Moeller easy 820 handbuch



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Moeller easy 820 handbuch

The easy control relay and MFD Titan combine virtually all the features of a PLC with the user-friendly operating features of the well-known Easy product line. The control system can be designed either using a single local program or using several programs on the different distributed devices.

Up to metres can be covered by the network. The control relays can also be integrated easily in higher-level automation networks thanks to the networking modules available for PROFIBUS DP, CANopen, DeviceNet, AS-Interface. The integrated easy NET network. Built in 24 Hour clock will allow 7 day weekly and yearly event programmable event triggers. The integrated NET is available for this purpose. Up to 8 easy units can communicate with one another over a distance of maximum meters using this feature.

Additionally, all easy units can be expanded locally with the easy-Link interface. Up to 4 of the provided 12 inputs listed above, may be user assigned as analog inputs on DC controllers ONLY! Line protection B 16, A. Example: The integrated easy NET network via Standard Cat 5 Cables. The easy control relays can be connected to one another easily and with low cost. WITH Display. Without Display. Supply voltage.

Power dissipation. Inputs, digital. Inputs, analog, option 0—10 V. Outputs, digital. Outputs, analog, 0—10 V. Output continuous current.

Control of project and circuit configuration. The graphic editor directly displays the required representation of the circuit diagram. Selection menus and "Drag and Drop" functions simplify connection of the elements. Simply select the contacts and the coils and connect them with a mouse click — and you are ready! You have the choice of five languages with the user-friendly 'easy'-soft menus and text.

The following types of display can be selected for viewing, processing and printing your program:. Using the integrated offline simulation mode, the user can test the circuit configuration before commissioning and without connecting the hardware to ensure that the circuit functions as intended. Comments for contacts, coils and function modules provide clarity. A cover sheet with an individual company logo, various text fields and the cross-reference list with comments provide a perfect documentation solution for the application.

An additional auxiliary voltage or back up battery is not necessary. The control relay is thus fully maintenance free. But not only circuit diagrams and parameters must be protected against power failures. For example, operational hours counters, counters and timing relay actual values can be processed further after power is restored.

You can download the following documents:. Hardware and software description. Some of the themes discussed: How is the device wired? Which functions can you use? Which data can you read and write? Important Note: All example programs have been created and tested with the greatest possible care. They are intended as executable example programs for learing purposes. During use, testing to ensure correct function in the application environment must be undertaken. The national safety standards which may apply must be strictly observed.

Moeller is not liable for any malfunctions or consequential damages which may result, with the use and combination of these examples. Call for the Latest version. Display, Operation, Switching, Control, Adjustment, Communication EASY-SOFT-BASIC V6. EASY-SOFT V5. EASY-SOFT, V5. Version 4. The new Version 4.

Please read the 'readme-file'. Language support for German and English. Version 3. The new Version 3. Language support for German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. EASY-SOFT-PRO Demo Version, Version 5. Test 'easy' and 'MFD' directly on your PC with the EASY-SOFT-PRO software. The Demo-Version can be downloaded here! Create your circuit-diagrams and operate 'easy'and 'MFD', just as you would with the original.

EASY-SOFT-PRO is available in 7 languages. PROFIBUS GSD files for EASYDP. CANopen EDS files for EASYCO. DeviceNet EDS files for EASYDN. EASY DXF files. CAD-Symbols of the easy Control Relay easy Connect, wire-up, operate — in this short manual you will find all that you need to know, including examples for the new 'easy' control relay.

User Manual — MFD-Titan English. EASY Manuals Communication modules. EASYDP manual PROFIBUS-Slave. EASYDN manual DeviceNet-Slave. EASYCO manual CANopen-Slave. EASY Product Range Catalogue. EASY product range catalogue with product information and technical data. EASY Installation Instructions Detailed instructions for the installation and connection of 'easy'. EASY Application Examples and Application Notes The 'easy' example application makes 'easy' even easier for you.

Application note to EASY control relay. Application examples as self-extracting files. Note: The documents which you can download are formatted as PDF-files. In order to view and print these documents, you will require the Adobe Acrobat Readerwhich is available as a free download. This is available directly on the Adobe internet server. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is also available as a plug-in for Microsoft and Netscape browsers.