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Native instruments z1 handbuch

TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 with TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 — control loops, cue points, and effects in TRAKTOR PRO 3. Some of these payment methods might not be supported in your country. Learn more. TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1. BUY NOW. A CLOSER LOOK. EQS AND FILTERS Tweak your sound with robust 3-band EQ, gain, and filter knobs. CUE SECTION Pre-listen to each channel. The Cue Volume regulates headphone volume. CHANNEL FADERS Mix effortlessly with pro-grade faders. The easy-to-read level meters provide instant visual feedback.

LITTLE GIANT Mix and pre-listen to your tracks with pro precision. Dedicated controls for two channels give you intuitive, tactile control over volume, EQ, filters, and effects. And the built-in bit audio interface delivers powerful, club-ready sound. Hook it up to your iPad or laptop and start playing — wherever you are. Cue-up the next track in your headphones while the current track still plays for the crowd.

Mix, adjust EQ, and apply filters or effects. TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 even keeps your device charged with the NI Power Supply while you play — never worry about flat batteries during peak-time sets. TRAKTOR PRO — ON-THE-GO TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 also offers ready-to-go compact control of TRAKTOR PRO EQs, filters, and FX Units on two channels at a time, keeping you ready for the afterparty — always.

Two software decks, three effects, and all you need to get the party going. SETUP EXAMPLES. Add TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 for dedicated Remix Deck control. With TRAKTOR DJ for iPad — immediate, hands-on control over both decks. THE PRESS ON TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1. WIDE WORLD OF TRAKTOR Explore the wide range of cutting-edge, professional DJ hardware and software that is TRAKTOR.


Manuals Brands Native Instruments Manuals Accessories TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 Manual Native Instruments TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 Manual. Quick Links Download this manual. Related Manuals for Native Instruments TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 Accessories Native Instruments TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 Manual 76 pages. Native instruments audio 4 dj audio interface user manual 20 pages. Accessories Native Instruments AUDIO 4 DJ User Manual 53 pages. Summary of Contents for Native Instruments TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 Page 1 Manual Page 2 The information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Native Instruments GmbH.

The software described by this docu- ment is subject to a License Agreement and may not be copied to other media. No part of this Page 3 D Berlin Germany www. All rights reserved. Page 4: Table Of Contents Filter Mode Page 5 Table of Contents 4. Page 6: Welcome To The Traktor Kontrol Z1 DJ requirements. Page 7: Naming Convention Results of actions are introduced by this smaller arrow.

Page 8: The Traktor Manual Welcome to the TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1! The TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 Documentation at a Glance 1. You can access the TRAKTOR Manual via the Open Manual… entry from Help menu in the TRAKTOR software. TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 - Manual - Page Using The Z1 With Traktor Although you are no doubt eager to get straight into mixing with the Z1, we recommend taking a few minutes to familiarize yourself with how the Z1's key functions operate when you are us- ing TRAKTOR.

Page Deck Volume Controls And Crossfader Auto-Gain level on the software will also write this new Auto-Gain setting to the song file. However, turning the GAIN knob on the Z1, will still alter the User-Gain level, not the Au- to-Gain level. Page Headphone Cueing Press both Cue buttons so that they are off. Turn the CUE MIX knob all the way to the right.

If the channel faders are up you will be able to hear the main mix coming through your headphones. To switch back to the Default Z Filter, simply repeat the above process again. Page Triggering Deck Playback Or Pause In Traktor MODE again will pause the corresponding Deck. Open TRAKTOR's preferences Within the TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 preferences section, check the Page Using The Z1 With Traktor Dj Using the Z1 with TRAKTOR DJ The TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 is designed to work with the TRAKTOR DJ app on iOS devices.

In this section we will describe the Z1's key functions when using it with the TRAKTOR DJ app. Page Deck Volume Controls And Crossfader Move the crossfader all the way to channel A so that you are only hearing the track on Deck A. At the same time bring the channel volume fader all the way down for channel B.

Page Filter Fx Modes TRAKTOR DJ. The first is standard control of the filter; the second controls the selected effect. This dual function oper- ates through the use of the MODE button. Page Filter Mode You'll notice that the selected effect is altered in a different way when manually adjusted this way. When no FILTER mode is required, press the button again so that it is not illumi- nated. Page Triggering Deck Playback Or Pause In Traktor Dj B in the Headphone and Cue Control area, will trigger play- back of the corresponding Deck in TRAKTOR DJ.

Whilst a Deck is playing, pressing MODE again will then pause the corresponding Deck. Page Traktor Kontrol Z1 Hardware Reference TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 Hardware Reference Introduction This chapter details the use of each element on your TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1. Like any audio hardware, it is a good idea to get familiar with the Z1 in order to make the most of it. Page Dc Power The USB connection will either connect the Z1 to your computer or iOS device.

In the latter scenario, the provided Native Instruments iOS cable is required. If you are using the Z1 with TRAKTOR DJ on your iOS device, you will need to ensure that the DC power adaptor is connected to the mains to power the device. This metal-reinforced hole provides an additional security option whereby a bespoke cable and lock can be applied.

Page Front Panel You can connect a pair of headphones to the Z1 via the 3. The headphone input can be located on the front panel of the Z1. Adjust the level for the headphones via the HP VOLUME knob on the Z1's top panel.

Page Top Panel Top Panel Top Panel The top panel of the Z1 The following section describes all of the controls and displays on the Z1's top panel—learning these functions is the key to mastering the Z1! Page Main Knob Z1's channels, you will see three EQ knobs HI, MID, and LOW. The Z1's EQ section gives you a fast and easy way to adjust for frequency imbalances.

Page 26 MID-EQ knobs, the LOW-EQ knobs also control their respective frequency bands, in this case the low band. The center position of the LOW-EQ knob also has no effect on the sound: 0bB with no boost or cut to the low-band frequencies. Page Volume Faders And Crossfader The channel volume faders control only Decks A and B in TRAKTOR.

It is not possible to assign decks C and B to the Z1's channel faders. Crossfader The crossfader lets you mix between channels A and B. Page Level Meters 5. The Z1's level meters are located right above the crossfader. They show the individual decks' pre fader output. Page Appendix Appendix The Z1's Preferences in TRAKTOR The TRAKTOR preferences contain a section dedicated to the TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1. Page Restore Default The Calibration area in the Z1 preferences.

Use these controls if your Z1's controls appear to have decalibrated. Pressing one of the but- tons will recalibrate the relevant mixer controls. Page Index Crossfader [29] CUE MIX knob [28] Gain CUE VOL [28] [11] adjusting GAIN knobs [25] Documentation Overview Hardware Reference TRAKTOR Manual [27] FILTER Knobs [27] MODE button Headphone Cueing [12] [16] CUE MIX TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 - Manual - Page 35 Restore Default TRAKTOR DJ [15] iOS Devices MAIN knob [25] Triggering Deck Playback MAIN OUT [22] [14] In TRAKTOR MIDI Controller [19] In TRAKTOR DJ Enable [14] User-Gain level [11] Power requirements System requirements TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 - Manual - Print page 1 Print document 35 pages.

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