Fujitsu u745 handbuch



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Fujitsu u745 handbuch

Manuals Brands Fujitsu Manuals Laptop LIFEBOOK U Operating manual Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U Operating Manual. Quick Links. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting and tips 71 Troubleshooting the WLAN Related Manuals for Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U Laptop Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E Operating Manual 91 pages. Laptop Fujitsu LifeBook UH User Manual pages. Summary of Contents for Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U Page 1 System Operating Manual FUJITSU LIFEBOOK U Page 2 Contact address in North America FUJITSU AMERICA INC.

Email us at: "AskFujitsu us. All rights reserved B5FKENZ Page 3 FUJITSU LIFEBOOK U Operating Manual Declarations of conformity Fujitsu Contact Information Ports and controls Important notes First-time setup of your device Working with the notebook Security functions Connecting external devices Removing and installing components during servicing Settings in BIOS Setup Utility Page 4 Copyright and Trademark Information Fujitsu America, Incorporated has made every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this document; however, as ongoing development efforts are continually improving the capabilities of our products, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the contents of this document.

Page 5: Table Of Contents Fujitsu Contact Information Page 6 Exiting BIOS Setup Utility Page 7 Appendix Page 8 Index Page 9: Declarations Of Conformity Telephone: Declares that product: Base Model Configuration: LIFEBOOK U Notebook Complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules.

Operations are subject to the following two conditions: 1 This device may not cause harmful interference. Page Fujitsu Contact Information Fujitsu Software Download Manager FSDM utility. The FSDM utility is available from the Fujitsu Support site. FSDM will allow you to view a list of the most current drivers, utilities and applications to determine whether you have the latest versions.

Page Notational Conventions Fujitsu Contact Information Notational conventions Pay particular attention to text marked with this symbol. Failure to observe this warning will endanger your life, will damage the device or lead to loss of data. The warranty will be invalidated if the device becomes defective through failure to observe these warnings.

Page Important Notes Wash your hands after using the device. This notebook complies with the relevant safety regulations for data processing equipment. You save money and help protect the environment. Page Traveling With Your Notebook Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States CISmuch of Europe, parts of Latin America, the Middle East, parts of Africa, Hong Kong, India, much of south-east Asia United Kingdom, Ireland, Malaya, Singapore, parts of Africa China, Australia, New Zealand Fujitsu Page Transporting The Notebook If the notebook is exposed to water or other liquids with its connections open, liquid can penetrate the notebook and cause a malfunction.

Do not continue to use the notebook. You may need to reuse the packaging in the future, for example if you need to ship your device. Page Switching On The Device For The First Time There are also cases in which if multiple applications are selected to install but one of them needs a reboot, the system will reboot and continue installing the rest of the selected applications.

Page Working With The Notebook Please refer to the notes in the chapter "Important notes", Page Status indicators Statusindicators The status indicators provide information about the status of the power supply, the drives and the keyboard functions. Page 23 The indicator is illuminated: The Caps Lock key has been pressed. All the characters you type will appear in upper case. In the case of overlay keys, the character printed on the upper left of the key will appear when that key is pressed.

Page Switching The Notebook On Back up your data and close all applications before you switch off your device. Otherwise data might be lost. Page Keyboard The following illustration shows how to access the different characters on keys with overlaid functions. The example applies when the Caps Lock key has not been activated.

The illustration may differ from your device. Alt Gr Fujitsu Page Key Description The cursor keys move the cursor in the direction of the arrow, i. Cursor keys Cursor control Windows key The Windows key switches between the start screen and the last used application. Windowskey Menu key The Menu key opens the menu for the active application.

Page Key Combinations This key combination increases the brightness of the screen. Page Country And Keyboard Settings Shift stop. Page Application Keys For a description of the indicator colors, see "Status indicators", Page Wireless device switch This application key is used to start the WirelessSelector software. The wireless components that have been activated in the BIOS Setup can be switched on and off individually.

The item is selected. The command is executed. Page Dragging Items LCDscreen Notes High-quality LCD screens TFT are installed in Fujitsu notebooks. An optimal, clear picture can only be ensured in the resolution intended for the particular screen. An on-screen keyboard opens, with which you can enter your data. Page Webcam The webcam automatically adjusts itself to the current light level. Further information on use of the webcam and additional settings for your webcam can be found in the help function of the program using the webcam.

Page Rechargeable Battery Never store batteries in the device. Removing and installing the battery Only use batteries approved by Fujitsu for your notebook. Make sure that no foreign bodies get into the battery connections. The battery compartment cover can only be closed if the battery is locked. Page Memory Cards see the documentation for your operating system.

Memory card The memory card is released and can now be removed. The network cable is not included in the delivery scope. This type of cable can be obtained from a specialist dealer. When the port replicator is connected, the DisplayPort and VGA screen connections on the notebook cannot be used.

The notebook will switch off. However, any unsaved data may be lost in the process. Page Disconnecting The Notebook From The Port Replicator We recommend that the notebook is switched off or that the appropriate undocking function provided by the operating system is executed.

You can obtain further information on the palm vein sensor in the "appendix: Miscellaneous Information". The Kensington Lock Cable is available as an accessory. Fujitsu recommends the use of a combination lock. Please note that the user password only provides access to a few of the BIOS settings. If you do not want to change any other settings, you can exit BIOS Setup Utility. The notebook will reboot. The system is no longer password-protected.

The notebook will now reboot with TPM deactivated. Page Smart Card Reader Do not use force when inserting and removing the Smart Card. Make sure that foreign objects do not fall into the Smart Card reader. Page Connecting External Devices For more information about whether or not devices need to be switched off, please refer to the documentation supplied with the external device.

Some of the external devices require special drivers see the operating system and external device documentation. Page Connecting An External Monitor You can also switch back and forth between the external monitor and the LCD screen of the notebook, see chapter "Key combinations", Page You can display the same picture on the external monitor and the notebook LCD screen simultaneously.

Page Connecting Usb Devices Additional information can be found in the documentation for the USB devices. Device drivers USB devices will be automatically recognized and installed by your operating system. Page Usb Port With Charging Function Anytime Usb Charge You can use this USB port to charge or supply power to a USB device e.

Wait for the dialog box which tells you that it is now safe to remove the device. Page Connecting External Audio Devices The microphone port allows you to connect an external microphone, a MiniDisc player, MP3 player, CD player or a tape deck to your notebook. Page Removing And Installing Components During Servicing The equipment and tools you use must be free of static charge. Page Preparing To Remove Components Otherwise, there is a risk of suffering burns!

As some components are exposed that are sensitive to static electricity, please take note of chapter "Notes on installing and removing boards and components", Page Fujitsu If you have forgotten the password, contact your system administrator or contact our customer service center.

The BIOS Setup Utility starts. The changes are saved. Your device is shut down. The ID number is found on the type rating plate on the back or underside of the casing. When you do this, please have ready the ID number and serial number of your system. The AC adapter is not connected properly. Page The Notebook Stops Working The wireless component is switched on. Page Smart Card Reader Is Not Recognized for a charge. Smart Card lost Cause Troubleshooting Smart Card lost.

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Terms of Use Imprint Contactos Privacy. Copyright - FUJITSU. Windows Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Pro. Fujitsu recommends Windows 10 Pro. Windows 7 Professional available through downgrade rights from Windows 10 Pro. Elegance in combination with ergonomics A slim 19 mm 0. Elegant design and comfortable working in every situation. Convenient working anywhere with a variety of features for the most demanding mobile user.

Premium security Embedded palm vein sensor or fingerprint sensor option, Full Disk Encryption, SmartCard reader option, Trusted Platform Module option. Guarantee protection of your notebook and company data from unauthorized access. Flexibility and increased availability through a variety of options. Easy upgradeability Door to exchange the battery, memory and internal storage. Direct access to key components reduces upgrade time and costs. Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Pro.

Refer to www. It does not guarantee any specific battery runtime which actually can be lower and may vary depending on product model, configuration, application and power management settings. The battery capacity decreases slightly with every re-charge and over its lifetime.

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