Gigaset 1010 handbuch



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Gigaset 1010 handbuch

Manuals Online. Bedienungsanleitungen - Gigaset Shop. Juni Lesen Sie vor Gebrauch genau die Bedienungsanleitung und die ECO DECT. Beitrag zum Nicht alle in dieser Bedienungsanleitung beschriebenen Free Siemens Cordless Telephone User Manuals ManualsOnline Products 1 - 50 of Siemens The cordless digital DECT telephone system expandable to 6 handsets Operating instructions Gigaset Pages: 0 Saves: 0. Geben Sie Ihr Gigaset nur mit der Bedienungsanleitung an Dritte weiter.

Entsorgen Sie Read the safety precautions and the user manual before use. Download Manual for the Siemens Gigaset-SX - SetupRouter. Siemens Gigaset-SX User Manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for the Siemens Gigaset-SX router. Related searches siemens gigaset siemens gigaset bedienungsanleitung siemens gigaset service siemens gigaset software download siemens gigaset a bedienungsanleitung siemens gigaset bedienungsanleitung siemens gigaset c bedienungsanleitung siemens gigaset anleitung siemens gigaset s1 bedienungsanleitung siemens gigaset bedienungsanleitung siemens gigaset treiber download siemens gigaset e bedienungsanleitung.

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Manuals Brands Gigaset Manuals Cordless Telephone Gigaset Operating instructions manual Gigaset Operating Instructions Manual The cordless digital dect telephone system expandable to 6 handsets. Quick Links Download this manual. Before starting up the equipment, please read these. Schnittkante ggf. Related Manuals for Gigaset Gigaset Cordless Telephone Gigaset Gigaset Operating Instructions Manual The cordless digital dect telephone system expandable to 6 handsets pages.

Siemens operating instructions telephone giga 28 pages. Cordless Telephone Gigaset Gigaset Operating Instructions Manual The cordless digital dect telephone system for up to 6 mobile units with integrated answering machine 86 pages. Sxisdn, sxisdn, sxisdn, sxisdn, cxisdn, cxisdn pages. Base station, classic handset and comfort handset 35 pages. Summary of Contents for Gigaset Gigaset Page 1: Operating Instructions The cordless digital DECT telephone system expandable to 6 handsets Operating instructions Before starting up the equipment, please read these operating instructions with the safety notes!

Page 2 In addition to these signposts, the table of contents and index at the be- ginning and end of this manual will provide further help in the optimum use of this device. Page 4: Keys Overview Memory key to initialize procedures. Speed dial and delete key. Page 6 KAP FM5 Press key from the base station. Delete function of the speed dial key. Press one of the following keys. Enter number. If it is necessary you will see a display symbol: Attention, this is an important hint! Additional information.

Page 7: Safety Precautions KAP Never use other batteries or ordinary non-re- chargeable batteries! These batteries can short circuit or destroy the battery unit dangerous. The following labels are found on the battery Page 8 KAP Anyone is per- mitted to connect this telephone to a telephone jack and use it. This telephone fulfils the requirements of the following Page 9: Table Of Contents GIGA Page 10 Speed dial numbers It is essential that you read the safety pre Page Step 3: Connecting The Base Station The jack on the bottom of the base station is mar- ked with the following symbol: Insert the power cord plug-power supply into a socket.

For safety reasons, the phone must only be ope- rated with the supplied Siemens adapter. Page Step 4: Inserting The Batteries Into The Handset Step 4: Inserting the batteries into the handset Batt. Hold the handset with the keypad side facing down.

Page Step 6: Check Signaling Method Telephone lines can use the following signaling methods: dial pulsing DP dual-tone multifrequency signaling DTMF The factory default for your Gigaset is DTMF. Press the off-hook key corresponds to picking up the handset on an ordinary phone. You will hear the dial tone. In order to avoid interference, the base station should not be in the direct vicinity of other electronic equip- ment such as HiFi, office or microwave equipment.

Page 17 Kap We recom- mend charging the batteries for approximately 16 hours without interruption overnight for example. Page Maintenance Notes Never use a dry cloth as this causes static dis- charge. Only use a Siemens telephone connecting cable. Cables by other manufacturers may have a different pin assign- ment.

The telephone cable socket is connected on the under When the system or batteries have reached the end of their service life, they should be disposed of in an environ- mentally friendly manner in accordance with relevant leg- islation. Page Procedure In The Case Of Malfunctions No connection after a con- nection has been set up; dial tone can still be heard.

In some situations you may save time and money if you can eliminate the cause of simple faults yourself. Page 22 System code entered is re- jected. PIN entered is rejected. Page Overview: Signal Tones 0. Page Operating Modes KAP When the handset is in protected mode, it is protected against unintended use. Page 25 KAP You will hear the positive confirmation beep. The following message appears on the display when the handset is switched on: When the handset is switched off: Press the handset key briefly.

Page Signaling Method Dial pulsing DP Dual-tone multifrequency signaling DTMF The factory default setting for your Gigaset is DTMF. Press the off-hook key. Press any digit, e. If you still hear the same dial tone, you must switch the signaling method to dial pulsing DP.

Page Exchange Codes KAP Delete exchange code. To protect your personal settings, Gigaset has two code numbers, a four-digit system code and an eight-digit handset PIN personal identification number. The factory defaults are as follows: System code : "" Enter the current system code factory default "". Enter the new four-digit system code. Note carefully the number entered.

Page Resetting The Gigaset S Handset To Factory Defaults KAP Page Incoming Calls You will know that it is an external call when you the following message appears on your handset display Enter the desired call number on the dialling keypad. The number you have entered is shown on the display, e. Page No Answer Or Line Busy Select the desired call number. The number is dialed. Your Gigaset memorises the last five numbers dialled. You can dial these five numbers without having to re-enter them or you can correct them with the Keep pressing the key until the required number appears on the display of the mobile unit.

Page Dialing Speed Dial Numbers Press off-hook key. It is not pos- sible to make internal calls during a collective call from the base station. Page Allowing Internal Parties To Listen In On A Call The settings are made from a regis- tered handset. You can choose from a range of six tones. All settings are made directly at the mobile unit. If a number of mobile units You can switch the negative confirmation tone on factory default or off.

You can switch the synchronization tone on factory default or off. These speed dialling codes can then be used for calling outside numbers You can store 10 call numbers as speed dial numbers. Initiate procedure. Select speed dial number: enter digits from 0 to 9.

The display remains visible for about four seconds after the call is finished. If emergency numbers are stored, they can be dialed even if the lock is active. Page 52 KAP The first emergency number stored in the The registered handsets, i. Page Setting Trunk Access For The Handsets KAP A distinction is made between: Unrestricted trunk access factory default — If the Gigaset lock is activated, it is only possible to dial emergency numbers. Page 57 KAP