Werkstatthandbuch yamaha yp 125



ISBN: 559306881


Werkstatthandbuch yamaha yp 125

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Modell XC T Kennbuchstabe Typ Hallo Rollerfeunde, bin hier neu im Forum und habe ein Problem. Ich bin seit kurzem Besitzer eines Yamaha Cygnus Bj. Das Teil hat Probleme mit. XC Scooter pdf Yamaha Cygnus-X XC Owner's Manual 80 pages. YAMAHA CYGNUS. Join GriefHope. Sign Up or Sign In. Powered by. Home Network My Page Members Pics Videos Blogs.

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Manuals Brands Yamaha Manuals Scooter MAJESTY YP Service manual Yamaha YP Service Manual Motorcycle yp 4uc-ae1. Quick Links Download this manual See also: Owner's Manual. Table of Contents. Chapters Table of Contents 9 Table of Contents 21 Table of Contents 49 Insp Adj 95 Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents Troubleshooting Related Manuals for Yamaha YP Scooter YAMAHA XMAX YPR Owner's Manual 88 pages.

Scooter Yamaha Majesty YPX Owner's Manual pages. Summary of Contents for Yamaha YP Page 3 EB YP SERVICE MANUAL by Yamaha Motor Co. Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of Yamaha Motor Co.

Page 4 It is not possible to include all the knowledge of a mechanic in one manual, so it is assumed that anyone who uses this book to perform maintenance and repairs on Yamaha scooter has a basic understanding of the mechanical ideas and the procedures of scooter repair. Re- pairs attempted by anyone without this knowledge are likely to render the scooter unsafe and unfit for use. NOTE: The vehicle identification number is used to identify your scooter and may be used to regis- ter your scooter with the licensing authority in your country.

Page Features FEATURES INFO FEATURES OIL INDICATOR LIGHT S Function Pulses travel distance signals from the speedometer are counted and cause the oil indicator light to come on at 1, km for the first time and thereafter every 3, km. In this way, this light indicates the time for oil change. Page Auto Choke System FEATURES INFO AUTO-CHOKE SYSTEM This system is the parallel connection of the ignitor unit circuit and the thermo switch as shown, detect- ing the engine temperature, and facilitates the restarting with the warm engine.

S Circuit diagram Igniter unit Main switch Thermo Fuse Ignition Page Important Information 6. Keep all parts away from any source of fire. Use only genuine Yamaha parts for all re- placements. Use oil and grease recom- mended by Yamaha for all lubrication jobs.

Other brands may be similar in function and appearance, but inferior in quality. Bend lock tabs along the bolt or nut flats after the bolt or nut has been tightened to specification. Disconnect: S Connector 2. Dry each terminal with an air blower. Connect and disconnect the connector two or three.

Pull the lead to check that it will not come off. Use this table to convert METRIC unit data to IMPERIAL unit data. Page Special Tools SPECIAL TOOLS INFO EB SPECIAL TOOLS The following special tools are necessary for complete and accurate tune-up and assembly. Use only the appropriate special tools; this will help prevent damage caused by the use of inappropri- ate tools or improvised techniques. When placing an order, refer to the list provided below to avoid any mistakes.

Page 19 SPECIAL TOOLS INFO Tool No. Page 20 Mechanical seal installer These tools are used for installing mechanical seal. Page 21 CHAPTER 2. Page Chapter 2. First, tighten the ring nut lower approximately 38 Nm 3. Second, tighten the ring nut lower approximately 22 Nm 2. Torque specifications Nut Nut Bolt Bolt specifications for special components or as- mSkg semblies are included in the applicable sections 10 mm 6 mm of this book.

Page Lubrication Point And Grade Of Lubricant Idle gear 1 thrust surfaces Shaft 1 Idle gear 2 thrust surfaces Idle gear 2 inner surface Main axle thrust surfaces Crankcase mating surfaces Yamaha bond No. Page Cable Routing SPEC CABLE ROUTING CABLE ROUTING Rectifier regulator Battery negative — lead B Pass the seat lock cable Fuel sender Flasher relay through the protection pipe.

Fuse fan Reservoir tank C Clamp the mainharness and Roll over valve Breather hose radiator over flow hose Ignition coil Air filter together to the frame. Page 42 SPEC CABLE ROUTING E Pass the overflow hose from J Keep the clamping clearance the reservoir tank through the over 5 mm. Page 43 SPEC CABLE ROUTING Seat lock A Clamp the mainharness and H Clamp the mainharness, A. Air filter case sidestand switch lead magneto lead, starter motor Breather hose together the frame.

Page 44 SPEC CABLE ROUTING Front flasher light right Brake hose stopper D Do not interfere each other Front flasher light left Marking after installing the handlebar Handlebar switch right lead upper cover. Front brake switch lead A Clamp the speedometer lead E Pass the handlebar switch Seat lock cable the stay 1. Page 45 SPEC CABLE ROUTING G Pass the brake hose through the hose holder and clamp.

H Clamp the headlight lead and horn lead from mainharness to the stay 1. I Install the brake hose with its marking facing to the stopper side. Page 47 SPEC CABLE ROUTING Steering head pipe downtube, noting the band I Pass the brake cable through Brake cable 2 direction.

Mainharness D Band the brake cable 2 to the J Pass the brake cable 2 through Downtube frame at the upper part of the the guide on the frame. Page 48 SPEC Page 49 CHAPTER 3. These preventive maintenance procedures, if followed, will ensure more reliable vehicle opera- tion and a longer service life.

The need for costly overhaul work will be greatly reduced. This informa- tion applies to vehicles already in service as well as to new vehicles that are being prepared for sale. Take the scooter to a Yamaha dealer. NOTE: S The air filter needs more frequent service if you are riding in unusually wet or dusty areas. Rear panel Side panel left Side panel right Rivet Front panel NOTE: Clip Damper assembly Install the damper assembly to the body with its rod side backward and labels up Page Tail Cover And Fuel Tank INSP COVER AND PANEL TAIL COVER AND FUEL TANK 10 Nm 1.

Grab bar Seat lock bracket Tail cover Screw Page 55 INSP COVER AND PANEL 10 Nm 1. Page Footrest Board And Lower Cover INSP COVER AND PANEL FOOTREST BOARD AND LOWER COVER 7 Nm 0. Page Cowling INSP COVER AND PANEL COWLING 7 Nm 0. Upper cover Wind screen Inner panel Cowling body Coupler headlight lead NOTE: Coupler front flasher light lead left Disconnect the couplers. Meter cable Meter assembly Main switch cover Cover Legshield When the valve clearance is to be measured or adjusted, the piston must be at Top Dead Cen- ter T.

D Turn the adjuster 3 in or out with the valve adjusting tool 2 until specified clearance is obtained. Turning in! Valve clearance is decreased. Check: D Engine idling speed Out of specification! D Turn the pilot screw out by the specified num- ber of turns. D Turn the adjuster 2 in or out until specified free play is obtained.

Free play is increased. Turning out! Free play is decreased. D Tighten the locknut. Install: D Spark plug 18 Nm 1. YP IGNITION TIMING CHECK NOTE: Prior to checking the ignition timing, check all electrical connections related to the ignition API STANDARD: API SE or higher grade CAUTION: D Do not put in any chemical sdditives or use oils with a grade of CD a or higher.

Fill: D Crankcase Oil quantity: 1. D Push and hold in the reset button for 2 to 5 seconds. D Tighten the oil check bolt to specification. Install: D Oil filler cap 1 D O-ring 2 8. Start the engine for several minutes to warm it up and check for the oil leakage.

Inspect: D Air filter element Damaged! Clean: D Air filter element 1 Use solvent to clean the element NOTE: After cleaning, remove the remaining solvent by squeezing the element. CAUTION: Do not twist the element when squeezing the element. Be careful not to stain with grease or water. Clean: D Crankcase filter element 1 Blow out the dust in the element from the outer surface using compressed air. Remove: D Hose 1 reservoir tank Drain the reservoir tank of its coolant.

Remove: D Drain bolt 1 D Radiator cap Open the front trunk, remove the cover, slowly loosen to remove the radiator cap Install: D Gasket 1 D Drain bolt 2 10 Nm 1. Loosen: D Screw 1 carburetor bleed 7. Connect: D Hose reservoir tank 8. Fill: D Radiator to specified level 1 Fill the coolant slowly, until the coolant comes out from the carburetor drain pipe. D If coolant splashes on your clothes: quickly wash it away with water and then with soap and water.

D If coolant is swallowed: quickly make the person who has swal- lowed it vomit and then take him to a doc- tor. Check: D Brake lever free play a Out of specification! Free play brake lever : 2 X 5 mm at brake lever end 2. Stand the scooter on a level surface.