Werkstatthandbuch bmw s 1000 xr



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Werkstatthandbuch bmw s 1000 xr

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More pictures The powerful, four-cylinder series motor in combination with the agile chassis and suspension provides great performance and dynamic response. What you do with it is up to you. Compare with any other bike. Displacement :. Compression :. Bore x stroke :. Valves per cylinder:. Multiplate clutch in oil bath, anti-hopping clutch, mechanically controlled.

Three-way catalytic converter, balance pipe, compliant with EU4 emission standard. Front suspension :. Upside-down telescopic fork 46 mm, compression and rebound stage adjustable. Rear suspension :. Wheelbase :. Compare US insurance quotes from the nation's top providers. Compare US motorcycle loan quotes from the nation's top providers. Ships to most countries. Also check out our overview of motorcycle webshops at Bikez. Join the 18 BMW S XR discussion group or the general BMW discussion group.

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Luckily, I happen to have a few of those roads in my backyard, namely California State Routes 33 and 58, which will garner a nod of approval from any motorcycle enthusiast. If you have the time and inclination, a rider can do a nice single-day loop covering roughly miles on these roads.

Beginning at the beaches of Ventura, heading through the harsh oil lands of Taft and up to the vast Carizzo Plain, you skirt along the Central California coast before arriving home. This Beemer gets plenty of updates for model yearwith refinements aimed at making it lighter, faster, more agile and more user friendly. Even with all of the bolt-ons our XR still tipped our scale at a commendable pounds, giving it a light feeling when lifting it off the kickstand and setting off toward U.

Route Views of rolling waves while traveling on scenic north through Ventura will get your neurons firing, especially on a chilly morning. Once in the saddle, I was able to get my first sampling of the cc in-line four-cylinder powerplant adapted from the S RR superbike. To that end, the rev limit is lowered from 14, to a more sensible 12, BMW stated that its Shift-Cam variable valve timing technology was unnecessary in this application, as it feels that what it gives up in the top-end is made up in the middle.

The fun bits of Highway 33 are where this engine can come into its own, staying above 7, rpm to lunge out of corners while winding my way up the mountain. The power delivery is smooth, predictable and completely controllable. A bike of this price really should come with this as a standard feature, though. The XR features the latest Bosch IMU supported rider aids, including cornering ABS, lean angle detecting traction control, wheelie control, and hill start assist.

Thanks to the throttle-by-wire, that rider aid package is seamlessly tied to three selectable ride modes; Rain, Road, and Dynamic. Save for a bit of a dead-zone in the throttle when initially releasing the clutch I even stalled it the first few timesand when rolling on the gas while using cruise control, the throttle connection is good.

The two-position windscreen creates some buffeting in the lower position, but my 5-foot inch frame gets along with it when raised. That rider position update also distributes more weight over the front end for better feedback. With a lofty inch seat height, a bike like the XR is welcoming to taller riders, and the narrowed chassis helps my inch inseam get the balls of my feet on the ground a little more securely.

However, the thinly padded seat is designed for the narrowest of derrieres. Be sure to top off in Taft, as the 58 has no service stations. The 58 is as equally diverse as the 33, with tight hairpin corners, fast sweepers and everything in-between.

The wheelbase is a stability enhancing 61 inches while the rake is steepened to It requires virtually no effort to get onto the edge of the tires, at any speed, and transitions just as effortlessly, making the first well-paved dozen miles of the 58 a treat. Suspenders come in the form of an electronically adjustable 45mm Marzocchi fork and Marzocchi single shock. Our test unit boasts the Dynamic ESA Pro upgrade, which gives us the choice of two suspension modes, Road and Dynamic.

It also automatically adjusts preload to compensate for the load on start up and can be set in a minimum preload mode as well. Road mode is the softer damped of the two modes, and is particularly adept for casual riding or long slogs near the Carizzo Plain National Monument but can become bouncy once the pace picks up.

Dynamic mode cranks the damping up high, turning the XR into a taught, pointed weapon—at the cost of outright comfort. The more abused sections of the 58 will become taxing. After 71 miles on blissful Highway 58, it was time to roll through the quaint town of Santa Margarita and head south on toward Santa Maria. Here you have the choice of slogging two hours down the freeway back to Ventura or breaking off and heading through some choice roads in Central California wine country.

To do the latter, get off at Betteravia Road and split off to Foxen Canyon Road. Darting through the farmland and abrupt degree turns, I relied on the dual BMW-branded Hayes 4-piston calipers and mm rotors up front, as well as the matching single-piston caliper and mm rotor out back.

Feel at the lever is superb, giving me the ability to trail brake deep into the tree-shaded corners of Foxen Canyon Road with confidence. This should come as no surprise, since the XR has always had commendable firepower at the brake lever. I also made sure to check out the old Sisquoc Store, which is no longer open these days. A staple stop in Sisquoc, the year-old building was long a convenience store, then converted into an antique shop before it closed its doors not long ago.

With the Pacific Ocean on my right, it was time to ponder pricing. Costly, yes, but not out of the norm for bikes in this class. Seat comfort is the Achilles heel of this otherwise impressive bike. Engine Type: Liquid-cooled, transverse in-line 4 Displacement: cc Bore x Stroke: Interval: 18, miles Fuel Delivery: BMS-O EFI Lubrication System: Wet sump, 4. Chassis Frame: Aluminum composite bridge frame, self-supporting engine, aluminum double-sided swingarm Wheelbase: Seat Height: Rear: Cast, 6.

Performance Horsepower: Beautiful roads though, and a fair and balanced review. The mid-range aspect is what makes the KTM Super Duke the superior bike in this class for real world riding. As for numerous accessories, my SDGT started at approx. My favorite bike in 46 years. A street bike like the S XR would be pretty scary off-road.

Street rubber offers almost no grip off the pavement. I have a BMW SR and was excited to ride the SXR this past weekend at a BMW Demo Day. The XR is just as bonkers as the R but with more room, better wind protection, and somewhat taller gears. The XR weighs something like 40 pounds more than the R, but on the street, both motorcycles offer more performance capability than a rational person could responsibly use.

As such, any performance difference between the R and XR is immaterial on the street. I really enjoy riding both the R and XR, but if you are looking for a calm and smooth ride look elsewhere. Both of these bikes ride like they just swallowed three RedBulls. People either love or hate the XR. I loved it. If you want sportbike performance on a motorcycle that can tour long distances, the XR is your bike.

Been riding a for a couple of years. Very capable bike, with all the electronics you would want. Very fast, very nimble. This is my go-to bike for day or weekend trips up to the WNC mountains. Also ride a RGSA. Completely different animal. Good ride review. My never answered question about bike manufacturers is why do they put so little thinking into seat comfort and height adjustability.

You did read the part about low seat or high seat available at no extra cost, right? So that takes care of half your question. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Northeast U. South Central U. Southeast U.

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