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Modulhandbuch master tum bwl

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The program combines management with technological studies resulting in a special skill-set of the students requested by more and more employees. The duration of the program is two years 4 semesters and requires a full-time study commitment 30 ECTS credits per semester. Yet, in this case, you can only choose between Computer Engineering and Industrial Engineering as your technical specialization, as these are the only ones which can be studied completely in English.

In general, the program consists of four spaces, in which all modules are non-compulsory:. You want to understand how disruptive ideas turn into successful business models? You are interested in learning how entrepreneurs think and act?

Classes are often held in Englishsome in German. Students are familiarized with the accounting regulations according to IFRS as well as the HGB. This module contains most of the seminars and lectures, so this is where the maximum of options regarding the course choice is offered.

Because of the huge course offer this module is for beginners in financial topics as well as advanced students already familiar with basic financial concepts. Most of the courses are held in English so you can take the whole module in English if you want. Contact Person for Finance and Accounting: Benedikt Schepperle. The specialization in Marketing, Strategy and Leadership offers a broad spectrum of lectures and seminars into different aspects of the three areas.

Most courses are seminars with only small groups, which enables great mentoring. Aside from the methodological education into different empirical research methods and paper styles, the students will dive deep into their chosen subjects. The topics are close to practice and the seminars are often conducted in cooperation with industrial partners to offer a practical application of the acquired skills.

Students will, depending on their focus, expand their knowledge into the human psyche of leadership, theoretical and practical marketing practices and strategy development and implementation for entities in an ever-changing environment. Most courses are held in Englishbut there are also some in German. Students will enhance their knowledge in the theoretical backgrounds of the modern Operations research-techniques modelingoptimization and simulation as well as acquire useful skills by implementing those on real-world examples from various branches like the Automotive, Airport or Process Industry.

In addition to an Advanced Seminar, students get to choose among different classes such as Logistics and Operations StrategyInventory Management or Designing and Scheduling Lean Manufacturing Systems. Knowledge in the area of Modeling, Optimization and Simulation is advised for a successful start in this major.

All classes and seminars are held in English! Contact Person for OSCM: Christina Liepold. You will analyze different theoretical models about the states participation as well as the impact of different political systems on the economy. Furthermore, you will gain knowledge about different government styles and approaches towards the most challenging problems nowadays.

There are many seminars so you should have no problem find one. Please be aware that some lectures are held in German. If you are interested in Energy Markets then this specialization is a perfect fit for you. In the basic courses Energy Market I and II you will gain a basic understanding why energy markets are a very special area and need some different approaches than other industries.

You will also learn about what challenges Energy Markets are facing. At the moment there are only a few seminars available. All courses are in English so there should be no problem for non-German speakers. In the specialization of Life Sciencesyou find a course offer dealing with Agriculture and Energy Markets as well as Consumer Behavior. Most of the courses are also available in other modules.

There are only few seminars available at the moment. Additionally, at least one Advanced Seminar 6 ECTS has to be attended by the student. They differ in their nature and requested effort. In electrical engineering and chemistry, compulsory modules exist. The Minor in Informatics provides a fundamental knowledge about programmingessentials for databases and IT relevant theoreticalbackground. We recommend this specialization for you if you have good analytical skills, enjoy working on mathematical problems and are able to solve problems in creative ways.

A part of the minor consists of the course Introduction to Informatics I where you learn a programming language that you will apply practically in the course Practical Training Basics of Programming. Besides Java you learn basics in the SQL programming language on how to execute efficient queries in databases. This Minor is very popular and a high number of students from different faculties are attending these courses. The majority of the courses are held in German and only few courses are taught in English.

Contact Person for Informatics Minor: Julia Berchtenbreiter. The Major in in Informatics deepens your knowledge in the application of methods and procedures in IT-related business areas. You should be familiar with several basic IT- approaches and technical terms. All the courses take place in Garchingbut some are video recorded.

Typical courses chosen by TUM-SOM students are Business AnalyticsApplication and Implementation of Database SystemsTechniques in Artificial Intelligence and Information- and Knowledge Management. Contact Person for Informatics Major: Benedikt Schepperle. The Minor in Mechanical Engineering provides a basic theoretical background to designing, developing and constructing mechanical systems.

We recommend this specialization to you if you have a good understanding of Math, Physics and spatial thinking and are interested in the Automotive Industry or Machinery and Materials. Some of the most fundamental courses for the specialization in Mechanical Engineering are also among the hardest, like Technical Mechanics and Machine Elements. The course Technical Drawing with CAD teaches you how to construct and read mechanical drawings on paper and in software.

The Minor in Mechanical Engineering is very popular and has a high number of students. Classes are held in German language only! Contact Person for Mechanical Engineering Minor: Jana Kischkat. Basic knowledge of Engineering and Maths is very helpful for the Major in Mechanical Engineeringas most of the courses are in-depth. Still, there are many courses that can be mastered well without a purely engineering background. Depending on your interests, you can choose between various courses from different areas of Mechanical Engineering such as Drive Technology for VehiclesFactory PlanningProduction ErgonomicsProduct Development Methods or Networked Production — Industry 4.

However, for most courses, as for the Minor, good Math skills are required. Good to know : Most Mechanical Engineering exams take place relatively late, at the end of the examination period. Classes are together with the mechanical engineering students and held in German language only! Contact Person for Mechanical Engineering Major: Philipp Eberwein.

For the Minor in Electrical- and Information Technology substantiated knowledge of Mathematics is essential as well as a deep interest in Physics. You will study the fundamentals of Electrical Engineering basics in Informatics, Information and Communication Technology. The courses Principles of Electrotechnology and Analog Electronics will provide the complex physical background. By choosing additional courses like the Use of Renewable Energiesyou can vary your learnings with more hands-on electrotechnology.

Classes are relatively small and are held in German language only! Contact Person for Electrical Engineering Minor: Lea Plischuk. For this Major, you should have some basic knowledge of Electrical Engineering. It definitely also helps being comfortable when calculating with units. For the first Winter Semester, Renewable Energies in Developing Countries as well as Foundations of Electrical Energy Storages are among the important lectures.

There are also some practical lab courses which are offered in the specialization. Most of the modules are are only Germanthough the number of courses taught in English is constantly growing. The Minor in Chemistry gives you the opportunity to gain insight into all of the most important chemical mothods and fields.

Next to the introductory courses in O rganic and Inorganic Chemistryyou will also have lectures on Biochemistry and the basics of physical, technical, analytical Chemistry. Once you have mastered the basics, you get the opportunity to apply your knowledge practically in a laboratory course.

No prior knowledge is required, however, you should be interested and have a talent for Natural Sciences, especially Chemistry and Biology. There are no electives in the Chemistry Minor, so all the courses that are offered are also mandatory. Please keep in mind that all lectures are held in Germanso very good German skills are essential. Contact Person for Chemistry Minor: Stefan Kovacevic.

For the Major specialization in Chemistry you need already some basic knowledge in Chemistry because the courses start at a higher level. For this reason, it is important to visit the lectures. There is a huge offer of courses you can choose, so you can choose courses that fit best to your agenda. All other courses are located in Garching. Take care that most courses are held in German and not in English.

Contact Person for Chemistry Major: Collin Ratzka. This technical specialization covers a wide range of topics related to modern technologies. The courses in the Computer Engineering specialization are offered by the Faculties of Electrical Engineering and Informaticswhich means that you can choose to learn the fundamentals of electrical circuitsthe development of communication networksmultiple programming languages like Java, Python or Rand even develop an app for a real company in the IOS Practical Course.

As such, you will be able to tailor your courses very much according to your personal preferences and interests. Contact Person for Computer Engineering: Asli Akyol. The specialization in Industrial Engineering has many overlaps with the OSCM Management specialization. Therefore, you can choose this specialization when you already have the OSCM specialization in order to deepen your knowledge or you can choose it if you are interested in Supply Chain topics.

There are few courses in the offering. All subjects are in English and you should not fear working with formulas and optimization methods. Most of the courses require certain basics of a technical understanding. Students can choose to do these 30 ECTS in any module offered by the TUM School of Managementand from the electives of the technical specializationswhen they fulfill the requirements. The electives can be used to transfer credit points from your studies abroad.