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Apple handbuch iphone 5 s

Contact Us Privacy Policy. Apple this week updated its list of "vintage" and "obsolete" devices to include iPhone 5c, effectively restricting aftermarket support programs for the seven year old handset. According to Apple's continuously updated support documentiPhone 5c was deemed "vintage" on Nov. Apple defines "vintage" products as devices that have not been sold for more than five and less than seven years ago. The iPhone 5c debuted in as an affordable option to then-current iPhone 5S flagships.

Built into a polycarbonate casing, the handset borrowed much of its internals — save for a larger battery — from iPhone 5. Apple's entry-level handset remained in rotation until A subsequent affordable model, the first iPhone SE, was unveiled in With iPhone 5c now considered vintage, the smartphone is eligible for repair through Apple Stores and authorized repair facilities as long as parts are available.

Prolonged support might available in regions that require such measures by law. The Cupertino tech giant regularly adds older devices to its running list of vintage and obsolete products. In May, select MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models were deemed obsoletewhile the original iPad mini hit the list in July. Apple to face damages trials on employee bag check policy. Apple likely to hold virtual WWDC as other big conventions cancel in-person events.

New tool allows users to transfer iCloud Photos content to Google Photos. Apple signs order for 'Dr. Brain,' based on popular Korean webtoon. Twitter CFO says iOS 14 privacy changes could level the playing field. Amazon launches short-form gameplay video service GameOn on iOS.

Toggle navigation. News How-Tos Future Products. AAPL: Apple declares iPhone 5c a 'vintage' product, limits support. By AppleInsider Staff 4 months ago 4 months ago. Related Articles. Twelve South launches HoverBar Duo arm for iPhone and iPad.

MagSafe connector could return and replace Lightning on iPhone. Australian man sues Apple, seeks compensation after iPhone explodes in pocket. Rumor: Apple's MagSafe battery pack for iPhone could support reverse charging. New iPhone AirPods Max iPhone 12 iPhone 12 mini iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 Pro Max iPad Air More Latest News. Apple to face damages trials on employee bag check policy 7 hours ago. Apple to face damages trials on employee bag check policy A federal judge on Wednesday said he is prepared to rule in favor of a class of 12, Apple retail employees who allege the tech giant unjustly enforced bag screening policies without pay, setting up what could be a series of damages trials.

By Mikey Campbell 7 hours ago. Apple likely to hold virtual WWDC as other big conventions cancel in-person events 10 hours ago. Apple likely to hold virtual WWDC as other big conventions cancel in-person events A number of high-profile conventions this week announced in-person gatherings scheduled for spring and summer have been pushed back or cancelled completely due to the COVID pandemic, suggesting Apple will do the same for its Worldwide Developers Conference.

By AppleInsider Staff 10 hours ago. New tool allows users to transfer iCloud Photos content to Google Photos 10 hours ago. New tool allows users to transfer iCloud Photos content to Google Photos Apple has debuted a new tool that allows users to transfer copies of their iCloud Photos to another service, with Google Photos being the first integration.

By Mike Peterson 10 hours ago. Brain,' based on popular Korean webtoon 10 hours ago. Brain," a Korean-language series based on the web cartoon of the same name. Twitter CFO says iOS 14 privacy changes could level the playing field 11 hours ago. Twitter CFO says iOS 14 privacy changes could level the playing field Twitter CFO Ned Segal says the company feels confident about Apple's planned iOS 14 privacy changes, and added that the feature could allow Twitter to better compete with its rivals.

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We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item. This is how we make money. The iPhone 8 and X is coming. Subscribe to our newsletter. These ranged from the metallic back and side chipping and revealing the aluminium beneath to issues with battery life and the Apple Maps fiasco.

We go into more detail about the maps app further on. The most complained about aspect of the iPhone 5 is battery life. More than 2, owners gave the iPhone 5 an average of 6. The Galaxy S3 and S4 score 7. The next aspect of the iPhone 5 that most irks owners is its value for money. The cost of extra storage on an iPhone makes it particularly costly to go for a 32GB or 64GB model, whereas Galaxy owners are able to add extra storage on the cheap via the microSD card.

The iPhone 5 retains its value better than any other smartphone. This means you can get back a lot of the original outlay by selling when you upgrade. Even better news is that the 2, owners who provided feedback scored the iPhone 5 with 9. Related: iPhone 9. But, with a high price and the usual Apple-restrictions, is it enough of a leap to outpace the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3LG Optimus 4X HD or the Nokia Lumia ?

It remains the case that no other device comes close to matching the fit and finish Apple has achieved on the iPhone 5. It all kicks off with the etched aluminium back. This is etched on the back and sides to create a matt look. SEE ALSO: iPhone 6 Plus Review. Contrasting nicely with the matt back and sides are the shiny diamond cut bevelled edges, glass front and glass inserts on the back. These angled edges make the iPhone 5 a bit more comfortable to hold compared to the very square ones on the iPhone 4S, which is definitely a welcome tweak.

However, not all is well. That said, our white version is also looking surprisingly battered after only four months use. The whole back and sides are peppered with small dings and scratches that are surprisingly noticeable. The main problem areas are the shiny bevelled edges and the Apple logo on the back, where any scratch is immediately noticeable against the pure shiny surface.

As has a two year old iPhone 4 that remains looking near flawless — see below. Frankly, compared to the glass and steel build of the iPhone 4 and 4S, the iPhone 5 is a signiifacnt step backwards in terms of durability. Hammering home the point are the black or white little glass inserts on the back of the iPhone 5 which, months on, are spotless.

In fact it only goes to justify our recent complaints about the Nokia Lumia having mostly shiny rather than matt plastic finishes while the HTC One S is another famoursly flawed anodised example. Specifically the iPhone 5 is 20 percent lighter g compared to g and 18 percent thinner This makes a surprising difference when you actually handle and compare the two devices, with the iPhone 5 almost feeling a bit too light at first, compared to the reassuring solidity of the 4S.

This impression soon fades, though, as you realise it is still a very well built phone. With the iPhone 5 screen size having increased the big concern would be that the whole phone becomes cumbersome to use but Apple has avoided this by only increasing the height of the screen, upping it by about 12mm.

This small increase makes minimal difference to the usability of the phone, with you still able to reach the full expanse of the screen easily enough. Contrary to many a rumour, below the screen there is a home button that along with near identical volume, mute and power buttons will make existing iPhone users feel right at home. A few other features have been tweaked though. You should be able to chop down most newer SIMs as the layout of the contacts is the same.

Other changes include the headphone jack which has now moved from the top edge down to the bottom. Alongside the headphone jack are newly designed microphone and speaker grills and of course the new Lightning dock connection. The former are now covered by small drilled holes, rather than one large opening, while the latter is a replacement for the wide, pin dock connector of old. The new connector will carry audio, HD video, data and of course charge the phone, with adapters available to convert the signal to just about any other type of connection you could name.

An adapter is available that converts the new connector to the old one but one is not included in the box. You get just the new USB cable, UK plug and the SIM removal tool. Getting back to the phone itself, the final pieces of the puzzle are the cameras. As for the front facing one, it now sits above the earpiece rather than off to the side, and it can shoot p video, up from p. All told then, as a piece of industrial design, the iPhone 5 looks like a triumph, though with long term use it has been shown to have a number of drawbacks such as the scratching and headphone position.

But what of that new screen…. But, instead of leaping up to an enormous 4. The result is a phone that still fits comfortably in the hand but which can fit an extra row of icons on screen and is better suited to watching video thanks to its aspect ratio. From left to right: Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S3, LG Optimus 4X HD, Apple iPhone 5 and Apple iphone 4S.

The quality of the screen, though, is class-leading. Apple has joined many other rivals in removing a layer from the screen production process, with the LCD display now built right onto the front pane of glass.

The result is that painted-on effect that modern phone have where it literally looks like you could touch the image. It also results in astonishingly good viewing angles, plus Apple has increased colour saturation by 44 percent and the display now uses the sRGB colour gamut — the colour standard used by most other computing devices — for more accurate colours.

It really is superb. Plus, most apps have now been converted to support the new screen size. But, overall. Turn the iPhone 5 on and… well it all looks pretty familiar. The overall layout is the same as it has been for a long time. Grids of apps fill as many pages as needed, with each new page stacking to the right of the home one. From the lock screen you can jump straight to the camera or a double tap will bring up the media controls.

Compared to the customisation offered by Android, the social and cross-app integration by Windows Phone or the multi-tasking and messaging centric feel of BlackBerry 10, it still feels a bit behind the times. So what has changed? We hear you cry. Well, one of the key tweaks is the addition of Facebook integration to accompany the existing Twitter support.

You can now upload photos, web links and such like directly from the core apps. In fact sharing in general is easier with more options available on more apps. Siri has also had an upgrade, with it now able to look up businesses here in the UK as well as football scores, making it far more useful for us brits. Of course the big change catching all the headlines at the moment is Maps. Apple and Google have broken off their partnership that has existed for all previous iPhones so you no longer get GoogleMaps powered Maps, and the YouTube app has disappeared too.

Instead Apple has created its own mapping solution in partnertship with TomTom amongst others. It offers three key viewing modes, just like the maps app of old. The vector based maps are incredibly easy to use with super fast rendering and download times, while the satellite view is much like the Google version, if a little slower. Meanwhile the 3D view is quite brilliant, offering surprisingly realistic models of large chunks of major cities.

You can spin the maps round with ease and being able to see the skyline makes it much easier to get your bearing. Direction support is available for walking, transport and car travel, with turn-by-turn navigation on hand for the latter. These directions are pretty good, particularly with the 3D view in use, though there are no 3D buildings for the UK in this mode yet.

However, while the maps have their plus points, they are seriously flawed. Not only does it have excellent satelite and map views but you also get street view, google earth and great directions. Another new feature is PassBook. This is a virtual way to store and manage tickets, boarding cards and coupons. Putting the A6 to task with a few benchmarks, it absolutely wipes the floor with all before it, both in CPU tests…. As for call quality, it seemed very good, with it having improved slightly over the iPhone 4S, a phone that already offered good calling.

It shoots 8MP stills and p video, it has an f2. But, as well as managing to make the whole assembly 30 percent slimmer and adding a harder sapphire glass cover Apple has managed to improve overall image quality. Shooting in as identical situations as possible the iPhone 5 seems to produce crisper, more detailed results than the 4S. Some of this could be down to higher use of a sharpening algorithm but regardless, straight out the camera its shots tend to look better, and the 4S was already the best phone camera on the markets Nokia PureView notwithstanding.

The second microphone used for noise cancelling when making a call has been positioned alongside the rear camera where it plays double duty for recording audio when shooting video. The result is less chance of muffled or otherwise peculiar sounding audio because of your hand covering the other microphone that sits on the bottom of the phone.

The iPhone 5 copes with both dull and bright days, pulling colour out of the former and maintaining highlight and shadow detail in the latter. For a start the process is super easy. You just tap the shutter button and start panning round — the phone will do the rest. One issue the iPhone 5 does still struggle with, though, is focussing in the pitch black. Instead it just sort of guesses the focussing and shots come out blurry.

So the iPhone 5 has impressed with its ease of use and design, though tripped up on its durability, but perhaps for most people the purchase decision will actually comes down to whether they care about its missing features. Then there are the more modern additions of NFC and wireless charging.

You can touch phones together to exchange contact details, instantly pair with a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi device simply by waving them near each other. The list goes on.