Olympus xa bedienungsanleitung deutsch



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Olympus xa bedienungsanleitung deutsch

Manuals Brands Olympus Manuals Film Camera XA Instructions manual Olympus XA Instructions Manual Olympus xa xa camera-film: instruction manual. Quick Links Download this manual See also: Repair Manual. Related Manuals for Olympus XA Film Camera Olympus AZ-4 Zoom Instructions Manual Olympus camera use and care 59 pages. Olympus stylus zoom camera-film: instruction manual 74 pages. Olympus stylus stylus camera-film: instruction manual 37 pages.

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Page 3 Film Rewind Shaft Film Chamber Sprocket Film Take-Up Spool Battery Control Chamber Lever Tripod Socket Rewind Release Button ASA Film Speed Window Film Speed Adjustment Lever Auto Flash Sensor Flashtube Flash Diffuser Window Flash Clamping Screw Film Pressure Plate Camera Back Charge Lamp Page 4: Table Of Contents The Olympus XA is an aper- ture priority auto-exposure rangefinder camera setting new standards for function and feel, appearance and performance.

Please read the following pages carefully and your new camera will provide maximum per- formance and satisfaction. Insert the batteries correctly. SR 44 EPX, MS or equivalent 2. Check the batteries. Set the control lever to "CHECK". The beeper emits a tone and the check lamp glows brightly. If the beeper doesn't signal, the batteries are inserted incorrectly or are exhausted.

Page 6: Loading The Film Loading the Film 1. Open the camera back and in- sert the film cartridge. Dust Bar- rier is in closed position. Never load the film in direct sun- light. Attach the film end to the take-up spool. The film end must not stick out of the slot excessively.

Page 7 4. Open the Dust Barrier. If the Dust Barrier is not fully opened, the shutter cannot be released. Wind and expose two blank shots until the exposure counter shows "1". The lens should be aimed toward a bright light when shooting. Page 8: Simple Steps For Taking Pictures SIMPLE STEPS FOR TAKING PICTURES Setting the Aperture 1. Open the Dust Barrier and set the aperture lever mark to the F-number required.

Confirm the shutter speed in the viewfinder, aiming at the sub- ject. The arrows indicate parallax cor- rection marks. Aperture guideline ASA To make full use of aperture con Page 9: Focusing Focusing 3. Looking through the view- finder, compose and focus. In focus Out of focus If the subject distance is 0. Turn the focusing lever until the double image in the central rec- tangle fuses into one.

Page Releasing The Shutter Releasing the Shutter Take care not to block the lens, flash dif- fuser window or auto flash sensor. Hold the camera steady and lightly press the shutter release. The release requires a minimum of finger pressure, reducing chance of image blur due to camera shake. Page Unloading The Film Unloading the Film 5. When the film ends, rewind and remove it.

Close the Dust Barrier, depress the rewind release button and rewind the film. When the crank turns freely, open the camera back and remove the film in the shade. Self-Timer Set the control lever to "SELF TIMER" Page Automatic Flash Photography Automatic Flash Photography Only the Electronic Flash A11 can be used.

Set the ASA film speed. If the ASA speed of the film to be used is close to "" or "", use the nearest setting. ASA 80 or "". Page 13 3. Set the aperture lever to"Flash". The charge lamp pops up and the A11 turns on automatically. The flash setting has been design- ed to require a stronger pressure than the aperture setting.

When the charge lamp glows, you are ready to fire. Do not move the lever once it has been set for auto flash, or in- correct flash exposure may result. The larg- er the F-number used from F2. Camera-to-subject distances with are indicated on the camera's distance scale.

Page 16 Shutter-Speed Priority Photography To emphasize motion To stop movement When photographing fast moving subjects, the impression of move- ment can be emphasized by inten- tionally allowing the image to be blurred using a stow shutter speed. On the contrary, the movement can be "frozen" Page 17 "" or un- der. The shutter scale is visible in the viewfinder, so you can pick exactly the speed and aperture you like. In this case, use the control lever to pro- perly expose the most important area.

Page Daylight Synchronization Daylight Synchronization Manual flash method is recom- In situations like these, compen- mended for daylight fill-in. Set sate for the back lighting by using film speed lever the control lever. Page Helpful Hints Do not exert stronger pressure on moving parts than needed Dust Barrier, levers, knobs. When attaching a tripod, care should be taken not to tighten the screw excessively and not to rotate the camera on the screw.

Filters cannot be used with the XA. To avoid this, warm the camera before use. Have all repairs performed by an authorized OLYMPUS Service Center. You may send it directly or through the store where your camera was purchased. Page Main Specifications Flash A11 attaches to or detaches from the cam- era in seconds. Setting camera's aperture lever to flash symbol switches the A11 on, and sets the XA for autoflash.

When opened, power is switched on and shutter release unlocks. Page 23 Guide number: 10 ASAmeters or 33 ASAfeet. Applicable ASA film speeds: ASA and Flash modes: Normal auto XA, X A 2 and manual mode X A only with switch lever. F stop for auto flash: F4 Angle of coverage: Picture area of 35mm focal-length lens. Page 24 San-Ei Building,Nishi Shinjuku 1-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan. EUROPA GMBH PostfachWendenstrasseHamburg, Germany.

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Dieses Handbuch ist in den folgenden Sprachen verfügbar: Engels. To P ause Recor ding. To pause. To resume recording. DIGIT AL VOICE RECORDER. Digital V oice Recorder. Keep the instructions handy for future reference. To ensure successful recordings, we recommend that. PC USB terminal Shinjuku Monolith, Nishi-Shinjuku 2-chome, Shinjuku-ku, T okyoJapan. Tw o Corporate Center Drive, Melville, NYU. Letters Postfach 10 49 The hour indicator.

When appears on the displayreplace the batteries as soon as possible. When the batteries are depleted, appears on the. It is recommended to set the HOLD switch to the HOLD. Standby Mode and Displa y Shut Off.

If the recorder is stopped or paused for 60 minutes or longer during recording or playing, it. T o exit Standby mode and. If you have set the time and date, information as to when a sound file was recorded is stored. When you install batteries for the first time or each time you replace the batteries, the. In such a case, be sure to set the time and date by following. The recorder has four folders: A, B, C, and S. To change the folder selection, press the FOLDER button while.

Each recorded file is stored in a folder. Using folders to classify files. Up to 10 files can be. Up to a total of files can be recorded in folder S. All operation buttons are disabled. This feature is useful when. Remember to reset the HOLD switch before attempting. The recorder will then begin to play the file associated. An optional Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery from. Olympus can be used for the recorder. The recorder. Folder B Folder A. T otal of files. Recording Playing Back. Y ou can select an option for the display of the recorder.

This help review and confirm dif ferent. To stop. Press the STOP button. To resume playback. Press the PLA Y button again. When you play back a file in the date subfolder without choosing a specified file, the. When you play back a file immediately after recording the file, only the most recently.

The recorder will pause at the end of the file. If you do not release the. The recorder will pause at the beginning of the file. If you do not release. Y ou can change the playing speed by pressing the PLA Y button while the recorder is. If you once press the. STOP button and start playback again, the recorder will play back files in normal. If an. Y ou can listen to files by connecting earphones to the earphone jac k. If an earphone is connected, the speaker doesn't emit sound. Sound will be played.

Y ou can use any. Normal speed Slow playback Fast playback. Put a notebook or other item between the table and the. SP is recommended. Also, usage of an external microphone sold separately. The total number of files recorded in the folder. T ime. The selected indication appears on the display. The display switches between current recording. Frage stellen. Ursula Schreiber, Keine Kommentare 0. Diese Frage beantworten Senden. Über die Olympus VNPC. Olympus VNPC-Spezifikationen.

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