Sinamics g120 cu240e 2 handbuch



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Sinamics g120 cu240e 2 handbuch

Anleitungen Marken Siemens Anleitungen Steuergeräte SINAMICS G CUE Betriebsanleitung Alarm- Und Fehlermeldungen - Siemens SINAMICS G CUE Betriebsanleitung. Seite von Vorwärts. Wenn eine Alarm- oder Fehlerbedingung auftritt, zeigt das OP die entsprechende Alarm. Tabelle 7- 10 Alarm- und Fehlernummern — Ursache und Abhilfe.

Zur Fehlerbehandlung sind folgende Parameter zu berücksichtigen:. Die Parameter- oder Konfigurierungseinstellungen durch den PROFIBUS. Stecker, Leitung und den PROFIBUS-Master überprüfen. Vom PROFIBUS-Master werden keine Sollwerte oder ungültige Sollwerte.

Die Sollwerte des PROFIBUS-Master überprüfen. Die SIMATIC-CPU auf. Mindestens ein Sender zwischen zwei Knoten ist noch nicht aktiv oder ist. Der Umrichter hat einen Fehler an der PROFIBUS-Datenverbindung. Die Datenschnittstelle an der Control Unit kann unterbrochen sein. Die Adressen P und P überprüfen. Keine Kommunikation über PROFIBUS. Die in P eingestellte Telegramm-Ausfallzeit ist abgelaufen. Einzelheiten siehe Abschnitt "Fehler und Alarme" im Listenhandbuch.

Den Anschluss der Datenübertragungsgeräte kontrollieren und sicherstellen. Inhalt sverzeichnis. Verwandte Anleitungen für Siemens SINAMICS G CUE Controller Siemens Sinamics G CUS Betriebsanleitung Seiten. Steuergeräte Siemens SINUMERIK D sl Programmierhandbuch Seiten. Verwandte Inhalte für Siemens SINAMICS G CUE SIMATIC IPCE PRO Alarm- Fehler- Und Systemmeldungen Siemens SIMATIC IPCE PRO.

Siemens SINUMERIK D sl. Siemens SIMATIC ET pro. Siemens SIMOCODE pro. Siemens SINUMERIK D ADVANCED. Siemens AOP. Siemens SINUMERIK D. SINUMERIK D sl Fehlermeldungen Und Fehlerbehandlung Siemens SINUMERIK D sl. Siemens DESIGO PXM Siemens DESIGO PX PXM Siemens SIMOTION C Siemens Climatix. Diese Anleitung auch für: Sinamics g cus Sinamics g cus dp Sinamics g cus pn-f Sinamics g cus dp-f Sinamics g cus pn. Seite drucken Dokument drucken Seiten.

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Quick Links Download this manual. Power Module PM Related Manuals for Siemens SINAMICS G Inverter Siemens SINAMICS G Operating Instructions Manual Low voltage converters built-in and wall mounting units with cup-2 control units pages.

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Inverter Siemens SINAMICS G Original Instructions Manual Sinamics g inverter with cup-2 control units pages. Summary of Contents for Siemens SINAMICS G Page 1 Power Module PM Page 4 Note the following: WARNING Siemens products may only be used for the applications described in the catalog and in the relevant technical documentation. If products and components from other manufacturers are used, these must be recommended or approved by Siemens.

Proper transport, storage, installation, assembly, commissioning, operation and maintenance are required to ensure that the products operate safely and without any problems. Page 7: Table Of Contents Table of contents Preface Page 8 Table of contents Service and maintenance Page 9 Table of contents Braking resistor Page Fundamental Safety Instructions Fundamental safety instructions General safety instructions WARNING Electric shock and danger to life due to other energy sources Touching live components can result in death or severe injury.

Page 12 Fundamental safety instructions 1. Page 13 Fundamental safety instructions 1. Page 15 Fundamental safety instructions 1. WARNING Unrecognized dangers due to missing or illegible warning labels Dangers might not be recognized if warning labels are missing or illegible. Page Equipment Damage Due To Electric Fields Or Electrostatic Discharge Fundamental safety instructions 1.

NOTICE Equipment damage due to electric fields or electrostatic discharge Electric fields or electrostatic discharge can cause malfunctions through damaged Siemens strongly recommends that product updates are applied as soon as they are available and that the latest product versions are used. Page Residual Risks Of Power Drive Systems Fundamental safety instructions 1. Page Introduction Introduction Overview The Power Modules belong to the modular family of SINAMICS G converters.

A modular converter comprises a Control Unit and a Power Module. Depending on the power rating in frame sizes FSA … FSG, the following Power Module versions are supplied: 0. Page 20 Introduction STO independent of the Control Unit Using the PM Power Modules, frame sizes FSD, FSE, FSF and FSG, you can implement the "Safe Torque Off" safety function STOcorresponding to PL e according to EN and SIL 3 according to IEC STO via Power Module terminals Page 63 Note that when using the STO function, the mission time of the converter is restricted.

Additional requirements relating to CSA conformance, frame sizes FSD … FSG Overvoltage category OVC III must be ensured for all connections of the power circuit. This can mean that a surge suppressor must connected upstream on the line side. Page Emc-Compliant Installation Of A Machine Or System Installing 3. Reliable and disturbance-free operation is only ensured for EMC-compliant installation.

To achieve this, subdivide the control cabinet and the machine or system into EMC zones: EMC zones Figure Page Control Cabinet Installing 3. Page Cables Installing 3. Page 28 Installing 3. Page Electromechanical Components Installing 3. Page Power Losses And Air Cooling Requirements Installing 3. Page Mounting The Power Modules Installing 3. Protection against the spread of fire The device may be operated only in closed housings or in control cabinets with protective covers that are closed, and when all of the protective devices are used.

Page Sequence For Installing The Power Module Installing 3. Frame sizes FSA FSC 1. Prepare the cabinet. Mount the shield plates. Install the Power Module. Page Dimension Drawings And Drilling Dimensions For Built-In Units - Ip20 Devices Installing 3. FSC Table 3- 1 Dimensions depend on the Control Unit CU and HMI device [mm] Frame Width Height [mm] Page 34 Installing 3.

Page Dimension Drawings And Drilling Dimensions For Pt Power Modules Installing 3. The mounting frame includes the necessary seals and frame to ensure compliance with degree of protection IP Page 36 Installing 3.

Page 37 Installing 3. Page Mounting The Shield Plates Installing 3. Page 39 Installing 3. FSC - PT Power Module Note Built-in devices and PT Power Modules The shield plates are mounted in the same way for PT and IP20 devices. Upper shield plate The top shield plate is not supplied with the converter.

Page 40 Installing 3. Page 41 Installing 3. Then slide the shield module into the converter, so that it is held in the converter the clamping spring. Page 42 Installing 3. Page Hoisting Gear Fsd Installing 3. FSG Power Module weights: V converter Page 79 V converter Page 89 V converter Page Hoisting gear - Built-in devices Use crane lifting lugs and the appropriate hoisting gear when mounting built-in devices.

Hoisting gear - PT devices Use the hoisting gear shown below when mounting the Power Modules Alternatively, you have the option of attaching mounting grips onto the Power Module. Page Additional Components Installing 3. Page Connecting To protect against indirectly touching part of the motor circuit of a converter and to automatically shut down in the case of a fault according to DIN EN VDE Page 46 mA.

Connect the RCCB in series with the overcurrent protective devices. Page Permissible Line Supplies Connecting 4. Page Tn Line System Connecting 4. Generally, in a TN system the neutral point is grounded. There are versions of a TN sys- tem with a grounded line conductor, e.

Page Tt Line System Connecting 4. There are TT line supplies where the neutral conductor N is either transferred — or not. Note Operation in IEC or UL systems For installations in compliance with IEC, operation on TT line systems is permissible. Page It System Connecting 4.

There are IT systems with and without trans- fer of the neutral conductor N. Page Requirements For The Protective Conductor Connecting 4. The protective conductor of the converter must not be interrupted for safe touch protection in converter operation. This primarily results in requirements for the minimum conductor cross-section of the protective conductor. Page Using Several Single-Phase Converters In Machines And Plants Connecting 4.

Page 54 Connecting 4. The current carrying capacity of the neutral conductor must be sufficient for this. IECsectionmakes recommendations for sizing the neutral conductor. Page Connecting The Line And Motor Cable At The Converter Connecting 4.

Line filter The converters are available with or without integrated line filter Class A. For frame sizes FSA … Page 56 Connecting 4. Page 57 Connecting 4. FSC Note Connecting PM Power Modules, V to 1 AC - only FSA FSC For the V versions and single-phase line systems, connect the phase conductor and neutral conductor to any two of the terminals L1, L2, L3.

Page Length Of The Motor Cable Connecting 4. The permissible length of the motor cable also depends on the quality of the motor cable and the converter pulse frequency. Page Connection Terminals At The Converter Connecting 4. Page Establishing Connections Connecting 4.

Page 61 Connecting 4. In addition, for frame sizes FSD and FSE, release the two terminal screws on the connections for the motor and braking re