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Siemens handbuch mp277

Site Explorer Site Explorer. Industry Online Support. Skip over Generic Navigation Contact Contact Help Help Support Request Support Request. Skip over Search Skip over Site Explorer Site Explorer Site Explorer. Product Support Services Forum mySupport. Rating 0. Thanks 1. Diamond Expert. Share this page:. Share this page on All about SIMATIC Panel. Presales info. Follow us on Twitter Youtube. Rate 0. Hello, I am using a S PLC combined with a MP that are monitoring some lots of values of temperatures.

These temperatures are read by the PLC and later on the MP "picks" them up and stores the values into. Now this is all fine but my client has required a way to pickup the values without having to always go to the panel and removing the SD Card obviously i understand that. What i thought about doing was using the MP and connecting it to the LAN that exists on the plant. I know that there isno way to share the folders that contain the logs so igota small script from the FAQs that copies the files to a destiantion adress every 4 hours.

My problem is: how to i connect the MP to the LAN? I know it soundsunbelivable, but i have given so many IPs that i can hardly remember. Also i have checked everything from subnet masks to ips to DNS, etc, etc, etc. And there is no way that i can ping from the PC to the MP or vice-versa. Also i have tried on the Hardware Configuration of the Step7 Manager to create a EthernetNetwork with the IPs,etc.

As you can imagine i have browsed the automation site about times and i have not seen anyone with this type of problem it seems very basic. The IP of the computer is Does anyone know if that is a problem? I have read the manuals of the MP and it is not clear if the LAN port is only just for PROFINET or does it work with "regular" Ethernet.

Can someone give me a hand? At this point i am running out of hair! Kind Regards, Fred. Hello Fred, Look at How do you integrate an operator panel into a local network? IP address of panel should be from the same "family" like existing network. For example if IPs into existing network begin with The IP of panel mus be unique, also all existing IPs there. Subnet mask must be the same for all IPs. I guess you'll use switch to connect panel to existing network.

The necessary cable is "straight" type. Into Google you can find more info about this cable. Hope this will helps. Best regards, Hristo Mihalev. Hi, Once again thank you for your quick reply UMENCHO. I found out what the problem was. I did fllow all the instruction from SIEMENS but still nothing worked.

Then i connected my laptop to the ethernet and still nothing. By the end of the day i had enough so i decided to remove the switch and connected it with another cable and it worked. Turns out that the connector if the ethernet cable was poorly done.

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Site Explorer Site Explorer. I have a very special problem. The MPI node has been disabled as the result of the faulty configuration. For days I have tried different methods to connect to the MP and perform un OS update and I have failed. It seems the Ethernet channel has also been disabled and there is no way for me to connect to the device. Now my question is: WHAT SHOULD I DO BEFORE I GET FIRED for rendering an MP inoperable? Later I have programmed several other MPs successfully because I KNEW the password to the control panel via Ethernet and MPI.

IS there ANY WAY to break the password? Now please observe that it's been a long time i've been programming these devices and i need a real tip and a solution i've already been through almost any documents describing how to perform un OS update under normal circumstances. Problem solved? Please let us know! Please no technical questions by PM, use the forum sections for your questions. I have been through all the documentations in the links provided by friends on this post.

I have followed the steps quite carefully to perform un OS update as stated in the documents, yet the thing is, according to all of them you need to POWER OFF the display panel BEFORE connecting the cable. Now could someone explain to me how you could get the Ethernet controller ot the MPI on the display panel to work WITHOUT POWER? Or is there something that I am not getting quite right here?

Today I spent some hours again on the aforementioned MP with no chance still. I noticed the connection was also established with my laptop, because when I set the same IP for my laptop, windows gave me un IP conflict, meaning the Ethernet connection was up and running. I also had no chance with the MPI. I once tried the PPI with no chance. I have to say I performed OS update in THE SAME METHOD to 2 other MPs with no problem. I wish there were a method to break into the control panel and ENABLE the MPI or the Ethernet.

Any clue as how to break the password on the control panel? The operating system of MP is Windows CE 5. Like other Windows versions, this type has also registry database. I am curious to know that is there any way to bypass even temporarily the control panel password via changing registry keys of operating system, and then enable MPI, Ethernet or other buses of the device?

If it is possible, then OS update can be done simply. JPG Downloads. Marcjan, thanks for your attention. What you said about catching the OS bootloader before the OS can start makes perfect sense. I set the PG interface to the PPI and I set the dip switches as stated in the document. When it asked me to reboot the panel which I didI noticed it kept the bootloader from starting the OS, but then after a while ProSave gave me a timeout error and failed again.

It seems the MP bootloader is not handshaking with ProSave. I tried more than a dozen more combinations I tried with changing the timeout setting in the PPI, setting for other baud rates, reinstalling the whole SIMATIC package, etc. I also know the MAC address of the MP, but when trying to reset to the factory via Ethernet, a window to enter the MAC address is nowhere to be seen. I hope it would work. This thing really freaks me out.

Industry Online Support. Skip over Generic Navigation Contact Contact Help Help Support Request Support Request. Skip over Search Skip over Site Explorer Site Explorer Site Explorer. Product Support Services Forum mySupport. Rating 0. Thanks 4. Platinum Member. Diamond Expert. Regular Member. Attachment prosave. Share this page:. Share this page on All about SIMATIC WinCC flexible.

Presales info. Follow us on Twitter Youtube. Rate 0. Hello, You need to update OS with the option reset to factory defaults by using Prosave, this to avoid the settings in control panel. How do you do an operating system update OS update on operator panels? Read the ProSave pdf, chapter 1. Hello, You do not know the password of control panel, then you can only do an OSUpdate with reset to factory settings. Hello, Please have a look at the link mentioned by marcjan.

Transfer options in WinCC flexible, should be Ethernet Then go to OS update Select the option "Reset to factory settings" Now you will have to enter MAC Address of Panel. Then click 'Update OS' Best regards, Wizard. This contribution was helpful to 1 thankful Users Marcjan. Hi all, The operating system of MP is Windows CE 5. Hello, I see no need to mess with the windows sytem on the panel, if even possible.

The reset to factory settings is the methode to get acces again to the panel and not hard to do. Regards, Marcjan. The check box for MP 10 touch which I have to deal with is NOT activated for connection under Ethernet. Also in section 1. The procedure is the same for Ethernet as stated in section 1.

However, The RESET TO FACTORY SETTING is not present under Ethernet and neither for MPI nor for ProfiBus. Now could you specify please, have you ever followed the exact procedure yourself? SWITCHING OFF the MP power supply prior to OS update? But as AMIR has stated messing with the WINDOWS through command prompt seems to be very much like the last chance.

Hello, I have not restored this panel, but several others with succes. The trick that prosave does is catching the panel boot loader before it can start the OS. That's why you have to shut it down and startup after starting the OS update. What version of prosave you have there? I have 9. See picture. You can download the latest version 10 Servicetool SIMATIC ProSave Regards, Marcjan Attachment prosave.