Handbuch yamaha psr 9000



ISBN: 709087079


Handbuch yamaha psr 9000

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PSR March 4,

Manuals Brands Yamaha Manuals Electronic Keyboard PSR Version 2 Owner's manual Yamaha PSR Owner's Manual Yamaha musical insrturment owners manual psr Quick Links. Make sure that your local AC mains. In some areas a voltage selector may. The voltage. In manchen Fällen ist. Netzkabels installiert. Beachten Sie.

Spannung für Ihren Wohnort eingestellt. Der Spannungswähler wird vom. Related Manuals for Yamaha PSR Electronic Keyboard Yamaha Portatone PSR Manual 51 pages. Electronic Keyboard Yamaha PSR Owner's Manual Yamaha electric keyboard owner's guide 12 pages. Summary of Contents for Yamaha PSR Page 1 In some areas a voltage selector may be provided on the rear panel of the PSR near the power cord. Make sure that the voltage selector is set for the voltage in your area.

The voltage selector is set at V when the unit is initially shipped. Page 3: Important Safety Instructions Some of these items are designed to be dealer assembled or installed. Benches supplied by Yamaha are designed for seating only. No other uses are recommended.

If a screw does fall in, be sure to remove it before replacing the cover and powering up the unit. Keep the manual in a safe place for later reference. Page 7: Table Of Contents MIDI Implementation Chart. Most common problems and their solutions are covered here in a very simple and easy-to-understand way. Page 8: Use This Section To Find Out About All Of The Buttons And Controls Of The Psr Packing List Page 11 MEMORY DISK IN USE Floppy Disk Drive The PSR is compatible with a wide This function is also very convenient in Step recording.

Page 13 Sound source Sound source Connection Examples In this setup, the sound of the PSR itself as well as the external sources is reproduced via the PSR's built-in amplifier and speakers, allowing the PSR to function as a convenient stage monitor system. Page Starting Up In some areas a voltage selector may be provided on the rear panel of the PSR near the power cord.

Make sure that the voltage selec- tor is set for the voltage in your area. Page Music Stand Yamaha instruments and MIDI devices, including the Clavinova series. Page Quick Guide Quick Guide Playing Voices Playing a Voice Press the [R1] LCD button to turn the RIGHT1 part on. Select a voice group. VOICE PIANO ORGAN GUITAR E. PIANO ACCORDION STRINGS For this example, STRINGS is selected. Select a voice. For this example, Live!

Orch is selected. LEFT HOLD Select a voice group. The voice selected for R1 page 16 and the voice selected here are sounded simultaneously in a layer. Page Organ Flutes The Organ Flutes settings above are stored to Flash ROM. Try out the preset Organ Flutes voices The PSR provides 10 pre-programmed Organ Flutes voices.

Refer to page Press the [H] LCD button to For details about Flash styles, see page For this example, Jive is selected. Page 21 As soon as you play a chord with your left hand, the auto accompaniment starts. For this example, play a C major chord as shown below. Try playing other chords with your left hand. Page Accompaniment Sections Auto Accompaniment Style related buttons Auto Accompaniment section buttons Accompaniment Sections There are various types of Auto Accompaniment sections that allow you to vary the arrangement of the accompaniment to match the song you are playing.

By switching among them as you play, you can eas- ily produce the dynamic elements of a professional-sounding arrangement in your per- formance. Page One Touch Setting Auto Accompaniment DISK DIRECT buttons One Touch Setting One Touch Setting is a powerful and convenient feature that automatically calls up the most appropriate panel settings voice number, etc.

Select a style. Page Disk Direct Function MIXER Stop the accompaniment page Press the [DISK DIRECT] button. Simply select the desired genre from the Music Database and the PSR automatically makes all appropriate panel settings to let you play in that music style! For a list of Music Database setup parameters, refer to page Page Searching The Music Database Searching the Music Database Press the [MUSIC DATABASE] button.

MUSIC DATABASE Press the LCD [F] button to call up the Search display. Select a category and set the tempo range. Press the LCD [I] button to execute the Search operation. Select a Music Database see step 2 on page 26 and play along with the accompaniment playback. Page Registration Memory Registration Memory The Registration Memory gives you a convenient way to select the style, voice, and effect settings that will suit a particular type of music.

You can instantly change panel settings with the touch of a single button. The Registration Memory provides up to complete control-panel setups 64 banks, 8 setups each that can be recalled instantly during your performance. Page Registering The Panel Settings Registering the Panel Settings You can also create your own Registration Memory setups. Set up the panel controls as required. Select a Registration Bank 04 through Avoid selecting one of the Registration Banks 01 through 03 even though they can be selectedsince you may inadvertently delete some important data.

Page Disk Song Playback Disk Song Playback Song related buttons The following disks are compatible for playback on the PSR Refer to page 15 for more details on the logos. Page Vocal Harmony For example, if you are a male singer, you can have the PSR automatically generate a two-part female backup. Turn the Vocal Harmony effect on and select a Vocal Harmony type see above.

Page The Multi Pads The Multi Pads Multi Pads The PSR Multi Pads can be used to play a number of short pre-recorded rhythmic and melodic sequences that can be used to add impact and variety to your keyboard performances. Playing the Multi Pads Use the M. Page Voice Effects Voice Effects The PSR features a sophisticated multi-processor effect system which can add extraordinary depth and expression to your sound. Applying the Voice Effects Voice Effect TOUCH This button turns the touch response of the keyboard on or off.

When OFF, the same volume is produced no matter how strongly or softly you play the keyboard. Page Song Creator Song Creator DIGITAL RECORDING button The powerful and easy-to-use Song Creator feature lets you record your own keyboard performances to disk.

With multiple tracks for recording, comprehensive editing features, plus the use of the auto accom- paniment and the Multi Pads, you can record complex, fully orchestrated pieces of music in any music style or arrangement — Page Start Recording Press the [NEXT] button.

Set up for recording. Set up all parameters as desired for recording. PAGE CONTROL BACK NEXT Start recording. Recording starts as soon as you play a key on the keyboard. Page Multi Track Recording Song Creator DIGITAL RECORDING button Multi Track Recording Press the [DIGITAL RECORDING] button to engage the Record mode. Page 39 Press the [NEXT] button. Page Sampling Sampling DIGITAL RECORDING button This function lets you record your own sounds via a microphone.

Press the [SOUND CREATOR] button. Page 41 Press the LCD [START] button and speak into the micro- phone to start the sampling. Sampling starts when the input level reaches the Auto Trigger level page Page Basic Operations Use the [LCD CONTRAST] control to set the display for optimum legibility.

Page Display Messages See page 45 for the Direct Access Chart. Display Messages The large PSR display panel facilitates operation by making it possible to display comprehensive message and prompts that will guide you through certain operations. The name entry procedure is essentially the same in all cases only the maximum number of characters which can be entered will vary.

Functions marked with have been added as part of the upgrade to PSR Version 2. Function — Turning the POWER on or off — Page 48 Adjusting the pitch related parameters e. Page Memory Structure 65 MB, by installing SIMM modules.