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Fujitsu r726 handbuch

Manuals Brands Fujitsu Manuals Tablet stylistic R Operating manual Fujitsu stylistic R Operating Manual. Quick Links Download this manual. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting and tips 73 Troubleshooting the WLAN Related Manuals for Fujitsu stylistic R Tablet Fujitsu STYLISTIC R Quick Start Manual 2 pages. Tablet Fujitsu Stylistic LT C User Manual Fujitsu stylistic lt c pen tablet user's guide pages. Summary of Contents for Fujitsu stylistic R Page 1 System Operating Manual FUJITSU Tablet STYLISTIC R Page 2 Contact address in North America FUJITSU AMERICA INC.

Email us at: "AskFujitsu us. All rights reserved B5FKENZ Page 3 FUJITSU Tablet STYLISTIC R Operating Manual Declarations of conformity Fujitsu Contact Information Ports and controls Important notes First-time setup of your device Working with the Tablet PC Accessories for your Tablet PC optional Security functions Connecting external devices Settings in BIOS Setup Utility Page 4 Copyright and Trademark Information Fujitsu America, Incorporated has made every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this document; however, as ongoing development efforts are continually improving the capabilities of our products, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the contents of this document.

Page 5: Table Of Contents Fujitsu Contact Information Page 6 Exiting BIOS Setup Utility Page 8 Index Page 9: Declarations Of Conformity Address: E. This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operations are subject to the following two conditions: 1 This device may not cause harmful interference. Page Fujitsu Contact Information Fujitsu Software Download Manager FSDM utility.

The FSDM utility is available from the Fujitsu Support site. FSDM will allow you to view a list of the most current drivers, utilities and applications to determine whether you have the latest versions. Page Notational Conventions Fujitsu Contact Information Notational conventions Pay particular attention to text marked with this symbol. Failure to observe this warning will endanger your life, will damage the device or lead to loss of data.

The warranty will be invalidated if the device becomes defective through failure to observe these warnings. Page Important Notes This Tablet PC complies with the relevant safety regulations for data processing equipment. You save money and help protect the environment. Page Traveling With Your Tablet Pc Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States CISmuch of Europe, parts of Latin America, the Middle East, parts of Africa, Hong Kong, India, much of south-east Asia United Kingdom, Ireland, Malaya, Singapore, parts of Africa China, Australia, New Zealand Fujitsu Page Transporting The Tablet Pc Tablet PC and cause a malfunction.

Do not continue to use the Tablet PC. Page Cleaning With Disinfectant Wipes Before cleaning, please test the disinfectant wipe on a small area of the Tablet PC. Therefore dispose of the wipes after one single use and do not reuse them. You may need to reuse the packaging in the future, for example if you need to ship your device.

Protect the device against dust, humidity and heat. Page Setting Up The Device Open the tablet stand to a maximum angle of 90 degrees. Otherwise the joint of the tablet stand will be damaged. Page Installing Bonus Apps There are also cases in which if multiple applications are selected to install but one of them needs a reboot, the system will reboot and continue installing the rest of the selected applications.

Page Working With The Tablet Pc The indicator is lit orange: The battery is being charged. Page Switching The Tablet Pc On Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Energy Options If you have assigned a password, you must enter this when requested to do so, in order to start the operating system. Detailed information can be found in the chapter "Security functions", Page Fujitsu Under Windows you can set the required language under Control Panel — Time, Language and Region — Language.

You need to calibrate both portrait and landscape formats. The context menu appears. You can use the stylus to perform almost all functions for which you would otherwise use a mouse. Page Energy Saving Functions Of The Stylus You should also always repeat the calibration if the co-ordination between the stylus and the cursor movement deteriorates. Page Changing The Pen Tip Insert the pointed end of the pen tip into the barrel and push it in gently until it is in place.

Do not continue to use a tip which is worn or damaged. Page Volume Rocker Volume up button Increase the volume. Keeping the volume up button pressed after turning on the Tablet PC, the BIOS Setup is started this corresponds to key on a keyboard. The battery symbol shows you the battery charge.

The label area must be facing downward. Do not apply any force, otherwise the delicate contact surfaces could be damaged. Switching the wireless components on and off The wireless components are switched on and off using the appropriate functions of the operating system. The network cable is not included in the delivery scope. This type of cable can be obtained from a specialist dealer. Page Disconnecting The Tablet Pc From The Cradle It is possible to separate the Tablet PC from the cradle while it is running.

Page Separating The Tablet Pc From The Magnetic Keyboard Tablet PC to the docking cradle. It is possible to connect the Tablet PC to the cradle while it is running. Disconnect the AC adapter from the Tablet PC before connecting the Tablet PC to the docking cradle. Attempting to remove the magnetic keyboard while the Tablet PC is in the docking cradle can damage the magnetic keyboard.

Page Security Functions Your password can be up to 32 characters long and can contain letters, numbers and special characters. A distinction is made between upper and lower case. When using special characters, please keep in mind that they depend on the country version of the attached keyboard.

Page Protecting Bios Setup Utility Supervisor Password And User Password You can only change the supervisor password when you have logged into the BIOS Setup Utility with the supervisor password. The system is no longer password-protected. Page Connecting External Devices Dolby Digital or DTS.

In order to reproduce the sound, you must go into Windows and adjust the sound settings. Page Display Port Docking Cradle Only Dolby Digital or DTS. To play back HDMI sound, you must change the HDMI sound settings accordingly.

Deactivate the settings for DTS Audio and Dolby Digital to enable playback of HDMI sound. Page External Monitor Port Vga Docking Cradle Only You can also switch back and forth between the external monitor and the LCD screen of the Tablet PC, see "Touchscreen", Page You can display the same image on the external monitor and on the LCD screen of the Tablet PC at the same time.

Device drivers USB devices will be automatically recognized and installed by your operating system. Page Connecting External Audio Devices MP3 player, CD player or a tape deck to your Tablet PC. If you have forgotten the password, contact your system administrator or contact our customer service centre.

The BIOS Setup Utility starts. Your device is shut down. Page Troubleshooting And Tips PC if you are running processor-intensive gaming software, e. Updating your hardware with drivers which have not been approved by Fujitsu may result in performance losses, data losses or malfunction of the equipment. The ID number is found on the type rating plate on the back or underside of the casing. When you do this, please have ready the ID number and serial number of your system.

Page Battery Charging Indicator Not Lit "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for mobile". Page The External Monitor Remains Blank The cursor does not correctly follow the stylus movements Cause Troubleshooting Stylus incorrectly calibrated. The battery is dead.

Page Acoustic Warning Troubleshooting and tips Acoustic warning Acoustic warnings Errors Cause Troubleshooting A beep sounds every few seconds. The battery is almost dead. Page Error Messages On The Screen This section describes the error messages generated by the BIOS Setup. Error messages displayed by the operating system or programs are described in the documentation for these programs.

If the error message appears repeatedly despite troubleshooting measures, contact the place of purchase or our customer service center. Page Technical Data Stylus with two buttons Slots Memory card slot 1 x microSD SIM card slot 1 x Micro-SIM Ports Combined headphones and microphone port 3. Page Screen Resolutions For Integrated Screen And External Screens x 60Hz x 60Hz x 24Hz x Tablet 60Hz PC and x x docking 60Hz 30Hz cradle x 60Hz x x 60Hz 24Hz x x 60Hz 60Hz x x 60Hz 60Hz x x 60Hz 60Hz x x 60Hz 60Hz Fujitsu Page Manufacturer's Notes Remember — protecting the environment is a cooperative effort, and we must make every effort to protect it for current and future generations.

WARNING: Danger of explosion if Lithium CMOS battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. But more than that, ENERGY STAR also makes a difference for the environment. Page Declarations Of Conformity This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operations are subject to the following two conditions: 1 This device may not cause harmful interference, 2 this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Increase the distance between the equipment and the receiver. Connect the equipment to an outlet on a circuit different from the one the receiver is connected to. Page Appendix IEEE Page Wireless Lan Modes Using This Device That is why Ad Hoc networks are also known as peer-to-peer networks. Ad Hoc networks are an easy and inexpensive method for establishing network connectivity between multiple computers.

By Charles McLellan May 23, -- GMT PDT Topic: Tablets. Given these financials, the number of Surface Pro-inspired hybrids now available, and the fact that this market segment is an island of growth in an otherwise declining PC market, it's clear that Microsoft has done its job well. In addition to the Surface Pro 4 and Surface 3businesses seeking a capable Windows 10 tablet with an attachable keyboard can choose from products like Dell's Latitude 12 SeriesHP's Elite X2Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Tablet or Samsung's TabPro S -- and the Fujitsu Stylistic Rreviewed here.

Fujitsu is particularly focused on business customers, viewing the replacement of a laptop and a tablet with a hybrid as not only a sensible purchasing decision, but also good from the IT manager's point of view, as it reduces the mobile device management MDM overhead. The company is one of the few OEMs to build its own systems, either in Japan or -- as in the case of the Stylistic R -- in Germany, and it provides a full set of business-class security, manageability and serviceability features, along with a good range of accessories to extend the device's functionality.

As befits its market positioning, the Stylistic R looks as though it means business. The tablet section, which houses a The rear is uniformly grey, broken up only by a silver Fujitsu logo, a camera lens and a kickstand. The There's a substantial bezel 30mm at the sides, in landscape mode, 34mm top and bottomwhich is common in hybrids where space is required to grip the device in tablet mode without activating the touchscreen.

The screen is quite reflective Fujitsu says a matte option may be offered in due coursebut delivers good image quality and reliable point capacitive touchscreen functionality. Our review unit came with an active digitiser stylus, powered by an AAAA battery. There's no internal berth for the stylus on the tablet, which is too thin for that; instead, Fujitsu supplies an adhesive pen loop, which thankfully attaches more securely than the one Microsoft supplied with the Surface Pro 3but is still less than ideal.

The kickstand only extends to 90 degrees from its stowed position, giving a maximum typing angle of 45 degrees on the desktop, so taller users may find they have to raise the device to see the screen comfortably. The hinge mechanism is solid enough, although we'd prefer rubber feet on the understand of the metal kickstand, to prevent the tablet sliding around on a shiny surface when you prod at the touchscreen.

Clearly, if 'lappability' is important to you, a convertible ultrabook may be a better choice than a 2-in-1 tablet with a kickstand. The keyboard is a good typing platform, but its magnetic attachment detaches too easily, and there's no backlight.

The keyboard, which weighs g 12ozis a Type Cover-style affair that attaches magnetically in a similar way to Microsoft's hybrid tablets -- although there's no dual-position capability as on the most recent Surface Pros. The attachment works well enough, although we'd prefer a stronger magnet with bit more 'snap'. We like the island-style keyboard itself, even though it's not backlit like the Surface Pro 4's: the keys have a decent amount of travel and feel responsive under the fingers.

The two-button touchpad is small, but works well. An unusual aspect of the Stylistic R's design is the ease of access -- for on-site service personnel rather than users -- to its internals, which is via four small crosshead screws at the bottom of the rear panel and two tiny ones on each side.

Our review sample of the Stylistic R ran on an Intel Core iU processor, clocked between 2. The GPU across the board is Intel's integrated HD Graphics Storage on our top-end review sample was a GB M. Wireless connectivity is exemplary: dual-band If you've avoided the Surface Pro 4 because of its lack of LTE support, Fujitsu's hybrid should at least be on your shortlist. Most of the ports and slots are on the left-hand side with the tablet in landscape orientation.

From the top, they are: 3. The right-hand side has a power button -- which we found awkward to locate and engage by touch -- and a volume rocker, while the bottom has the keyboard connector and a docking connector for the optional cradle. The cradle dock provides a good range of extra ports, inclusing legacy VGA.

You can dock the tablet with the magnetic keyboard attached. Most 2-in-1 hybrids use a USB dongle-style system for port replication these days, but Fujitsu has gone for a cradle unit -- more akin to the dock supplied with 's Surface Pro 3. Particularly suited to hot-desking use cases, Fujitsu's cradle adds HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, two USB 3.

VAT each. Our Core iU-based review system with 8GB of RAM delivered respectable CPU performance, as measured by Primate Labs' Geekbench 3although it lagged slightly behind the Core ibased Surface Pro 4 also with 8GB of RAM :. An integrated Intel HD Graphics GPU means that graphically demanding software and games do not feature highly in this system's use case: Maxon's Cinebench R15 OpenGL test, for example, delivered only Fujitsu claims up to 9 hours 52 minutes' battery life for the tablet, or an hour less with the keyboard attached, from the 4-cell, 34Wh lithium-polymer battery.

From power consumption measurements, we estimated tablet-only longevities between 9h 57m and 1h 46m -- the extremes representing the system idling with 25 percent screen brightness and performing a heavy workload with percent screen brightness respectively.

The mid-point is 5h 21m, which is respectable but well below the 7h 10m we estimated for a Core i5-based Surface Pro 4 with a slightly bigger If you require all-day battery life, you'll need to consider your mix of workloads and screen brightness setting carefully. Fujitsu's German-built Stylistic R is a solid business-focused device that ticks most of the IT manager's boxes -- including an unobtrusive industrial design with good serviceability access.

LTE support is welcome, and the optional docking cradle should prove popular in organisations where the Stylistic R is adopted as a 'fleet' device and hot-desking is commonplace. This hybrid is not without its drawbacks, though: battery life could be better; the magnetic keyboard attachment could be stronger; the keyboard -- although comfortable to type on -- is not backlit; there's no 'home' for the active stylus on the tablet; and the screen currently only comes with a reflective surface.

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You also agree to the Terms of Use and acknowledge the data collection and usage practices outlined in our Privacy Policy. Editors' rating. Design As befits its market positioning, the Stylistic R looks as though it means business. The Stylistic R's kickstand supports a limited range of screen angles. Image: Fujitsu Top ZDNET Reviews Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 9. Samsung Galaxy A51 First Take. Lenovo ThinkPad T14s AMD 8.

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