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Ducati st2 handbuch

Ducati ST2. Let us assume that you have wanted a Ducati all of your adult life. Let us assume that after many years of socking away ten dollars here and twenty dollars there you wake up one morning with a savings passbook healthy enough to trade for a very red, very fast motorcycle. Let us also assume that as you get out of bed that very morning your knees creak like a set of seized door hinges and you curse that new mattress for not curing your back ache.

During your morning shave you catch a glimpse in the mirror of the framed photo hanging above the john. You study the picture-- " with Rider. You walk out to the garage reflecting on this house and that Suburban Utility Vehicle--misspent youth? On the way to the local Ducati dealer you wonder if you have outlived your dream. No, you have not!

Waiting for you on that dealer's showroom floor is a brand-new Ducati ST2, Bologna's "Gentleman's Express" sport-tourer. When you take a close look you will see a chassis that bears many similarities to that of a In fact, the suspension components are the same.

Everything else has been softened somewhat for improved touring capabilities. The ST2's wheel base is about an inch longer than the 's, the frame is less ridged and the front end geometry has been relaxed a tad. The ST2's fuel-injected engine is not closely related to that in the It appears to be a descendent of the engine used in Ducati's first fuel-injected street bike, the ie Paso.

This mill is a two-valve-per-cylinder, water-cooled, cc desmo V-twin. The factory claims it makes 83 horsepower at the crank and after our day on the ST2, my estimate would be similar to that figure. That is plenty of livestock for most anyone but The Rocket Doctor and all eighty of those ponies are harnessed to the wagon throughout the rev range, delivering smooth, consistent power to the road.

This is a sport-tourer that gives up very little on the sport side of the compromise. Surprisingly, it gives up nothing of great importance on the touring side of the equation either. It has hard luggage. It has a fabulous seat which includes a comfy perch for your significant other. It has handlebars attempt to rise up and greet the rider. It has mirrors that work.

The only thing it is missing is a great big weather-beating fairing and windshield--but then it would be giving up too much on the sporting side. Never mind. The bike is nearly an effortless ride. It has no bad manners other than the typical rotten side stand found on most new bikes. The brakes on our test bike were perfectly competent, and the motorcycle felt absolutely stable under all riding conditions. It never surprises you and is probably the most seamlessly integrated blend of sport and touring I have ever had the pleasure to ride.

There are no funky German controls, no freaky Japanese power surges, and I have never seen an Italian motorcycle with this level of fit and finish. It is downright BMW-ish on the build quality scale. At first glance the ST2 looks to be something of a Plain Jane. But upon watching another rider putting it through its paces you realize that with a warm, leather-clad body aboard, the ST2 is a fine looking machine. It places the rider in a confident looking position--neither too aggressive nor too upright.

Yes, gentle reader, your dream is still alive, and you do not feel a bit of pain as you trade your savings passbook for a set of keys. Better yet, you do not feel a bit of pain riding your very fast, very comfortable and very gray Ducati home. You hardly mind at all that it is not red. Welcome to the Motorcycle Olympics. This month's gold medal contender competes in the sport-touring category. This is perhaps the most competitive category in this year's games.

With this entrant we turn to Italy and a not-so-small manufacturer named Ducati that has bred a whole new motorcycle known as the ST2. Driving the action is a liquid cooled desmo V-twin that puts its power to the pavement through a refined derived trestle frame, suspension and ZR rated tires. What will it take to win the gold? First, it takes a sporting attitude. We are talking about a fist-full of power with suspension and performance to match from the ground up to match.

The ST2 starts on a good foot by possessing all of these qualities. It stops on a good foot by possessing fine Brembo brakes. It also takes stamina to bring the gold home, the touring side of the event. This category may be thought of as motorcycling's "Iron Man" competition. To win, the muscle and performance must last all day long. The ST2 comes through with high performance pleasure that actually travels cross-country.

A true sport-touring contender can go anywhere. The ST2's detachable hard saddle bags make touring a "snap" and a wide, soft, seat means comfort in both sport and touring mode. With bars and pegs located in the right spot, this sport bike gives you a good chance of survival in the Touring Zone. The bottom line is that the category is called "sport-touring" not "touring sport," one word in front of the other. This is why the Ducati wins the gold.

I haven't even mentioned the sound or sex appeal that comes with a Ducati. Those are just the ribbon on the medal. Home Manufacturer Contact. Classic Bikes Custom Bikes Designs Individual Racing Bikes Video Technical Converter. Make Model. Bore x Stroke. Cooling System. Liquid cooled. Compression Ratio. Wet sump. Engine Oil. Marelli electronic fuel injection, 45mm throttle body. Marelli 1. Spark Plugs. Champion RA 4 HC. Max Power.

Max Torque. Dry, multiplate. Primary Drive Ratio. Gear Ratios. Final Drive Ratio. Final Drive. Steel tube trellis. Front Suspension. Showa 43mm upside-down fully adjustable for k. Front Wheel Travel. Rear Suspension. Progressive linkage with fully adjustable Showa GD monoshock with piggy back aluminum swing arm. Rear Wheel Travel. Front Brakes. Rear Brakes.

Front Tyre. Rear Tyre. Seat Height. Dry Weight. Fuel Capacity. Top Speed.

Basically, not much. I did have a stalling fault which was the fuel filter. I bought it from a dealer, but have gone right through the bike as it is 21 years old. I do all my own maintenance and have brought the bike up to a very high standard mechanically wise. I have replaced fork seals and oil. Engine oil and filter, spark plugs and HT leads, front and rear wheel bearings and sprocket bearings as they had dried out.

Also replaced the front and rear sprocket, gearing down the sprockets somewhat, making much quicker acceleration and smoother running at low speeds due to the revs running about higher per gear. Replaced front and rear brake pads and changed clutch and brake hydraulic fluid. Put in new clutch plates plus exposed dry clutch with carbon fibre case.

Whilst doing the clutch, applied clutch quiet mod with extra fibre plate at back. I have owned many bikes including Honda SP, Aprilia Tuono V2 and Honda Blackbird, so can seriously compare my Ducati ST2. In order I would say that the sharp quick handling of the trellis frame is just beautiful.

Then the sound and feel of the big torque cc L V twin, with the power pulling and pulling up to revs, always reminds you why you love motorbikes. As you can see, I pretty well know every nut and bolt of this Ducati and enjoy the maintenance as well as the riding. If you keep this Ducati well maintained it will give you many miles of fabulous breakdown free biking, and wow it will leave you with a real smile on your face.

Review Date: 26th May, The best, most comfortable and fun 2 valve Ducati you will find when properly setup and maintained. Broken clutch push rod from an alternator nut coming loose. Replaced the complete clutch at the same time. Right front caliper seized pistons. Calipers not supported at this point in time.

Replaced both calipers and discs as well as stainless braided lines. Up to date Brembo 4 piston calipers. Had this bike for 11 years now. Came with performance chip, carbon cans, Sargent seat, and higher touring wind screen. Added Ducati Design head lamps and 1 inch 7 degree risers. Pirelli Angel GT tires work very well for me.

At 64 I can still ride as long or far as I want. Comfortable 2 up, forgiving handling, and linear power delivery I have not experienced on any other bike I have owned or ridden. The 2 valve motor in itself has never had a problem, has tons of torque, can go as fast as I care to, and is less dollars to maintain. Averaging all costs for various repairs and maintenance, I don't find them to be any more or less than other motorcycles.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Don't Know. Review Date: 29th September, I have only changed the seat to a US made Corbin shortened in length, not height and added 1 inch bar risers with 7 degrees more angle back. I have done consecutive days of mile trips at 53, now at 63 miles it's still comfortable. I will never sell this bike, being the old guy riding a classic Ducati around.

Review Date: 27th January, Have drained down and replaced coolant. New front and rear tyre. Replaced air filter. Finally replacement of cam belts and Lithium Ion Battery. General Comments: I have owned many bikes including Honda SP, Aprilia Tuono V2 and Honda Blackbird, so can seriously compare my Ducati ST2. Comment on this review. Actions Fix the spelling and grammar Delete this review. Summary: The best, most comfortable and fun 2 valve Ducati you will find when properly setup and maintained Faults: Steering bearings and gas tank leak at hinge seam fixed by the previous owner.

Clutch slave. Stator wiring and connector. Rear wheel bearings. Voltage regulator. Replaced headlight assembly with Ducati Design assembly. General Comments: Had this bike for 11 years now. A lot of people think this is a current model Ducati. It still looks that good. I love it, my wife loves it, and it always puts a smile on my face. I'm keeping it. Summary: A well balanced, solid sport tourer Faults: Absolutely nothing. General Comments: I have only changed the seat to a US made Corbin shortened in length, not height and added 1 inch bar risers with 7 degrees more angle back.

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