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Handbuch aprilia shiver 750

Manuals Brands APRILIA Manuals Motorcycle SHIVER - Manual APRILIA SHIVER - Manual. Quick Links Download this manual. APRILIA WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU. We have drawn up this manual to show you all the features of your motorcycle. Please read it carefully before riding. It contains information, tips and precautions for using your vehicle. You will also discover features, details and devices. We believe that if you follow our suggestions, you will soon get to know your new motorbike.

This booklet is an integral part of the vehicle and must be handed over to the new owner. Nous vous. Ce manuel contient des informations, des conseils et des. Related Manuals for APRILIA SHIVER - Motorcycle APRILIA SHIVER ABS Manual pages. Motorcycle APRILIA SHIVER GT Manual pages. Summary of Contents for APRILIA SHIVER - Page 1 APRILIA WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU for choosing one of its products.

Please read it carefully before riding your motorcycle for the first time. You will also discover features, details and devices which will reassure you that you have made the right choice. Page 2 - may desire to take part in these events and activities. With this in mind Aprilia has provided information in this manual including, but not limited to, the proper racing set up of the motorcycle in the areas of suspension, ignition mapping selection, oil level checks and maintenance intervals.

Page 3 Personal safety Securite des personnes Failure to completely observe these instructions will Le non respect total ou partiel de ces prescriptions result in serious risk of personal injury. Page 5: Table Of Contents INDEX INDEX GENERAL RULES General Safety Rules Page 6 Label Page 7 Front brake lever adjustment Page 8 Rear-view mirrors Page 9: General Rules SHIVER - SHIVER ABS Chap.

L'essence est toxique. Ne pas uti- dren. Gasoline is toxic. Do not use your liser la bouche pour transvaser de l'es- mouth to siphon gasoline. Page 17 coolant can be flammable: the flames dans le liquide de refroidissement est are invisible but can still cause burns. EXHAUST SYSTEM OR INTO ENGINE PARTS BECAUSE THEY COULD BE NE PAS VERSER DU LIQUIDE DE RE- HOT AND CAUSE THE COOLANT TO Page 21 WITH SKIN OR EYES CAN CAUSE SE- LA BATTERIE CONTIENT DE L'ACIDE RIOUS BURNS.

Page 23 NHTSA pourrait en demander le retrait or Aprilia. To contact the NHTSA, call the ou bien exiger l'application de mesures toll-free Vehicle Safety Hotline correctives. En tout cas, la NHTSA n'in- or write to: U. ACT IN THE SAME WAY, BUT IT IS TOXIC AND HARMFUL. Federal bruit est interdite. Page 28 IMPORTANT hicule. Page 30 Excessive or unexplained Des variations excessives ou in- changes in fuel consumption. Page 46 I - Coverage. Page 48 Piaggio Group Americas, Inc. On entend par situation d'ur- burse the owner for costs, including the gence lorsque le concessionnaire officiel diagnosis, without exceeding the recom Page 51 "This warranty completes the Apri- actuelle atteste que cette garantie com- lia limited warranty on the motorcycle.

Cet entre- owner. Page Vehicle SHIVER - SHIVER ABS Chap. Left duct 1. Convoyeur gauche 2. Left front turn signal 2. Clignotant avant gauche 3. Clutch fluid tank 3. Page 56 Left rear turn signal 9. Selle Left side passenger footrest Rear swingarm Page 57 Bulle Left rearview mirror 5. Battery 4. Page 59 Repose-pied gauche du passa- Left rider footrest Page 60 Convoyeur droit Capteur ABS avant Centrale ABS Fusibles ABS Clutch control lever 1.

Levier de commande de l'em- 2. RPM indicator 1. Compte-tours 2. Multifunctional digital display 2. Warning lights tions 3. High beams light, blue 1. Voyant du feu de route, couleur 2. Left turn signal indicator, green bleue 3. General warning light, red 2. Voyant du clignotant gauche, 4. Neutral warning light, green couleur verte 5. Page 66 - Clock can be viewed both in H24 mode p. La ship, the indicator will disappear. Page 69 Aprilia. Deux journaux de voyage sont disponi- bles.

Pressing and holding down the left side of the MODE button will select TRIP RE- Par une longue pression sur la comman- CORD 1, and the icon 1 will illuminate on In this case, at least two keys must souhaite le modifier. Pour l'activer, il faut saisir un thorized Aprilia Dealerships have. Page Ignition Switch LANGUAGES LANGUES The LANGUAGES option can be ac- Depuis le menu de configuration, on peut cessed from the menu screen.

Page Locking The Handlebar NOTE N. LOCK: The steering is blocked. ABS SYSTEM DOES NOT ELIMINATE. Page 92 NOTE N. NOTE N. Page Immobilizer System Performance 0. TROUSSE D'OUTILS. The chassis number is cette fin dans ce livret. Page Engine No Page Use SHIVER - SHIVER ABS Chap. Lubricate the joints and adjust the Retirer des sculptures de la bande stroke if necessary. Clutch Check for proper operation.

Manuals Brands APRILIA Manuals Motorcycle SL SHIVER Service station manual APRILIA SL SHIVER Service Station Manual. Quick Links. Table of Contents. SERVICE STATION MANUAL. Related Manuals for APRILIA SL SHIVER Motorcycle APRILIA SL SHIVER - Manual pages. Motorcycle APRILIA SXV - Manual Van den bosch replica 16 pages. Summary of Contents for APRILIA SL SHIVER Page 1 SERVICE STATION MANUAL SL SHIVER Page 2: The Value Of Service The descriptions and illustrations given in this publication are not binding; While the basic characteristics as described and illustrated in this manual remain unchanged, aprilia reserves the right, at any time and without being required to update this publication beforehand, to make any changes to components, parts or accessories, which it considers necessary to improve the product or which are required for manufacturing or construction reasons.

Page 3 SERVICE STATION MANUAL SL SHIVER NOTE Provides key information to make the procedure easier to understand and carry out. CAUTION Refers to specific procedures to carry out for preventing damages to the vehicle. WARNING Refers to specific procedures to carry out to prevent injuries to the repairer. Page 8: Safety Rules SL SHIVER Characteristics Rules Safety rules Carbon monoxide If you need to keep the engine running in order to carry out any procedure, please ensure that you do so in an open or very well ventilated area.

Never let the engine run in an enclosed area. If you do work in an enclosed area, make sure to use a smoke-extraction system. Page 9: Maintenance Rules SL SHIVER Characteristics KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN DO NOT REMOVE THE RADIATOR CAP WHEN THE ENGINE IS STILL HOT. THE COOLANT IS UNDER PRESSURE AND MAY CAUSE BURNS.

Used engine oil and transmission oil CAUTION IT IS ADVISABLE TO WEAR LATEX GLOVES WHEN SERVICING THE VEHICLE. Page 11 That is to permit the adequate adjustment of the pad friction material to the brake discs. Page Vehicle Identification SL SHIVER Characteristics Vehicle identification Write down the chassis and engine number in the specific space of this booklet. The chassis number is handy when purchasing spare parts.

Page 13 SL SHIVER Characteristics Specification Desc. Cylinder quantity Overall engine capacity Page Drive Chain SL SHIVER Characteristics Specification Desc. Page 15 SL SHIVER Characteristics Specification Desc. Steering inclination angle Page Wheels And Tyres SL SHIVER Characteristics Wheels and tyres HEEL RIMS Specification Desc.

Page 19 SL SHIVER Characteristics FRONT BRAKE UNIT Name Torque in Nm Brake pipe union fixing pipe to pump - M10x1 1 25 Nm The category type is stamped on one crankshaft counterweight. NOTE THE SHAFT MAY HAVE TWO DIFFERENT CLASSES ON THE TWO BEARINGS. Page 26 SL SHIVER Characteristics RANKCASE SELECTION TYPE Specification Desc. Page 28 SL SHIVER Characteristics CHAR - Page Index Of Topics INDEX OF TOPICS S-TOOLS PECIAL TOOLS Page 30 SL SHIVER Special tools PECIAL TOOLS Stores code Description Y Engine support Y Engine plate AP Engine support stand Y Engine pinion locking Y Handle for Flywheel cover re- moval Y Flywheel extractor S-TOOLS - Page 31 SL SHIVER Special tools Stores code Description Y Comparator support Y Tone wheel removal Clutch bell locking tool Y Connecting rod locking Y Piston ring driver AP tool for sealing ring fitting S-TOOLS - Page 32 SL SHIVER Special tools Stores code Description Y Camshaft gear alignment pin Y Timing pin Y Timing tool AP Valve spring compressor Y Adaptor for valve removal Y Guide for oil seal Y Punch adaptor S-TOOLS - Page 33 SL SHIVER Special tools Stores code Description Y 8 mm 0.

Page 34 SL SHIVER Special tools Stores code Description Y 30 mm punch Y Oil seal punch Y 37 x 40 mm punch Y 32 x 35 mm adaptor Y 42 x 47 mm punch Y 52 x 55 mm punch Page 35 SL SHIVER Special tools Stores code Description Y Template for timing overhead camshafts Y Gear control rod roller cage punch Y Punch for water pump overall sealing Y Extractor for bushings Y Punch for bushings Extractor for bushings Page Maintenance Chart Adequate maintenance is fundamental to ensuring long-lasting, optimum operation and performance of your vehicle.

To this end, aprilia offers a set of checks and maintenance services at the owner's expense that are summarised in the table shown on the following page. Any minor faults should be reported without delay Page 39 SL SHIVER Maintenance EVERY OR 1 MONTH Action Tyre pressure and wear - check EVERY Action Brake pad wear - Check and clean, adjust or replace if necessary EVERY 10, 6, Action Air filter - Check and clean, replace if necessary Page Every 4 Years SL SHIVER Maintenance EVERY 4 YEARS Action Fuel pipes - Replace Spark plug At regular intervals, remove the spark plug and clean off any carbon deposits or replace as required.


Page 54 SL SHIVER Troubleshooting Engine The engine does not start THE ENGINE DOES NOT START CAUTION AXONE SHOULD BE WORKING PROPERLY AND UPGRADED TO THE 5. Page Electrical System INDEX OF TOPICS ELE SYS LECTRICAL SYSTEM Page 60 SL SHIVER Electrical system Components arrangement 1.

Revolution sensor 2. Intake air pressure sensor 3. Intake air temperature sensor ELE SYS - Page Control Relay SL SHIVER Electrical system 4. Instrument panel 5. Air temperature sensor for instrument panel indication 6. Front headlamp 7. Start-up relay 8. Coils 9. Spark plugs Starter motor Rear light Auxiliary fuses Main fuses Throttle grip position sensor Gear in neutral sensor Revolution sensor - pick up Page Front Side SL SHIVER Electrical system 1.

Front section 2. Central section 3. Page 64 SL SHIVER Electrical system TABLE A - SWITCHES 1. Right switch cable harness 2. The two medium clamps shall be positioned so that they match the corresponding sec- tions of chassis indicated through two turns of red belt. Place the clamp as close as possible to the chassis vertical tube. Place a small clamp on the left turn indicator connector and the main trunk.

The immobilizer aerial connector is fitted between the plate and the instrument panel. Lift the external air temperature sensor upwards once it is connected. Page 70 SL SHIVER Electrical system TABLE F - CABLE HARNESSES UNDER THE TANK 1. Place clamps at the connector sides.

Mark the connection on the left side using the BLUE belt. Mark the connection on the right side using the WHITE belt. Page 71 SL SHIVER Electrical system 3. Fasten the cables with a clamp and hold also the control unit upper branch. TABLE I - PICK-UP AND ENGINE CONTROL UNIT CABLE HARNESSES 1. Cable harness path towards the engine control unit connectors.

Page 72 SL SHIVER Electrical system 1. Use a small clamp to keep the cable fixed to the oil bulb cap. Use a small clamp behind the pipe so that the oil and start-up cable is tightened to the rear pipe. Page Back Side SL SHIVER Electrical system TABLE O - GROUND LEAD AND START-UP CABLE 1. Direct the cable as shown in figure. Before fitting the cable, push the sheath to the panel terminal so as to hide the RED ca- ble see box. Page 76 SL SHIVER Electrical system ELE SYS - Page General Wiring Diagram SL SHIVER Electrical system General wiring diagram Key: 1.