Abacus handbuch version 2018



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Abacus handbuch version 2018

Product simulation is often performed today by engineering groups using niche simulation tools from different vendors to simulate various design attributes. The use of multiple vendor software products creates inefficiencies and increases costs. SIMULIA delivers a scalable suite of unified analysis products that allow all users, regardless of their simulation expertise or domain focus, to collaborate and seamlessly share simulation data and approved methods without loss of information fidelity.

The Abaqus Unified FEA product suite offers powerful and complete solutions for both routine and sophisticated engineering problems covering a vast spectrum of industrial applications. What's new in Abaqus x. Benefits Accurate prediction of real-world product behavior enables companies to increase product reliability and reduce warranty costs. Significant reduction of the need for costly physical testing. Fast turnaround time enables simulation to influence decisions early in the product design process and eliminate costly re-designs.

Increase engineering productivity through standardization on a single complete capability for structural simulation. Features Wide range of non-linear analysis procedures including structural stress, explicit dynamics, thermal stress, heat transfer, pore fluid diffusion, and more. Modern linear dynamics framework that includes high performance eigensolvers, transient and steady-state dynamics, random response, and substructures.

Advanced material modeling capabilities encompassing metals, polymers, composites, concrete, and fracture mechanics. Robust general contact capability for modeling complex interactions between large assemblies of parts.

High-performance solvers that minimize simulation turnaround time. Analysis Techniques. This new capability significantly reduces run time and the number of output files compared to running multiple jobs. The extended finite element method XFEM now supports procedures with temperature degrees-of-freedom. Structural Mechanics. New 3-DOF warping elements extend the meshed cross-section generation capability for composite beams such as those found in wind turbine rotor blades.

You can now use distributions to specify layer thicknesses for composite solid elements and use wedge triangular prism elements with a composite solid section definition. Modeling and Visualization. CATIA V5 geometry can now be directly imported on the Linux platform. SolidWorks assemblies can now be imported as multiple parts. User control over shear flow visualization has been improved. Performance and HPC. Hybrid execution takes advantage of the Non-Uniform Memory Access NUMA architecture and the trend of increasing the number of cores available on each socket.

GPU acceleration of the AMS eigensolver is now supported on the Windows platform. Parallel scaling of linear static simulations with a large number of load cases has been significantly improved. Watch it now Abaqus Rx. Abaqus Unified FEA Brochure.

Abaqus is now available. In this blog I'll list the most significant new features and enhancements, and explain how to obtain and install Abaqus More information on these and other new features can be found release notes accompanying Abaqus First, all downloaded files need to be extracted to a common file structure. This can be done by selecting all. To verify the integrity of the downloaded media, the DSYInsMediaCheck tool can be used.

Running it will perform the check. All products included in the established products media Abaqus, fe-safe, Isight, SIMULIA Execution Engine, Tosca, documentation and license server can now be installed using the suite installer. This is an improvement compared towhen fe-safe needed to be installed separately. You can run the suite installer by running 'setup. The process is self-explenatory and everything is automatically installed in the correct order. Topics: Abaqus Get notified!

Automatically receive blogupdates from our FEA Experts about Abaqus and FEA. Simuleon FEA Blog. Find me on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter. How to download Abaqus There are two approaches possible. Approach 1: Request a download link: Log in at dsxclient. Click on 'show details' for each component. The volume is then shown. Clicking on it starts the download. This must be done for each volume. Installing Abaqus Installing Abaqus is straightforward and similar to installing Abaqus The installation guide SimuliaInstallationGuide.

Final remarks When using FlexNet licensing, the license file is upwards compatible. The existing license file authorises the new version as well. No special actions need to be taken. When using DSLS licensing the license file itself is upwardly compatible, but the DSLS version is checked. A DSLS license server is therefore required. The HTML documentation does not work with all browsers. There is an option for web-based help available now.

In this case, help. If the requirement of having an internet connection is no issue, this can be the most user friendly option. If you run into difficulties when downloading or installing abaquscontact your local support office. Any additional questions? About our FEA Blog: Simuleon blog topics related to Finite Element Analysis like; Structural Analysis and CFD analysis performed with SIMULIA Abaqus FEA, XFlow CFD, Isight Simulation Automation, Tosca Topology Optimization and Fe-Safe accurate Fatigue.

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