 1. If you try to access the Web user interface while someone is logged in, you will be denied access.

Page Controls On The Window 1. Page Entering Characters 1. The settings on the current screen will return to the values they had before being changed. Refresh Updates the status information displayed on the screen. This button is displayed in the upper-right area of the [Network Status] and [VoIP Status] screens. Page Firmware Update 1. Page 33 1. Page 34 1. Page General Information On Provisioning Section 2 General Information on Provisioning This section provides an overview of the configuration file programming procedures for the unit, including pre-provisioning and provisioning.

Page Pre-Provisioning 2. Pre-provisioning is an auto-provisioning mechanism that automatically obtains the server address saved in the configuration file administered by the carrier or distributor. There are two methods for automatically obtaining the server address saved in the configuration file. SIP PnP The phone multicasts a SIP SUBSCRIBE message and obtains a provisioning server address via a SIP NOTIFY message. Page Obtaining A Provisioning Server Address From Dhcp Options 2.

Page 39 2. Page 40 2. Page 41 2. KX-HDV DHCP Server Pre-provisioning Server KX-HDV This configuration file is used by all the units. Page 43 The same number of configuration files as models being used on the network are stored on the provisioning server, and units with the same model name download the corresponding configuration file.

Page 45 The configuration files are downloaded at specified intervals of time, set in minutes. In the example below, the unit has been programmed to download configuration files from the provisioning server every 3 days minutes.

Page 46 2. Page 47 Explanation At a specified time each day After the unit is powered on, it will download configuration files once per day at the specified time. Page Encryption 2. NOTIFY sip sip. Page Priority Of Setting Methods 2. The unit determines the encryption status by checking the extension of the downloaded configuration file. For details about encrypting configuration files, contact the appropriate person in your organization. Extension of Configuration Configuration File Parameters Used for Decrypting File Page Configuration File Specifications To prevent the designated character sequence being altered by chance, it is recommended that the configuration file starts with the comment line shown below: Panasonic SIP Phone Standard Format File DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINE!

Page Example With Incorrect Descriptions The following listing shows an example of a configuration file that contains incorrect formatting: An improper description is entered in the first line. A configuration file must start with the designated character sequence " Panasonic SIP Phone Standard Format File ". Comment lines start in the middle of the lines.

Page Phone User Interface Programming Section 3 Phone User Interface Programming This section explains how to configure the unit by entering direct commands through the phone user interface. Page Phone User Interface Programming 3. Page Web User Interface Programming Section 4 Web User Interface Programming This section provides information about the settings available in the Web user interface. Page Web User Interface Setting List 4.

For details about each setting, see the reference pages listed. For details about setting up Web user interface programming, see 1. Page 59 4. VoIP Status VoIP Status Line No. Page 60 4. PC Priority ü Page 83 VLAN Enable VLAN ü Page 84 IP Phone VLAN ID ü Page 84 IP Phone Priority ü Page 84 PC VLAN ID Page 84 ü Page 61 4. Name Attributes ü Page 93 Number Attributes ü Page 93 Distinguished Name Base ü Page 93 Enable DNS SRV lookup ü Page 93 Xtended Service Xtended Service Enable Xtended Service ü Page 62 4.

Enable FF Key ü Page Shortcut Key Settings Soft Key A Left ü Page Soft Key B Center ü Page Soft Key C Right ü Page 63 4. User Password User Password Current Password ü ü Page Settings New Password ü ü Page Confirm New Password ü ü Page Admin Password Admin Password Current Password ü Page 64 4.

SIP Settings User Agent User Agent ü Page NAT Identity Enable Rport RFC ü Page Enable Port Punching for SIP ü Page Enable Port Punching for ü Page 65 4. Page 66 4. DTMF Type ü Page Advanced RTP Packet QoS DSCP ü Page RTCP Packet QoS DSCP ü Page Enable RTCP ü Page Enable RTCP-XR Page ü Page 67 4. Enable Call Park Key ü Page Park Retrieve Number ü Page Park Retrieve Soft Key ü Page Directed Call Pickup ü Page Emergency Call Phone 1—5 ü Page 68 4.

Dial Plan Dial Plan max ü Page columns Call Even If Dial Plan Does Not ü Page Match Hotline Settings Hotline Enable Page ü Page Status 4. Provisioning Provisioning Standard File URL ü Page Maintenance Maintenance Product File URL ü Page Master File URL ü Page Cyclic Auto Resync ü Page Resync Interval ü Page Version Information 4. Value Range Model number IPL Version Page Network Common 4. Value Range Not applicable. Ethernet Link Status Description Indicates when either the Ethernet LAN port or the Ethernet PC port is connected reference only.

Page Ipv4 4.