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Ducati monster 1100 s handbuch

Ducati Monster S. Ready for DDA system. The arrival of the new and S now increases the size of the Monster family, a family that redefines the naked motorcycle and stakes its claim as the new icon of Italian excellence. The 'less-is-more' philosophy behind all Monsters underlines Ducati's never-ending pursuit of genuinely compact, high performance motorcycles, but these new models have succeeded in being even more 'pared down' than their predecessors.

The Monster weighs kg kg for the S versionmaking it by far the lightest bike in its category. The new Monster design perfectly balances sports performance, riding pleasure and stunning looks. With its new single-sided aluminium swingarm, high level of componentry, race-oriented chassis and 15 years of EVOlution, the Monster now takes its place at the head of the Monster family. The Monster S is a pure concentrate of lightness, power, design and exclusivity.

The 'S' features fully adjustable 43mm titanium nitride coated Öhlins forks and progressive Öhlins rear shock absorber with adjustable pre-load and return damping. Carbon fibre cam belt covers, silencer guards and front fender reduce weight by a further 1kg 2. The distinctive racing gold coloured 5-spoke wheels of the Monster S give it an elegant style and the same sporting look as historical Ducati racing models. Both versions of the new Monsteralready come factory-personalised with removable single seat covers and neat micro-bikini fairings, are powered by the charismatic two-valve cc Desmodromic twin-cylinder engine that boasts a 98mm bore and a You don't need to travel all the way to the French Riviera to appreciate Ducati's new Monsterbut it certainly doesn't hurt.

Racing along the coast road adjacent to Cannes' legendary topless beaches, the naked Monster looks sexier than ever with a single-sided swingarm showing off a new Y-spoke wheel. Acceleration is lustier too, thanks to the bored-out Dual Spark motor, now with an electronic exhaust valve that enhances torque.

At a claimed pounds dry, it's lost some fat, too Add it all up-or better yet, experience it on the curves of France's stunning Alpes-Maritimes-and it's hard not to pronounce this the most magnificent Monster yet. We got our first peek at the restyled Monster last year, when the was released.

Ducati achieved the impossible, updating the Monster's iconic look without sacrificing any of its stripped-down, elemental charm. The bulbous tank remains, but functional air scoops add visual interest and provide handlebar clearance, increasing steering sweep to 64 degrees for enhanced low-speed maneuverability. The signature steel-trellis frame remains, but now it's just a stub, paired to a cast-aluminum subframe technology adapted from the Desmosedici MotoGP racer that's both stiffer and lighter than the old all-steel frame.

An exotic, triple-parabola headlamp is compact enough to sit nearly flat against the fork legs, emphasizing the snub-nosed, brutish stance. The new bike is modern-looking and much more functional, yet unmistakably a Monster.

The looks right, but the small-bore twin's pedestrian manners hardly live up to the Monster name. With an advertised 95 bhp and 76 lbs. The motor is essentially the same cc, two-valve twin that powers the Hypermotard and Multistradasave for new VACURAL vacuum die-cast crankcases the first air-cooled application of this Ducati Superbike technology that save a significant 6.

An oil cooler has been added as well, and the Monster reverts to a dry clutch-"because enthusiasts like that," Ducati says. More power wasn't in the Monster design brief, but more torque, spread across a wider rev range, was. Hence the electronic exhaust valve visible behind the rider's right knee that helps boost torque at low and middle revs. A stepper motor now manages cold-start idle, eliminating a low-tech lever.

Depress the starter button and the motor leaps into a smooth, fast idle. Blip the throttle and enjoy immediate, hiccup-free response. Then let out the hydraulically operated clutch-a Brembo radial master cylinder helps reduce lever effort. Get into the throttle a little and note how flawlessly the new engine-management system operates, delivering instant, smooth acceleration.

The doesn't feel overwhelmingly powerful, but with peak torque arriving at rpm and useful torque as low as revs, acceleration is impressive. Power does trail off in advance of redline, however. Short shifting is encouraged; just take care not to lug the bike or you'll detect some driveline snatch. The power profile was just about perfect for the tight curves of Cote d'Azur, and it was easy to exploit every last pony thanks to a host of chassis upgrades that make the big Monster even more maneuverable than its little brother.

Ride height has been raised by an inch and a half front and rear, increasing cornering clearance. The fully adjustable Showa fork is longer, and the front suspension stroke has been increased from 4. The shock, from Sachs, is likewise elongated, and offers rebound-damping adjustment in addition to spring preload.

A low seat height was not a primary design goal here. The Monster marks the return of Ducati's signature single-sided swingarm, which is not only stiffer, but weighs a whopping 11 pounds less than a conventional double arm.

The swingarm pivots directly in the engine cases, and the absence of any rear suspension linkage saves even more weight. Instead, the cantilevered shock is positioned to compress in a non-linear motion compared to swingarm movement, creating a progressive effect. Suspension action felt perfectly balanced front-to-rear and firm enough to push the limits of prudent street riding.

New, lighter Y-spoke alloy wheels slash unsprung weight, improving handling and suspension action. Screens in faux fuel tank Screens in faux fuel tank serve two purposes, letting air into the airbox and allowing greater handlebar sweep for improved slow-speed maneuvering.

The 's ergonomics are more relaxed, too. The front of the saddle has been raised nearly a half-inch to create a more upright body position. A new tapered-aluminum handlebar is slightly wider and higher, though it still cants your body slightly forward to help ward off windblast. The new bar is better shaped too, without the odd bend that set your wrists at an uncomfortable angle. Last, the taper helps dampen vibration-appreciated here, as the degree V-twin transmits some vibes as the revs climb.

Overall it's a comfortable machine, though, especially in its intended urban environs. In the mountains, that big handlebar becomes your best friend, giving you all the leverage you need to exploit the now-quicker steering.

Rake remains unchanged from the S2R at 24 degrees, but trail has been shortened by nearly a half-inch, down to a sportbike-like 3. Because the total weight, and especially unsprung weight, has been dropped so much, the change in handling feels even more dramatic than that slight geometry revision would suggest.

Steering manners are excellent, with decidedly quick turn-in and exceptional responsiveness that makes it stupid-easy to adjust your line mid-corner. If anything, this latest iteration might tread a bit close to the limit. It's not unstable, but a sharp mid-corner bump will give the bars a good shake.

The Monster also stands up during trail braking more than the old bike-bummer, because like every other modern Ducati it's equipped with brilliant brakes. The same radial-mount four-piston Brembos that stop the and the same radial master cylinder, said to increase brake pressure 17 percent-deliver flawless feel and feedback, practically begging you to brake deep and late. The view from the cockpit reinforces Il Mostro's spare, simple character. Stylish-and surprisingly useful-mirrors mount cleanly to the top of the lever clamps with a single Allen bolt.

The Superbike-style dash is tidy-looking and features unique white back-lighting at night. But it should be re-angled or shaded somehow-glare makes the digital bar tach unreadable in the midday sun, while the digital speed readout in the lower right corner is hard to read in any light.

Bonus: The instrumentation accepts the optional Ducati Data Analyzer system, an attractive feature for track-day geeks. The Monster has been one of our all-time faves for hooning around since it debuted inbut by the original design was way beyond its expiration date.

The looked fresh, but budget bits and a small-block motor lacked hooligan cred. Theon the other hand, comes correct on all counts. This is the iconic Monster distilled down to its elemental essence: lighter, torquier and sharper-focused than ever before. Fifteen years is a long time. Fortunately, it's been worth the wait. Source Motorcyclist. Home Manufacturer Contact. Classic Bikes Custom Bikes Designs Individual Racing Bikes Video Technical Converter.

Make Model. Bore x Stroke. Cooling System. Air cooled. Compression Ratio. Wet sump. Siemens electronic fuel injection, 45mm throttle bodies. Marelli electronic. Max Power. Max Torque. Dry multiplate with hydraulic control. Final Drive. Chain; front sprocket 15; rear sprocket Gear Ratios. Tubular steel Trellis frame.

Front Suspension. Öhlins 43mm fully adjustable upside-down forks with TiN. Front Wheel Travel. Rear Suspension. Progressive with preload and rebound Öhlins adjustable monoshock. Rear Wheel Travel. Front Brakes.

If you want to know more click here. The new Monster represents all the essence of Ducati in the lightest, most compact and essential form possible. You can already guess it from the name: Monster, nothing else. The recipe is the original one: a sporty enginebut perfect for road use, combined with a Superbike-derived frame. Find out all about the new Monster presented by Giulio Malagoli, Ducati Product Marketing Director. The new Ducati Monster is pure riding pleasure; a sensation of absolute control.

The sporty naked for everyone, which you can to start and grow with, improving more and more each ride until you reach amazing performance. Compared to the previousit increases in displacement, power, torque and weight It now delivers hp at 9, rpm with 9. The sporty naked for everyone. Contact the dealer closest to you to have more information on the new Ducati Monster. Choose how to personalise your new Monster with decal and cover kits with even richer graphics. The new Monster draws its DNA from the model dated backnamely reflects what is needed to get supreme fun when riding a bike.

In other words, an enginea seata tanka handlebar. Furthermore, it integrates all the unmistakable elements that characterize the iconic model: the bison-back-shaped tankthe round headlightthe clean tailnot to mention the greater prominence given to the engine. It is definitely a brand-new chapter characterized by evolved shapes mixed with modern, sporty, elegant, sophisticated yet technological flavours.

All contents thus resulting perfectly integrated with the design. Maximum compactness and lightness are wisely combined with the traditional yet essential and pure lines of Ducati. In addition, each single technical feature participates, in harmony, with the design to reimagine the concept of the sport naked conceived by Ducati in Starting with the front frame, clearly inspired by the Panigale V4.

From a zenithal viewpoint, this new machine reveals all its seductive lines, namely the narrow seat, the muscular tank which widens towards the rear to meet, as a true sporty bike, the volume of the side panels. The Full-LED headlight maintains the iconic, round shape, made even more evident and modern by the incorporation of the LED Daytime Time Running Light DRL system.

The structure of the headlight also evolves, and it does so thanks to a lens that fully integrates both optical and electronic elements. The tank is undoubtedly the icy on the cake. Curved and muscular, as a real Monster deservessculpted with the classic knees area, it evolves in the sides stretched towards the front wheel, a volume that dominates the direction indicators characterized by the swiping technology.

Even proportions have undergone a change, becoming shorter to accommodate a more modern and advanced ergonomics. The short tail, essential and appealing, has a visible rear frame with both a structural and aesthetic function, in addition to two painted side panels inspired by the Panigale V4. The new Monster brings the engine back to centre-stage. Linked to a front frame ideally derived from the one on the Panigale V4, the new engine is made of aluminium and is 4. Other distinctive features include the new swingarm, also made of aluminium, which retraces the pattern launched with the new Multistrada V4 and marks a significantly loss of weight of 1.

All this, combined with the considerable attention reserved to every single detail, has brought the weight of the new Monster to set a record within the category: kg in running order, which means a solid 18 kg less than the existing model. Dry weight is set at kg. The sleek tail, attached directly to the engine, also participates in the overall lightness. A single element made of GFRP Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer which acts as a load-bearing tail and as a support for all the electrical and electronic parts.

The battery has also been revamped in terms of size now smaller and lightness. In general, each component has been designed to be as light as possible. The height from the ground of the seat of the new Monster is mm. This, combined with the narrow sides of the bike, allows the rider to put his feet on the ground very easily.

A seat is available as an accessory that reduces the height from the ground to mm, while still maintaining good padding. And, for those who wish, a kit of springs for the suspension can be purchased, which lower the vehicle by reducing the seat height to mm from the ground.

The clutch equipping the new Monster is wet anti-patter type and thanks to its particular self-servo system can guarantee a smooth feedback. The best possible braking system while maintaining great modulation and light and punctual control in operation: that is the aim of the Ducati engineers who developed, in close collaboration with Brembo, a higher-end braking system. Up front it mounts twin Brembo M 4-piston monobloc calipers that grip mm discs. The new radial pump offers a supreme control feeling as well as guaranteeing a braking power that represents a benchmark in the segment.

Clutch and brake levers are both adjustable in distance from the handlebar. At the rear, instead, is a single mm disc gripped by a Brembo caliper; like the front brake, it features enhanced-efficiency sintered brake pads. Even the alloy-wheels, reduced to a mere 1,7 kg compared to the Monster models, partecipate in the overall new Monster lightness.

A special choice to support the sportiness of the Monster, both on dry and wet surfaces. Thanks to this technical formula, the Monster has never been so agile in urban riding and also when changing direction, thus resulting easier and more intuitive. Compared to the previous it increases in displacement, power, torque and decreases in weight The handlebar has been brought closer to the rider's torso by about 7 cm to have a more upright riding position that guarantees greater comfort and control.

The position of the feet has also been changed, and the legs are now less curled up. All this translates into greater riding ease, even in city traffic. In this latest version its weight has been reduced -2,4 kgnow achieving further performance as well as usability levels. Designed to be a stressed chassis element, the twin-cylinder represents a crucial element capable of ensuring the motorcycle overall lightness. Euro 5 homologation did not prevent Ducati technicians from obtaining higher power levels than the previous Monster with a maximum power of hp Power therefore grows by 2 hp while the torque increases by 0,7 Kgm and maximum peak is reached 1, rpm, before if compared to the model, with a richer delivery curve at whatever revs, especially at low-to-mid revs, mostly used on the road.

This figure therefore means a richer delivery together with a more instant engine response. In other words, it guarantees a further dose of exciting riding pleasure. Thanks to a refined work covering all components, the brand-new Testastretta engine results extremely reliable as well as affordable in terms of long maintenance intervals.

Oil services have in fact an expiration set at 15, km while the valve play inspection is needed just every 30, km. The Quick Shifter, available as standard, ensures shifting assistance both up and downshifting and is the perfect companion in true sporty adventure as well as urban-style riding, thus preventing, in this specific case, the rider from frequently gear changes. The new Monster sharpens sports performance to an even finer edge. Configure it by choosing among the proposed Ducati Performance accessories packages.

Such modern Monster deserves a first-rate electronics kit. The standard equipment includes fully-adjustable ABS Cornering, Traction Control, Wheelie Control. The new Monster sporty nature is also underlined by the Launch Control, which ensures lightning-fast starts: out-of-the-ordinary features usually reserved to supersport motorcycles are now available to every passionate, all in the name of first-class riding fun.

The ABS, adjustable on 3 intervention levels, now integrates the cornering function in level 3 and 2. While highest level 3 setting offers extraordinary stability while braking together with maximum rear lift-up prevention, level 2 enables sport-oriented ABS intervention with moderate rear lift-up prevention. It lets the rider select one of 8 different intervention levels.

The new Monster is equipped with a Launch Control system that allows extremely effective starts. Once activated, the system autonomously manages the engine whatever the throttle is opened bringing the engine to maximum torque and letting the owner only to manage the clutch at the start. This is a drag race-proof mode that provides for the best possible acceleration.

The Launch Control system also makes use of the Wheelie Control, the control that allows the bike to accelerate to the maximum while detecting any front wheel lift. This attitude is managed electronically, improving riding safety but, at the same time, ensuring the best possible acceleration performance. Furthermore, Wheelie Control is independently adjustable from other control systems. Ducati Riding Modes undoubtedly marked an engineering milestone, letting riders select different settings that optimise motorcycle behaviour to individual riding styles and different road conditions.

Each Riding Mode have been developed to vary the engine character Power Modes and the ABS, DTC and DWC intervention levels instantaneously, even when riding. This system not only boosts the enjoyment of sports riding but it also lends a welcome hand in city traffic or on winding roads requiring frequent gear changes.

The Monster instrument panel is embellished by a 4. Its graphics comes from the Panigale V4 and offers useful on-board information. In the center of the screen rev counter and currently selected gear are showed. Even air temperature and fuel level are immediately readable. This device it is also predisposed to display information from the Ducati Multimedia System DMSwhich allows to connect the smartphone to the motorcycle via Bluetooth module available as an accessory and to manage some functions via the buttons positioned on the handlebar.

Needless to say, the round headlight on the new Monster is undoubtedly a great comeback, a beautiful tribute to the past enriched by the most advanced full-LED technology, which also fits the entire light system. To allow each Monsterista to make their bike even more unique, Decal kits have been created that enhance the shapes of the Monster and celebrate Ducati's sportiness.

For those wishing to accentuate the style of their Monster in an even more decisive way, cover kits will also be available. As with all Ducati motorcycles, a wide range of Ducati Performance accessories is also available, such as the double Termignoni approved silencer with carbon fibre end caps. In the section dedicated to the Ducati Configurator all the customization options can be viewed.

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