Ktm exc 450 handbuch



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Ktm exc 450 handbuch

Anleitungen Marken KTM Anleitungen Motorräder EXC EU Bedienungsanleitung KTM EXC EU Bedienungsanleitung Seite 3. Seite von Vorwärts. LIEBER KTM KUNDE. Wir möchten Sie recht herzlich zu Ihrer Entscheidung für ein KTM Motorrad beglückwünschen.

Sie sind nun Besitzer eines modernen. Bitte tragen Sie unten die Seriennummern Ihres Fahrzeuges ein. Die Bedienungsanleitung entsprach zum Zeitpunkt der Drucklegung dem neuesten Stand dieser Baureihe. Kleine Abweichungen, die. Alle enthaltenen Angaben sind unverbindlich. Die KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG behält sich insbesondere das Recht vor, technische Anga. KTM übernimmt keine Haftung für Liefer. Die abgebildeten Modelle ent. Nachdruck, auch auszugsweise sowie Vervielfältigungen jeder Art nur mit schriftlicher Genehmigung des Urhebers.

Im Sinne der internationalen Qualitätsmanagement-Norm ISO wendet KTM Qualitätssicherungsprozesse an, die. Inhalt sverzeichnis. Kapitel Inhaltsverzeichnis 4 Indexverzeichnis Verwandte Anleitungen für KTM EXC EU Motorräder ktm SX-F EU Bedienungsanleitung Seiten.

Motorräder KTM SMR Bedienungsanleitung 92 Seiten. Verwandte Produkte für KTM EXC EU KTM EXC AUS KTM EXC SIX DAYS EU KTM EXC-F Six Days KTM EXC-F KTM EXC-F KTM EXC USA KTM EXC USA KTM EXC-R USA Diese Anleitung auch für: exc aus: exc six days eu exc six days eu xc-w usa exc eu exc aus xc-w usa.

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Quick Links. See also: Repair Manual. OWNER'S MANUAL. Related Manuals for KTM EXC-R EU Motorcycle KTM EXC SIX DAYS EU Setup Instructions 16 pages. Motorcycle KTM EXC EU Repair Manual pages. Page 3 KTM accepts no liability for delivery options, deviations from illustrations and descriptions, as well as printing and other errors.

Page 4: Table Of Contents Important maintenance work to be carried out by an authorized KTM workshop. Page 5 Capacity - coolant Page 6 CONTENTS Capacity - fuel Page 7: Means Of Representation All work marked with this symbol requires specialist knowledge and technical understanding. In the interest of your own safety, have these jobs done in an authorized KTM workshop! There, your motorcycle will be serviced optimally by specially trained experts using the specialist tools required.

Page 8: Important Notes You should use the fuels, oils and greases according to specifications as listed in the owner's manual. Spare parts, accessories For your own safety, use only spare parts and accessories approved by KTM. KTM accepts no liability for other products and any re- sulting damage or loss. Page 9 But if you use your motorcycle responsibly, you can en- sure that such problems and conflicts do not have to occur.

To protect the future of motorcycle sport, make sure that you use your mo- torcycle legally, display environmental consciousness, and respect the rights of others. The type label is fixed to the front of the steering head. Page Shock Absorber Part Number LOCATION OF SERIAL NUMBERS Shock absorber part number The shock absorber part number is stamped on the top of the shock absorber above the adjusting ring on the engine side.

The clutch is hydraulically operated and self-adjusting. Possible states Flasher light off Flasher switch is in the central position. Page Speedometer Activation And Test mm corresponds to the size of the 21" front wheel with a series produc- tion tire. The display then changes to the last selected mode. Condition The motorcycle is standing.

Press the button briefly and repeatedly until H appears at the bottom right of the display. Press the button briefly and repeatedly until CLK appears at the bottom right of the display. Press the button briefly and repeatedly until LAP appears at the bottom right of the display. Press the button briefly. The LAP 1 is displayed on the left of the display.

TR2 trip master 2 runs constantly and counts up to Page Fuel Tap Press release buttonturn filler cap counterclockwise and lift it free. Activating the choke function frees an opening through which the engine can draw ex- tra fuel. Page Kickstarter Material damage Damage and destruction of components by excessive load. The side stand is designed for the weight of the motorcycle only. Do not sit on the motorcycle when it is supported by the side stand only.

Remove the key. Steering is no longer possible. Info Never leave the key in the steering lock. Page General Tips And Hints On Putting Into Operation When using your motorcycle, remember that others may feel disturbed by excessive noise. Make sure that the pre-delivery inspection work has been carried out by an authorized KTM workshop. You receive a delivery certificate and the service record at vehicle handover. Page Running In The Engine GENERAL TIPS AND HINTS ON PUTTING INTO OPERATION If you carry any baggage, make sure it is fixed firmly as close as possible to the center of the vehicle and ensure even weight dis- tribution between the front and rear wheels.

Info Motorcycles react sensitively to any changes of weight distribution. Page Riding Instructions Always warm up the engine at low engine speeds. Info If the motorcycle is unwilling to start, the cause can be old fuel in the float chamber. The flammable elements of the fuel evaporate after a long time of standing. Page Starting Up Do not change into a low gear at high engine speed.

The engine races and the rear wheel can block. Info If you hear unusual noises while riding, stop immediately, switch off the engine and contact an authorized KTM workshop. First gear is used for starting off or for steep inclines. Page Stopping, Parking Push the emergency off switch at engine indling speed to the position.

Turn the handle of the fuel tap to the OFF position. Figure Stand the motorcycle on a hard surface. Refueling Danger Fire hazard Fuel can easily catch fire. Page Greasing And Service Table GREASING AND SERVICE TABLE Important maintenance work to be carried out by an authorized KTM workshop. Engine Change the engine oil and oil filter and clean the engine oil screen.

Change the gear oil and clean the gear oil screen. Replace spark plug. Page Important Maintenance Work To Be Carried Out By An Authorized Ktm Workshop. As Additional Order GREASING AND SERVICE TABLE Important maintenance work to be carried out by an authorized KTM workshop. Carry out a complete shock absorber service. Grease the steering head bearing. Clean and adjust carburetor. Page 33 GREASING AND SERVICE TABLE Clean the chain.

Clean the air filter. Page Maintenance Work On Chassis And Engine For optimal motorcycle riding characteristics and to avoid damage to forks, shock absorbers, swing arm and frame, the basic set- tings of the suspension components must match your body weight. As delivered, KTM offroad motorcycles are adjusted for a standard rider weight with full protective clothing. The shock absorber is filled with highly compressed nitrogen, so never dismantle the shock absorber or carry out any main- tenance on it yourself.

Page Measuring Rear Wheel Sag Unloaded Remove the motorcycle from the work stand. Measure distance of rear wheel unloaded. Ask someone to help you by holding the motorcycle upright. Measure the distance between the rear axle and the fixed point again. Make a note of the value as measurement Page Checking The Riding Sag Of The Shock Absorber Measure distance of rear wheel unloaded. With another person holding the motorcycle, sit on the saddle with full protective clothing in a normal sitting position feet on footrests and bounce up and down a few times until the rear suspension levels out.

Page Adjusting Riding Sag The heim joint for the shock absorber at the swing arm is Teflon coated. It must not be greased with grease or with other lubricants. Lubricants dis- solve the Teflon coating, thereby drastically reducing the service life. Remove the motorcycle from the work stand. Page Adjusting Spring Preload Of The Fork Jack up the motorcycle.

Any excess pressure escapes from the interior of the fork. Mount and tighten bleeder screws. Page Cleaning Dust Boots Of Fork Legs Warning Danger of accidents Unsafe riding behavior due to incorrect steering head bearing play. The steering head bearing play should be adjusted immediately in an authorized KTM workshop. Info If the bike is driven for a longer time with play in the steering head bearing, the bearing and the bearing seats in the frame can be damaged after time. Check the steering head bearing and replace if required.

Remove the fork leg on the left. Loosen screw. Remove the fork leg on the right. Check parts for damage and wear. Page Removing The Fork Protector Remove screw. Remove screw and place it on one side. Info Protect the motorcycle and its attachments from damage by covering them. Do not bend the cables and lines. Remove o-ring. Remove protector ring Remove the lower triple clamp with the steering stem. Loosen screw and place it on one side. Install the fork legs. Install the lower triple clamp.