Oki c711 handbuch



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Oki c711 handbuch

Manuals Brands Oki Manuals Printer C Series Maintenance manual Oki C Maintenance Manual. Quick Links. See also: User ManualSetup Manual. Table of Contents. Chapters Set Up 33 Maintenance Menu 91 Periodic Maintenance 7. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting and repair procedure Troubleshooting method Preparation for troubleshooting Troubleshooting the abnormal images Network troubleshooting All Rights Reserved Disclaimer Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this document is complete, accurate, and up-to- date.

The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for the results of errors beyond its control. The manufacturer also cannot guarantee that changes in software and equipment made by other manufacturers and referred to in this guide will not affect the applicability of the information in it.

Page 3 Note! Page 7: System Configuration 1. Cover Duplex Front Bottom open paper hopping sensor sensor sensor sensor sensor sensor sensor size SW Centronics Duplex HOST USB Feed clutch clutch Separator Page 8: The Configuration Of Printer 1.

Page 9: Optional Parts 1. Page Specifications 1. Page 11 1. Page 12 1. Page Specification Of Interface 1. Page Specification Of Network Interface 1. Network layer Page Specification Of Acc Interface 1. Page Specification Of Parallel Interface 1. Data is read by posterior end. Page Electrophotographic Processing Mechanism 2. OPC drum, and the surface of OPC drum is charged. Page 19 2. Page 20 2. Page 21 2. Page Printing Process 2. It is transferred by MPT paper feed roller and resister roller U when the paper is fed from MPT.

Page 23 2. As figure shows, a feed motor runs clockwise, a feed clutch engages and 1. As figure shows, a feed motor runs counterclockwise, an MPT clutch paper is fed a feed roller rotates when the feed clutch engages. Page 24 2. When the transport belt motor is rotated in the direction of the arrow, the transport belt is driven. As for the belt unit, a transfer roller is set over under each color drum. Page 25 2. The up and down operation of the ID unit is done by driving the liftup motor.

Page 26 2. The fuse unit and the delivery roller are driven by the DC motor as shown in 1. Page 27 2. Transport belt The pattern is detected by this sensor, and the correction is operated. Page 28 2. See 5. Page 29 2. Page 30 2. Toner low is detected by the toner sensor reflect sensor installed in the equipment. Page 31 2. Page 32 2. Paper size Simplex Duplex LETTER EXECUTIVE LEGAL14 LEGAL Page Notes And Precautions 3. It may cause fire. Page Unpack Method 3. Because the weight of the printer without Duplex unit is approximately 33kg in a state of packingit needs more than two adults to lift it up.

Page Setting Method 3. Page List Of Equipments And Accessories 3. Page Assembling Method 3. Remove the protective materials. Page 39 3. Return the paper cassette 8 Remove the stopper orange when pressing down the lever of the fuser unit to the main body of the printer. Page 40 3. Page 41 3. Replace Toner. Page 42 3. Page 43 3. Page Cable Connect 3. Power condition Note! Confirm that the power switch is turned to OFF " ". Page Turn The Power Off 3. When you do not use the printer for long time Note!

If you turn off the power without properly shutting down, it may cause Please explain to the customer about the following items. Page Optional Part Installation And Confirmation 3. Install the optional tray unit to the printer. If the content of [tray 2] or [tray 3] is not displayed, reinstall the second tray choose the [Properties].

Page 49 3. Install Duplex Unit This unit is used for printing on two sides of paper. Insert the Duplex unit into the lower part on the back of the printer as far as it will go. Please use OKI product. Page 51 3. Remove the side cover. Install the memory. Loose the screw one place. Discharge any static electricity by Remove the side cover. Page 52 3. Install the side cover. Fix the side cover with the screw. Be careful that the font cannot be downloaded. Page 53 3. Open the top cover and front cover.

Press down the OPEN button, and open the top cover. Pull it outward to remove while holding the upper edge of the side cover to lift. Page 54 3. Print the setting content and confirm if the SD memory card is installed Press the SD memory card until it clicks.

Print the setting content with following the procedure in chapter 3. Page 55 For Windowsclick on [start] choose [Properties]. Choose [get infor mation from Click the [C PS ] icon with printer] in [Device options] tab. For right-click button on your mouse For Windows XP USB connection, select the option and choose the [Properties].

Choose [installable options]. Select the [SD Memor y Card] option, and click [Apply].

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