Bedienungsanleitung bmw 318d download



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Bedienungsanleitung bmw 318d download

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Manuals Brands BMW Manuals Automobile I Owner's handbook manual BMW i Owner's Handbook Manual. Quick Links. See also: Service ManualManual. Table of Contents. Online Edition for Part no. Chapters Table of Contents 5 Around the Centre Console: Controls and Displays Related Manuals for BMW i Automobile BMW I Owner's Handbook Manual pages.

Automobile BMW 3 SERIES COUPE - CATALOGUE Manual 3 series coupe 21 pages. Summary of Contents for BMW i Page 1 Contents Owner's Handbook for Vehicle The Ultimate Driving Machine Online Edition for Part no. Page 2 Online Edition for Part no. Page 3 Supplementary information is provided in the other documents of on-board literature. Page 4 BMW AG, Munich. Order No. Page 5: Table Of Contents Mobility Refuelling Wheels and tyres In the engine compartment Maintenance Replacing parts Mutual aid Indicator and warning lights Reference Technical data From A to Z Online Edition for Part no.

Page 6: About This Owner's Handbook Symbol for components and assemblies Recommends that you study the relevant section of this Owner's Handbook in con- nection with a particular part or assembly. Page 7: Your Individual Vehicle Tests performed for such permits cannot always cover all operating conditions for BMW vehicles, and some of them therefore are insufficient. Page 8 Online Edition for Part no. Page 9 In addition, it gives you an insight into the principles behind the various ways in which functions can be performed.

Page Cockpit Automatic driving lights control Folding outside mirrors in and out Adaptive Head Light High-Beam Assistant Adjusting outside mirrors, parking position function Headlight beam throw adjustment Online Edition for Part no. Page 13 A list of all indicator and warning lights, as well as notes on the possible cause of a fault and on what corresponding measures should be taken, can be found starting on page Page 14 Around the centre console: controls and displays Online Edition for Part no.

Page 15 Cooling function Automatic Air Recirculation Control Recirculated-air mode 85, Maximum cooling Residual heat utilisation Air flow rate 85, Defrosting windows Rear window heating 85, Online Edition for Part no. Page 16 Online Edition for Part no. Page 17 This chapter enables you to operate your car with greater ease. All equipment items that are of relevance for driving and make your journey safer and more comfortable are described here.

Page Central Locking System The alarm sys- is also armed or disarmed. For further details of the alarm system, see page Page 20 You can choose to have visual confirmation that that no one is trapped. The closing proce- the car has been unlocked or locked. Page Convenient Operation Press button 2. Convenient operation The setting is saved.

Page Luggage Compartment Lid It can now be swung upwards. Page Emergency Release From the luggage area, swing the cover on gate is unobstructed. Pull the ring upwards. The tailgate is unlocked. Page Alarm System Press the button for at least three seconds. Page Starting The Engine Use your finger to touch the panel, arrow 2, for in position N, the remote control must be in the approx. This corresponds to ignition lock. Press the switch again to halt the opening movement. The sliding trim remains completely open.

Page 30 After a power failure After a power failure, there is a possibility that the glass roof can only be raised. The system Online Edition for Part no. Page Panorama Glass Roof Each time the panorama glass roof is opened or closed completely, it stops in the comfort posi- Online Edition for Part no.

Page 32 In the event of an electrical fault, you can move the panorama glass roof manually: Insert the Allen key from the toolkit, see pageinto the designated aperture. Page 33 Move the panorama glass roof in the desired direction.

Install the control unit and reattach the cover of the lights. Page Adjusting Occupants with sensitive hearing may be subject to brief and generally temporary Seat belts, see page Page 35 Pull lever 2 and apply your weight to the seat or lift it off, as necessary. Electrical adjustment Comply with the instructions on page 33, or there will be greater risks to personal safety. Page Front Seats Down: press the button, arrow 1, and slide the head restraint down. The centre head restraint is not height-adjusta- ble.

Removing Saloon: Only with through-loading system: Online Edition for Part no. Page Seat Heating The adjusting procedure is halted immediately Press the button. Page Outside Mirrors Online Edition for Part no. Page Steering Wheel Online Edition for Part no.

Page Child Safety ISOFIX equipment and a keyswitch for front passenger airbags. The front passenger airbags are reactivated and can deploy correctly if the need arises. Page 43 Before fitting a child restraint system to the front passenger's seat, make sure that the front and side airbags for the front pas- senger are deactivated, otherwise there is an Online Edition for Part no.

Page 44 The brackets for the lower ISOFIX anchors are located beneath the labelled caps. Page 45 Before use, flip the mounting points and the head restraints upwards, if necessary. Push the head restraint upwards. Guide the upper retaining strap between the head restraint posts. Page 46 In such cases, it is a legal offence to trans- port a person on the rear seat behind the front passenger's seat.

Page Driving The ignition is switched off if it was on When the engine is switched off, please beforehand. Page Manual Gearbox Always take the remote control with you when you leave the vehicle. When parking on an incline, fully apply the handbrake, otherwise the car could begin to roll. Page Indicator Light In exceptional cases, if the handbrake has to be used to slow or stop the car, do not Online Edition for Part no.

Page Selector Lever Positions Apply the brake until you are ready to move off; this will prevent the car from creeping when a gear is selected. Page 52 The turn indicators flash three times. Triple turn signal. You can activate or deactivate this function. Press button 2. The setting is stored for the remote control currently in use. Page Wiper System Do not run the washer systems if the washer sensor is mounted on the windscreen, directly fluid reservoir is empty, or the washer pump will in front of the inside mirror.

Page Washer Fluid This prevents contact with hot engine components. Otherwise, if the fluid is spilled, there is a risk of fire and personal safety is endangered. Page 55 Functions analogous to increasing speed or vated. An indicator light notifies you that you accelerating, except that the speed is should shift gears when you drive for an decreased. The system memorises and maintains the speed.

However, all local speed limit regu- lations must be observed. Page 58 Selecting the distance from the vehicle ahead, see page Memorising the current speed Tap the lever, arrow 1, or pull briefly, arrow 2.

Page System Limitations Take the Online Edition for Part no. Page Your Responsibility Otherwise the system may not be able to brake the vehicle. You should therefore drive carefully over bridges and shaded roads, Online Edition for Part no. Page Coolant Temperature andapprox. If the engine oil temperature is too high, a warn- ing light appears in the instrument cluster.

Page Average Fuel Consumption To reset the average speed: press the button in the turn indicator lever for approx. Page Settings And Information Initialising the Run Flat Indicator Setting the clock Setting the date Viewing Next Service indicator 10 Setting formats and units of measure, resetting to factory settings Online Edition for Part no. Page Resetting To Factory Settings Lightly push button 1 in the turn indicator lever up or down repeatedly until the sym- bol and the word "SET" are displayed.

Page 68 BMW Service Advisor. Page Check Control 20 seconds, but are not deleted. Indicator and warning lights can come on in var- ious combinations and colours, both in panel 1 and display 2. Page 71 Push button 1 to check for other messages. The display again shows the outside tem- perature and the time.

Page Technical Features For Driving Comfort And Safety PDC has failed. Have the system checked. As a precautionary measure, keep the sensors clean and free from ice, so that they always Online Edition for Part no. Page Dynamic Stability Control Dsc DSC are deactivated. The stabilising and The system regulates the braking pressure on traction-improving effects are no longer availa- the rear wheels in order to stabilise the braking ble.