Handbuch bmw f 800 gs



ISBN: 807034928


Handbuch bmw f 800 gs

Manuals Brands BMW Manuals Motorcycle F GS - Rider's manual BMW F GS Rider's Manual. Quick Links. See also: Rider's Manual. Rider's Manual. Related Manuals for BMW F GS Motorcycle BMW F GS Rider's Manual Us model pages. Motorcycle BMW F GS Rider's Manual pages. Summary of Contents for BMW F GS Page 1 Rider's Manual F GS BMW Motorrad The Ultimate Riding Machine Errors and omissions excepted.

Printed in Germany. Page 4 2. Page 5 We congratulate you on your choice of a motorcycle from We hope that you will enjoy rid- BMW and welcome you to the ing your BMW and that all your community of BMW riders. Page 6: Table Of Contents Rider's Manual if Multifunction display. Page 7 Power sockets Page 9: General Instructions General instructions General instructions Overview Page Overview BMW optional ex- overview of your motorcycle.

All tras originally ordered. Indicates the end of an maintenance and repair work on item of information. Page Equipment This Rider's Manual are quoted to the Rider's Manual describes option- standards and comply with the al extras OE offered by BMW tolerance requirements of the and selected optional accessor- Deutsches Institut für Normung ies OA.

This explains why the e. Page General Views General views General views General view, left side Page General View, Left Side General view, left side Power socket Seat lock Engine-oil filler neck and oil dipstick Page General View, Right Side General view, right side Fuel filler neck Brake-fluid reservoir, rear VIN, type plate on steering-head bearing, right Brake-fluid reservoir, front Coolant level indicator be- hind side panel Adjuster, spring preload Adjuster for damping char- acteristic Page Underneath The Seat Underneath the seat Stowage with first-aid kit Location of the first-aid kit Standard toolkit Payload table Table of tyre pressures Helmet holder Rider's Manual Tool for adjusting spring preload Page Underneath The Trim Panel Underneath the trim panel Battery Air-filter housing Page Handlebar Fitting, Left Handlebar fitting, left Selecting reading in exten- ded area with BMW Motorrad Operating the ABS Horn Flashing turn indicators, left Hazard warning flashers High-beam headlight and headlight flasher Page Handlebar Fitting, Right Handlebar fitting, right Emergency off switch kill switch Starter button with heated handlebar grips Grip heating control Flashing turn indicators, right Hazard warning flashers Cancel button, flashing turn indicators Pushbutton, cancel hazard warning flashers Page Instrument Panel Instrument panel Warning and telltale lights Speedometer Setting clock Resetting tripmeter Page 23 Ambient-light brightness sensor for adapting the brightness of the instru- ment lighting with anti-theft alarm Anti-theft alarm telltale light see the instructions for use for the anti-theft alarm with on-board com- puter Redline warning Rev.

Page Status Indicators Status indicators Status indicators Multifunction display Page Multifunction Display Multifunction display Trip meter Warning for engine elec- tronics with on-board com- puter Stopwatch Time Warning for coolant tem- perature Service due Values area with on-board com- puter Symbols explaining the readings shown in the val- ues area — Page Meaning Of Symbols Meaning of symbols 10 — with on-board computer the others and the quantity of optional extra fuel it represents is significantly with on-board computer larger.

Gear indicator; "N" indic- ates neutral Once you have refuelled, the distance travelled after gauge briefly shows the original with on-board com- fuel down to reserve in km level, before the reading is up Page Warning And Telltale Lights Warning and telltale lights Oil-pressure warning light with BMW Motorrad ABS warning light Warning light for fuel down to reserve General warning light, in combination with warnings in the display High-beam headlight tell- tale light Telltale light for right turn Page Service-Due Indicator 1 is shown briefly consult a specialist workshop, serviced at a date in advance after the Pre-Ride Check com- preferably an authorised BMW of the forecast due date.

If the pletes. The month is shown as a Motorrad dealer. Page Ambient Temperature Warnings travelled since then. This counter is reset as soon as refuelling Mode of presentation brings the total quantity of fuel Warnings are indicated by the on board back above the reserve corresponding warning lights. Ambient temperature with on-board computer When the motorcycle is at A reading in values area 2 a standstill the heat of the Page 32 Warning light Status indicators Meaning Flashes ABS self-diagnosis not completed Lights up ABS deactivated Lights up ABS fault Page 33 Have the defective key re- engine, but leave the ignition placed, preferably by an au- Coolant temperature too switched on so that the radiat- thorised BMW Motorrad dealer.

General warning light shows Fuel down to reserve If the coolant temperature is red. Page 34 Possible cause: preferably an authorised BMW mode. Motorrad dealer. The engine-oil level is too low. You can continue to ride, but Checking engine oil level Engine in emergency- bear in mind that the usual en- Page 35 Ride carefully and think well Replacing brake light and rear Seek the advice of a specialist ahead. Page 36 ABS self-diagnosis not Possible cause: an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer.

Activating ABS function Possible cause: ABS fault The ABS function is not Page Operation Grip heating Page Ignition Switch And Steering Lock Electrically powered accessor- with topcase ies remain operational for a lim- If you wish you can arrange to with BMW Motorrad ABS ited period of time. BMW Motorrad dealer. The keys are part of an integrated security A spare key attached to system, so the dealer is under an Page Reading Reading with on-board computer Select the readings Switch on the ignition.

Press and hold down button 1 until the hours number 3 Press button 4 to select the flashes. Repeatedly press the button The following values can be dis- until the hours number is cor- played: Press button 2 to select the Page Stopwatch distance travelled after fuel Select average consumption or Stopwatch down to reserve in km average speed. Resetting tripmeter Switch on the ignition. Select the desired tripmeter. You can switch from the odo- meter reading to a stopwatch 3. Press and hold down button 1 The readout is in hours, minutes, until the value shown is reset.

Page 42 use button 2 to operate the on- Changing button board computer. Similarly, the stopwatch continues timing if you temporar- ily switch off the ignition. Operating stopwatch When the stopwatch is stopped, press button 2 to Page Lights : Stopwatch operated by Low-beam headlight Press bottom section of means of the INFO button on switch 1 to operate the The low-beam headlight switches the handlebar fitting.

Parking light means of button 2 in the in- When the engine is not Page Turn Indicators Turn indicators Hazard warning flashers Operating flashing turn indicators Operating hazard warning flashers Switch on the ignition. Switch on the ignition. The turn indicators are can- celled automatically after The hazard warning flash- you have ridden for approxim- ers place a strain on the ately 10 seconds, or covered a battery.

Page Emergency Off Switch Emergency off switch kill switch Press buttons 1 and 2 at the Normal operating position same time to switch on the run hazard warning flashers. Engine switched off. Emergency off switch kill Ignition can be switched off. Page Bmw Motorrad Abs ABS warning light remains tivated only when the engine is BMW Motorrad ABS running. The ABS function is deactiv- with BMW Motorrad ABS The increase in power con- ated.

Page Clutch Activating ABS function If you switch the ignition off between the clutch lever and then on again and the ABS the handlebar grip. Page Mirrors Mirrors handbrake lever unless the mo- Adjusting mirror arm torcycle is at a standstill. Adjust the mirrors Push protective cap 1 up over the threaded fastener on the Turn adjusting screw 1 Turn the mirror to the correct mirror arm. Page Spring Preload Push the protective cap over Adjust the damping characteristic the threaded fastener.

If you want to increase spring Spring preload preload, use the tool from the Setting on-board toolkit to turn knob 2 clockwise. It is essential to set spring pre- If you want to reduce spring load of the rear suspension to preload, use the tool from the Page Damping Damping in the direction indicated by the H arrow.

Setting If you want a softer damping Damping must be adapted to suit characteristic, use a screw- the surface on which the motor- driver to turn adjusting screw 1 cycle is ridden and to suit spring in the direction indicated by the preload. Page Headlight Adjusting headlight for cycle on its stand. Page Seat Adjusting headlight beam Beam-throw basic setting throw Turn the key to the left in seat lock 1 and hold it in this pos- Slacken screws 1 on left and ition while pressing down the right.

Slacken screws 1 on left and front part of the seat. Page Helmet Holder met being damaged by the hot Remove the seat and place end silencer. If possible, attach the helmet on the right-hand side of the Installing seat motorcycle. The helmet catch can scratch the panelling.

Make sure the lock is out of the way when you hook the helmet Use a plastic-sheathed steel Page Riding Riding Riding Safety instructions Page Safety Instructions Pack heavy items at the bot- neys, and to every season of max 5 kg tom of the cases and toward the year. Your authorised BMW the inboard side. Motorrad dealer will be glad to Maximum permissible Note the maximum permissible Page 57 Risk of poisoning Stop the engine immediately if Payload of rear softbag it misfires.

Exhaust fumes contain carbon Use only unleaded fuel. Inhaling the exhaust fumes Maximum permissible therefore represents a Page Checklist Tampering Gearbox Tyre-tread depth and tyre pressures You can start the engine when Tampering with motor- Cases correctly installed and the gearbox is in neutral or if you cycle settings e. Page 59 Recharge Pre-ride check is performed.

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