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Aeg cafamosa handbuch

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. User Manual AEG Cafamosa CF Madmax Max. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package This paper. A short summary of this paper. READ PAPER. Above all, B Filler Opening for Ground Coffee with observe the safety instructions! Please Lid keep these operating instructions for C Cup Rack later reference, and pass them on to D Bean Container with Lid inside: grind- any subsequent owners of the appli- ing texture adjustment ance.

Before Using for the First Time to a mains supply on which the volt- 1. Setting Up the Appliance age, type of supply, and frequency 1. Cable Compartment Figure 3 match the information given on the rating plate see underside of the 1. Adjusting the Water Hardness appliance!

Prior to Making Coffee appliance unsupervised. Filling the Bean Container tact with the hot parts of the appli- Figure 5 ance. Making Coffee damage. One Cup of Normal Coffee from use due to the nature of their func- Beans Figure 10 tions. Keep children away! One Cup of Extra Strong Coffee other liquids. Two Cups of Normal Coffee only use roasted coffee beans! Remove from Beans Figure 12 any foreign bodies from the coffee 3. One or Two Cups of Coffee from beans.

Otherwise the guarantee will be Ground Coffee Figure 13, 14 void. Switching Off the Appliance instructions. What to do if Before Using for the First Time Improper repairs can give rise to signif- icant hazards for the user. Setting Up the Appliance Repairs to electrical appliances are only Choose a suitable, level, stable, to be performed by qualified service unheated, dry surface. Pay attention to engineers. In the case that repair becomes neces- Important: If the appliance is placed in sary, including the replacement of the a warm room after being brought in mains lead, please contact from the cold - wait approx.

Your appliance has a cable compart- In no circumstance should the appli- ment on the rear. If the mains lead is ance be sent by post - there is a risk of too long, you can push the cable that is transport damage that cannot be cov- not needed into the cable compart- ered under the guarantee! If the appliance is used for a purpose other than that intended, or is incor- 1. Adjusting the Water Hardness rectly operated, no liability for any Your appliance can be adjusted to the resulting damage or claims under the hardness of the water used.

The correct guarantee can be accepted - this is also adjustment of the water hardness is the case if the cleaning and descaling necessary for the correct function of programs are not performed immedi- the automatic scaling indicator see ately after the illumination of the cor- also Section 9. Follow the instructions given on the test strip packaging.

Or: Ask your ; This appliance complies with the fol- water board about the hardness of lowing EC directives: your water! All indicators go out. If a button is not pressed for more than 30 sec. The automatic descale indi- minates, the automatic cut-out is not cator is switched off.

Note: The water hardness setting is only to be adjusted prior to using the 2. Prior to Making Coffee appliance for the first time, or if the quality of the water used changes. Filling the Water Tank Figure 4 1. Please If the appliance is not used for an only use cold, clear water, and do not extended period of time, it switches fill beyond the MAX mark.

Then rinse with clean 0 Do not switch on the appliance. Please repeat this process until the that no foreign bodies enter the bean green flashing indicators go out. Close the lid. This process is necessary to fill the sys- Tip: You can use both espresso and fil- tem with water.

Try out different sorts of beans to find the ones that taste the 2. Figure 8 When the operating temperature is 2. The flushing process stops The grinding texture adjustment is on automatically. The appliance is now ready Important: The grinding texture is only for brewing coffee. Making Coffee lighter beans finer grinding tex- ture. Although you are brewing espresso Tip: Try different grinding textures to coffee with your coffee machine, the find the one that suits your taste the term coffee is used in the following for best!

Note: The following process starts 2. The red of the used ground coffee. Place an empty cup cen- 3. Adjusting the Amount of trally under the spouts. You will then obtain one adjust the amount of water per cup. Place a cup under each of To adjust the required quantity during the spouts. One or Two Cups of Coffee 3.

One Cup of Normal Coffee from Ground Coffee Figure 13, 14 from Beans Figure 10 Using this function you can, e. One Cup of Strong Coffee Figure Place an empty Figure Now 0 Close the lid. You will then ground coffee is not a storage con- obtain one cup of strong coffee. Do not add anything other than ground coffee! Then clean the any milk then performs a normal flush. Move the moving metal tube up and down during this 4. Frothing Milk for Cappuc- process.

All 4 green indicators Warming liquids: then flash. The appliance is now ready necessary see Section 2. The appli- for use again. Preparing Hot Water illuminates. Important: Only immerse the swivel- 0 Hold a container under the swivelling ling nozzle around half way into the nozzle and initiate the preparation of liquid so that air can be drawn in hot water by turning the selector dial unhindered.

Important: There is a 0 You can stop the flow of hot water by risk of burns! Switching Off the Appliance 8. Water tank: Clean at least once a week in normal washing up water, not in a dishwasher. Then rinse with clean 7. Emptying the Water Tank, water. Drip Catcher and Spent Coffee Drip grille, drip catcher, and spent coffee drawer: Clean after use in nor- Container Figure 4, 17, 18 mal washing up water, not in a dish- Note: You should perform the fol- washer Figure 17, Use Swivelling nozzle: Wipe with a damp fresh water each day.

On visible, you should empty the drip reassembly, ensure that the nozzle is catcher and the spent coffee container. Leave the appliance switched on when Outlet and spouts: Clean with a damp performing these tasks. Then wipe dry. Bean container: Clean with a dry 0 Then clean the drip catcher, drip grille, cloth from time to time.

Incidentally: You can obtain original AEG cleaning tablets from AEG cus- tomer service ET No. Your appliance has a cleaning program for the regular cleaning of the compo- nents inside the appliance duration approx. You can continue to use your appliance 0 Then empty the spent coffee container and run the cleaning program later. Important: Only use liquid not pow- Note: The cleaning program can also dered! Do not Water is now pumped through the sys- use any acid-based descaler.

The cleaning program is then 0 With the appliance switched off, press continued. The descal- Descaler is now pumped through the ing program is continued. Switch off and — Prewarm cups with steam or hot wait approx. If this malfunction is no beans have been ground, as a result longer indicated, the appliance is the cycle has been interrupted. Only when using If necessary, have the appliance the appliance for the first time. Switch on the appliance, see — Keep the original packaging to pro- Section 2.

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By submitting a comment, you are declaring that you agree with these rules:. AEG CaFamosa Coffee machine. Home electronics. Coffee machine. User Manual. Before Using for the First Time 1. Setting Up the Appliance 1. Cable Compartment Figure 3 1. Adjusting the Water Hardness 1.

Adjusting the Safety Cut-Out 2. Prior to Making Coffee 2. Filling the Water Tank Figure 4 2. Filling the Bean Container Figure 5 2. Adjusting the Grinding Texture Figure 6 2. Switching On the Appliance Figure 7 2. Making Coffee 3. One Cup of Normal Coffee from Beans Figure 10 3. Two Cups of Normal Coffee from Beans Figure 12 3. One or Two Cups of Coffee from Ground Coffee Figure 13, 14 4. Frothing Milk for Cappuccino Figure 15, 16 5. Preparing Hot Water Figure 16 6.

Switching Off the Appliance 7. Emptying the Water Tank, Drip Catcher and Spent Coffee Container Figure 17, 18 8. Cleaning 8. Exterior Cleaning Figure 19, 20 8. What to do if Protecting the Environment In the Case of Need for Service. Comments No comments yet. Be the first! Add Comment.

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