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Aprilia tuono handbuch

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Manuals Brands APRILIA Manuals Motorcycle RSV TUONO R Manual APRILIA RSV TUONO R Manual. Quick Links. RSV TUONO R. Related Manuals for APRILIA RSV TUONO R Motorcycle APRILIA TUONO R FACTORY Manual pages. Motorcycle APRILIA RSV MILLE - REGULAR SERVICE Manual 58 pages. Summary of Contents for APRILIA RSV TUONO R Page 1 RSV TUONO R Page 5 safe drive Any modification of the vehicle will result in the invalidity of the guarantee.

Page 8: Clothing Make sure that the equipment is well fastened to the vehicle and not dangerous during driving. Page Instruments And Indicators 8 Green turn indicator warning light 4 Red general warning light 9 Red line light 5 Multifunction digital display coolant temperature - clock - battery voltage - lap timer - engine oil pressure diagnostics use and maintenance RSV TUONO R Page Instruments And Indicators Table When the ignition key is turned to " " with the engine stopped, all warning lights come on for a LED check-up and go out after two seconds.

If one or more warning lights do not come on at this stage, contact an aprilia Authorised Dealer. Description Function Indicates the number of revolutions of the engine per minute. Page 15 SERVICE" appears during normal engine operation, CAUTION it means that the ECU or the instrument panel have detected a failure. In many cases the engine keeps running with limited performance; contact an aprilia Authorised Dealer immediately.

Page Multifunction Computer rpm and -Odometer zone C then goes back immediately to zero. Page 18 SETTINGS page can be accessed. To enter this menu. Page 19 SETTINGS Press the SET button 2 for several menu. Page 20 When the second key i s a c k n o w l e d g e dt h e n e w c o d e i s requested with the message: use and maintenance RSV TUONO R Page 21 TIME menu to read the stored lap times.

DELETE TIMES This function deletes the acquired lap times. Deletion should be confirmed. Once the operation is over, the display goes back to LAP TIMER menu. Page Service Interval High priority: engine overtemperature, Service Centres carry out the necessary is a failure. KEY CONTROLS use and maintenance RSV TUONO R Page Key Controls W h e n t h e s t a r t e r b u t t o n " " i s pressed, the starter motor will crank the Press the switch to turn off the direction engine.

For the starting procedure, see indicator. The lights will turn off when the ignition switch is set to " ". Page Steering Lock OPERATION To lock the steering: Turn the handlebar fully to the left. Turn the key to " ". Remove the key.

Maximum allowed weight: 1. Page Special Tools Removal of the lower fairing. Front support stand 3see page 68 Front wheel disassembly. CLICK CLAMPS. Page Main Components see vapours; do not swallow fuel or pour it figure. Page Brake Fluid - Recommendations Authorised Dealer. Page Disc Brakes Authorised The front brake fluid reservoir is mounted Dealer. Use brake fluid of the type specified in the lubricant chart, see page LUBRICANT CHART.

Page 33 Leave the brake fluid tank open ONLY for the time necessary for topping up. Raise and remove the cover 3 together with the screws 1 and the gasket 4. Page Rear Brake The brake fluid is hygroscopic and Check the brake pad wear, see page 90 system would be impaired.

WEAR and the disc wear. Page Clutch Fluid - Recommendations. O b t a i n LUBRICANT CHART. Page Clutch Never operate the clutch lever when the sys te m, wh i ch pr ev e nt s r e ar w h ee l reservoir plug is loose or has been bouncing under braking. Page Coolant Before departure, check the coolant level, see page 39 CHECKING AND TOPPING UP ; have the coolant changed every two years: for this operation, contact an aprilia Authorised Dealer.

Page 38 In case any maintenance operation the efficiency of the cooling system should be required, it is advisable to remains unchanged. If you use a funnel or other similar items, make sure that they are perfectly clean. Page Tyres Visually inspect the tyres for wear and vehicle.

Change the tyre when it is worn out or in case of puncture on the tread side, if the puncture is larger than 5 mm. Page Engine Oils t o p t h e e n g i n e NOTE immediately and contact an aprilia Use high-quality 15W — 50 oil, Authorised Dealer. Page Adjusting The Front Brake Lever And The Clutch Lever 3 until setting the lever 1 piston. After the adjustment, make sure that the wheel rotates freely with released brake. Check the braking efficiency. If necessary, contact your aprilia Authorised Dealer.

Page Adjusting The Rear Brake Lever And The Gear Change Lever If the gear change lever needs further a d j u s t m e n tc o n t a c t a n a p r i l i a Authorised Dealer. Page Instructions For Use Get on and off the vehicle only from the left side and always with extended side stand. Page 45 Choose a suitable parking area, see CAUTION rear of the vehicle can represent an page 55 PARKING. Stop vehicle, page Make sure that the vehicle is stable.

Page Pre-Ride Checks I n m a n y c a s e s t h e e n g i n e k e e p s running with limited performance; It does not take long to carry out a check- contact an aprilia Authorised Dealer up and this operation ensures you much immediately. Page Pre-Ride Checks Chart Make sure that it operates correctly. Lights, warning lights, horn, Check horn and indicators for proper operation. Change bulbs or fix a failure, if necessary. Page Starting Avoid starting the engine in closed or Set the engine stop switch 2 to position badly-ventilated rooms.

Turn the key 3 and set the ignition switch to position use and maintenance RSV TUONO R Page 49 Pull the clutch lever 7 completely and immediately. The vehicle is equipped with a cold start feature controlled by the ECU which use and maintenance RSV TUONO R Provide for topping up as soon as Release the brake lever pulled on the possible, see page 29 FUEL.

Page 51 3 and lift the gear shift Ride at reduced speed for the first miles, lever 4. Release the clutch lever 3 in order to warm the engine up. Repeat the last two operations and shift use and maintenance RSV TUONO R Page 53 Uneven road surfaces, rails, inspection covers, painted signals, construction site metal covers become slippery in rainy weather and must be negotiated carefully, smoothly and keeping the vehicle upright. Page Running-In rpm. When the vehicle has come to rest: Select neutral green warning light " " on.

Release the clutch lever 2. In case of a brief stop, keep at least one brake on. Page Parking WARNING key is inserted into the ignition switch. When getting on or off the vehicle, keep to the instructions given, see page 44 GETTING ON AND OFF THE VEHICLE. Page Placing The Vehicle On The Stand Press the side stand with your right foot proceed as follows: and extend it completely 3.

Incline the vehicle until the stand rests on the ground. Steer handlebar completely leftwards. WARNING Make sure that the vehicle is stable. Page Suggestions To Prevent Theft ADDRESS TELEPHONE NO. Page Maintenance Engine order. Control Unit has detected a fault. In case any maintenance operation should be required, it is advisable to use latex gloves. Page Regular Service Intervals Chart Error warning light on at every start-up: instrument panel Drive chain tension and every km mi : lubrication every km before each ride and every Brake pad wear mi : km mi : use and maintenance RSV TUONO R Page Identification Data SPECIAL TOOLS Frame no.

Engine no. Page Checking And Topping Up Engine Oil Level FILTER. CAUTION In the vehicle is used for racing, change the engine oil every km mi. Change oil more frequently if the vehicle is used in dusty conditions. Page Changing Engine Oil And The Engine Oil Filter km mi. Clean off any dirt from the area around Change oil more frequently if the the filler plug 3 with a clean cloth.

Page 64 Never reuse a filter. Spread a film of oil on the seal 8 of the new engine oil filter.