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Gigaset s850 handbuch

Manuals Brands Gigaset Manuals IP Phone SA GO User manual Gigaset SA GO User Manual. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Related Manuals for Gigaset SA GO IP Phone Gigaset SH User Manual 43 pages. IP Phone Gigaset AIP User Manual pages.

Full-feature telephone with advanced, touch-sensitive technology 16 pages. Summary of Contents for Gigaset SA GO Page 1 S You can find the most up-to-date user guide at www. Page 2 Internet calls at the same time. Page 3: Table Of Contents Gigaset.

Page 4 Contents Expanding the functionality of the telephone Page 5 INT1 Calls Calendar Page 6: Overview Overview Overview Handset 12 Headset connection 1 Display 2. Page 8: Using The User Guide Effectively Using the user guide effectively Using the user guide effectively Icons Warnings, which, if not heeded, can result in injury to persons or damage to devices. Important information regarding function and appropriate handling or functions that could generate costs.

Prerequisite for being able to carry out the following action. Additional helpful information. Page 9: Safety Precautions Rechargeable batteries, which are noticeably damaged, must be replaced. If you give your Gigaset to a third party, make sure you also give them the user guide.

Remove faulty devices from use or have them repaired by our Service team, as these could interfere with other wireless services. The batteries are fully charged when the power icon disappears from the display. The handset may only be placed in the designated charging cradle. Page Base Station Connect the headset with 2. The headset volume corresponds with the setting for the receiver volume p.

Page Connecting To The Internet You will need to connect the phone to the Internet for Internet telephony IP and access to the Internet and home network and Gigaset GO functions. For connecting to the Internet: a router that is connected to the Internet via a modem possibly integrated into the router. Page Setting Up An Ip Account Setting up an IP account In order to be able to use all Gigaset GO functions, you may need to install apps on your smartphone and apply settings in the phone's web configurator, e.

Page 16 Open the wizard again later via the menu to configure the IP account. The wizard establishes a connection to the Gigaset configuration server on the Internet. Various profiles with general configuration data for different providers can be downloaded here. Page 17 Internet.

Send and receive connections Assign the available phone connections fixed line network, Gigaset. End devices are the registered handsets and the three base answer machines. Page 18 INT 1 you wish to change the default assignment OK.

Current display key Back Save Page Entering Text Getting to know your telephone Submenus The functions in the submenus are displayed as lists. Example To access a function:. Page Making Calls For fast access quick dial : Assign numbers from the directory to the digit or display keys. Choose from: a public directory p. The handsfree key flashes, "open listening" Page During A Conversation Making calls Internal call waiting during an external call If an internal participant attempts to call you while you are involved in an external or internal call, this call is shown on the display Call Waiting.

However, you can neither accept nor reject this call. Page Making Calls Via The Internet Voip. The number is dialled approximately 3. The calls are free of charge. Use to select the connection Dial. Use to enter the number. Page Provider-Specific Functions Network Services Provider-specific functions network services Provider-specific functions network services Network services depend on the network analogue fixed line network or IP telephony and on the network provider service provider and must be requested from that provider if required.

You will find a description of the features on your network provider's website or at one of their store branches. Page Call Divert Provider-specific functions network services Transferring the name from the online directory It is also possible to display the name of the caller as stored in the online directory instead of the number.

The provider of the online directory supports this function. The "Display caller name" Page 33 Provider-specific functions network services Calls with three participants Consultation calls Make another external call during an external call. The first call is Consultation placed on hold. Page 34 Provider-specific functions network services Conference Speaking to both participants at the same time. As soon as a new message arrives, an advisory tone will sound.

The Example Message key also flashes if activated p. The Gigaset elements app has been installed on the smartphone. The telephone has been registered with Gigaset elements web configu- rator. Page Directories Local handset directory Directories Local handset directory The local directory is unique to the handset.

However, it is possible to send entries to other handsets p. Page Deleting Entries Local handset directory For Caller Melody VIP and Caller Picture: the telephone number of the caller must be supplied. Page 41 OK. The Gigaset ContactsPush app has been installed on the smartphone. Further information is available at www. Page Online Directories Pages.

The online directory is configured via the Web configurator. Exclusion of liability Gigaset Communications GmbH assumes no guarantee or liability for the availability of this service. The service may be discontinued at any time. Display hit list: View Start a refined search Page Gigaset. Use to dial the phone number of the Gigaset.

The Gigaset. Use to select participant from the hit list View. The display shows the Gigaset. Page Answer Machine Local answer machine Answer machine Local answer machine Once the telephone has been set up, an answer machine AB1 is activated. There are two further answer machines available if, in addition to the fixed line connection, VoIP connections have been configured and one or more receive connections have been assigned to the answer machines.

Page 47 Local answer machine The answer machine begins immediately with message playback. New messages are played back first. Page 49 Local answer machine During message playback: Delete current message. Change the status of a previously played back message to "new". The next message starts to play.

The remaining memory is announced at the end of the last message. Page Network Mailbox Network mailbox to select Answer Machine if more than one answer machine is available OK. Page 51 Network mailbox The network mailbox is automatically called via the corresponding connection. An automatic area code specific to the phone is not prefixed.

The network mailbox messages can be played back using the phone's keypad digit codes. For VoIP, you need to use the web configurator to define how the digit codes are to be converted to DTMF signals and transmitted. Page Set Fast Access For The Answer Machine Set fast access for the answer machine Set fast access for the answer machine It is possible to call a network mailbox or the telephone's local answer machine directly by pressing key Assigning key 1, changing assignment Settings for the fast access are device-specific.

A different answer machine can be assigned to on each registered handset. Page Calendar Calendar Calendar You can remind yourself of up to 30 appointments. July In the calendar, the current day is outlined in white; on days with appointments, the numbers are displayed in colour. When a day Mo Tue We Th Fri Sat Su is selected, it will be outlined in colour.

Page 55 Calendar During a call, a reminder is indicated on the handset once with an advisory tone on the handset. Page Alarm Clock Alarm clock Alarm clock Date and time have been set. Page Baby Monitor Baby monitor Baby monitor When the baby monitor is switched on, the stored internal or external destination number is called as soon as a defined noise level is exceeded in the vicinity of the handset.

The alarm to an external number is cancelled after approximately 90 seconds. You can answer the alarm using the Two Way Talk function. The receiving phone supports tone dialling. Contactability can be tested by attempting to establish a connection.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Gigaset S is a high-quality, technically well-thought-out telephone that makes sophisticated communication at home even more comfortable. The large colour display and the well-arranged menu guarantee particularly easy navigation. Excellent sound quality is a matter of course for the Gigaset S change between three audio profiles with a single click and adjust the acoustics perfectly to your surrounding conditions.

Simply clever. CTI functionality: Dialing of phone numbers on a connected Gigaset phone :. The new Gigaset phones let you exchange your contact data both quickly and easily. Plus, you can sync your address book data. Gigaset QuickSync for fast and easy synchronization of your PC address book with your Gigaset phone. Support of Gigaset SLH, SH, SL78H, S79H, SH, SH and SLH, SH, SHX, SLH, SLHX, SLHS, SLH, SLHX, THX, CLH, CLHX, CLH, CLHX as well as SH PRO, SLH PRO and SLH PRO:.

Support of DLA, DXA ISDN, DXA all in one, DE IP PRO and DE IP PRO:. Support of Gigaset SLH, SH, SL78H, S79H, SH, SH and SLH, SH, SHX, SLH, SLHX, SLHS, SLH, SLHX, THX, CLH, CLHX, CLH, CLHX as well as SH PRO, SLH PRO and SLH PRO :. Gigaset QuickSync is compatible with the following Gigaset handsets:. Use our customer service portal to receive support for your Gigaset S Gigaset S Gigaset S Gigaset S Gigaset S Gigaset S Gigaset S Gigaset S Gigaset S Gigaset S Gigaset S Gigaset S Gigaset S Gigaset S Gigaset S Gigaset S Gigaset S Gigaset S Gigaset S The professional phone for your home.

Intelligent technology, clever design. Technical details. Specifications General. Article name. General features. Number of telephone numbers analogue. Calls in parallel analogue. DECT Standards. Interfaces internal. ECO DECT. Additional features.

Standby time up to h. Talk time up to h. Address book entries, name, surname, 3 numbers, pictures, date-reminder, sounds. Individual ringertones for VIP entries. Adressbook synchronization via QuickSync Outlook, Google-Contacts. Automatic redial function in handset. Room monitoring Babyphone. Direct dial Babycall. Alarm function. Range warning tone. SMS function. Optical call signaling.

Number of Expandable Handsets. Number assignment for incoming and outgoing external calls. Number assignment for incoming and outgoing internal calls. Free internal calls. Internal transfer of external calls, conference circuit, call back.

Audio features. Handsfree talking. Adjustable Volume. Number of ringtones. Upload own ringtones. Display features. Display Type. Dimensions H x W mm. Diagonal spread inch. Resolution px. Jumbo Fonts. Display of caller. List of last missed calls with time and date.

List of outgoing calls with time and date. List of received calls with time and date. List of all calls with time and date. Multilingual menu several display languages. Number of languages. Keypad features. Illuminated Keypad. Easy handling with navigation key. Message indicator key. Handset, H x W x D in mm. Handset, weight incl. Accu in g. Base station, H x W x D in mm. Base station, weight in mm. Accu Type. Gigaset S Manuals. Gigaset S User guide full version ro RO. Gigaset S User guide full version hr HR.

Gigaset S User guide full version cs CZ. Gigaset S User guide full version en. Gigaset S User guide full version sr RS. Gigaset S User guide full version sl SI. Gigaset SA Bedienungsanleitung de. Gigaset S User guide full version uk UA. Gigaset S User guide full version ru RU.

Gigaset S User guide full version sk SK. Gigaset S User guide full version bg BG. Gigaset S User guide full version fr FR. Gigaset S User guide full version de BE. Gigaset S User guide full version pt PT. Gigaset S User guide full version es ES. Gigaset S User guide full version tr TR. Gigaset S User guide full version fr BE. Gigaset S User guide full version nl BE.

Gigaset S User guide full version it IT. Gigaset S User guide full version it CH. Gigaset S User guide full version fr CH. Gigaset S User guide full version de CH. Gigaset S User guide full version de AT DE LU. QuickSync Version 4.