Cyberlink photodirector 8 ultra handbuch



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Cyberlink photodirector 8 ultra handbuch

Go Forum Deutsch. Recent Topics Register Login. Solution Chosen by teedee. Solved by Mar 07, Recently I purchased PD subscription and as far as I understand, PhotoDirector 8 Ultra license is included. Anyway, I have its product key in my member zone. I still cannot find any way to download PhotoDirector 8 Ultra. Beforeall links were included in welcome email but now I cannot see it. How do I download it? Mar 07, As far as I know, you can buy a combo with perpetual licenses for PD18 and PhD11, or if you get the subscription versions, you have to subscribe to DirectorSuite.

I don't think you can subscribe to PD and get a separate download for PhD8 Ultra, but maybe there was a special offer. You may want to contact CL customer service if you're missing the download link. Mar 08, Quote As far as I know, you can buy a combo with perpetual licenses for PD18 and PhD11, or if you get the subscription versions, you have to subscribe to DirectorSuite. Mar 08, If your program is part of a subscription, then you download via Application manager.

If it's separate, then you are correct, you'll need the download link. Therefore, you will need to contact customer support as suggested by Optodata. Mar 08, Quote I can see the product key in my member zone as you can see in the attachment. So it looks like I should have it in my subscription, doesn't it? Mar 08, Quote The attached screenshot show that it was purchased a few years ago along with the PD15 and AD3.

You had to have installed it to be able to register it maybe on a different pc. The software may have been installed on someone else pc and forgotten after all this time. Powered by JForum 2.

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