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Oki c3300 handbuch

Manuals Brands Oki Manuals Printer C User manual Oki C User Manual C series. Quick Links Download this manual. Related Manuals for Oki C Printer Oki Cn Maintenance Manual pages. Printer OKI Cn Network Manual 40 pages. All rights reserved. Oki and Microline are registered trademarks of Oki Electric Industry Company, Ltd. Energy Star is a trademark of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Hewlett-Packard, HP, and LaserJet are registered trademarks of Hewlett-Packard Company.

Page 4: Table Of Contents ONTENTS Preface Page 5 Print Options - General Page 6 Index Page 7: Notes, Cautions And Warnings OTES AUTIONS AND ARNINGS NOTE A note provides additional information to supplement the main text which may help you to use and understand the product. A caution provides additional information which, if ignored, may result in equipment malfunction or damage.

RINTER OVERVIEW RONT VIEW 1. Printer cover. Cassette Tray. Standard blank paper tray. Operation Panel. Page Rear View EAR VIEW This view shows the connection panel and the rear output stacker. TEST 9. Output stacker, face down. AC Power Socket. Standard printed copy delivery USB interface and LAN Port point. Page Inside Your Printer NSIDE YOUR PRINTER Fuser unit. Image drum units. The Fuser unit contains a heated The toner from the toner roller that fixes toner to the print cartridges adheres to the outer media paper or card.

The image drum then transfers the Page The Operation Panel PERATION ANEL The Operation Panel allows operator intervention and indicates both when the printer is operating normally and when it requires attention. Detailed printer status is provided by the Status Monitor in Windows or Printer Driver in Mac. Page Switches WITCHES Operation There are two switches on the operation panel labelled ON LINE and CANCEL. Page Led Displays DISPLAYS General Printer status as indicated by the LEDs can be broadly categorised as follows: Normal status Green : the printer is operating normally e.

Warning status Amber : you can continue to use the printer without intervention but an error may result. Error status Amber, blinking : you cannot continue to use the printer. Page 17 Service call error When a service call error occurs, all LEDs blink rapidly and simultaneously at ms intervals. This section provides general advice on choice of media, and explains how to use each type.

Page Face Down Stacker Watermarked or Headed paper should be loaded print side up and top edge into the printer. Page Loading Paper OADING APER ASSETTE Remove the Cassette Tray from the printer. Fan the paper to be loaded at the edges 1 and in the middle 2 to ensure that all sheets are properly separated, then tap the edges of the stack on a flat surface to make it flush again. Page 22 Adjust the Rear Stopper 1 and Paper Guides 2 to the size of paper being used.

Use the markings on the printer as a guide. Load the paper 1. Use the level indicators 2 as a guide. For letter headed paper, load face down with top edge towards the front of the printer. Capacity depends on the type of paper stock. Page 24 For face down printing, make sure the Face Up rear Stacker is closed the paper exits from the top of the printer.

Stacking capacity is approximately sheets, depending on paper weight. For face up printing, make sure the Face Up rear Stacker is open and the paper support 1 is extended. Page Multi Purpose Tray ULTI URPOSE Open the Multi Purpose Tray and press gently down on the Paper Platform 2 to ensure it is latched down.

Adjust the Paper Guides 1 to the size of paper you are going to print on, using the markings on the Paper Platform. However, the options shown for the Cn are the same when using the C model. Other Windows versions may appear slightly different, but the principles are the same. This dialog usually specifies the name of the printer on which you will print your document. Next to the printer name is a Properties button.

When you click Properties a new window opens which contains a short list of the printer settings available in the driver, which you can choose for this document. Paper size should be the same as the page size of your document unless you wish to scale the printout to fit another sizeand should also be the same as the size of paper you will feed into the printer.

Page 29 A variety of document finishing options can be selected, such as normal one page per sheet, or N-up where N can be a maximum of 16 for printing scaled down pages at more than one page per sheet. Select the Poster printing option to print large pages as tiles spread over multiple sheets. Page Job Options Tab PTIONS TAB The output resolution of the printed page can be set as follows.

This setting requires the most printer memory and takes the longest to print. It is the best option for printing photographs and reproducing colour details. Page Colour Tab Page orientation can be set to either portrait tall or landscape wide. Your printed pages can be scaled to fit larger or smaller stationery. You can print watermark text behind the main page image. This is useful for marking documents as draft, confidential, etc. Page 32 other than Auto. For grayscale printing, the printer runs at the fastest print speed approx.

You can choose from a range of colour matching options, depending on the image source for your document. For example, a photograph taken on a digital camera might require different colour matching from a business graphic created in a spreadsheet application.

Page Setting From Windows Control Panel ETTING FROM INDOWS ONTROL ANEL When you open the driver properties window directly from Windows, rather than from within an application program, a somewhat more extensive range of settings is provided. Changes made here will generally affect all documents you print from Windows applications, and will be remembered from one Windows session to the next. Page Advanced Tab DVANCED TAB You can specify which times of day your printer will be available.

Indicates current priority, from 1 lowest to 99 highest. Highest priority documents will print first. Specifies that documents should be spooled stored in a special print file before being printed. The document is then printed in the background, allowing your application program to become available more quickly. Page 35 This is the opposite choice to the one above.

Printing starts as soon as possible after the document begins spooling. This specifies that the document should not be spooled, but printed directly. Your application will not normally be ready for further use until the print job is complete. This requires less disk space on your computer, since there is no spool file. Page 36 You can design and specify a separator page that prints between documents. This is particularly useful on a shared printer to help each user find their own documents in the output stack.

Page Printing From Mac RINTING OS 9 HOOSING RINTING PTIONS Use the print dialog to choose your printer and select options for how you want your document to print. Open the document you want to print. Page Page Setup Options - General Click Print Preferences. Change Page Setup Preferences or Print Preferences as required. These new settings will be saved as the printer driver defaults. ETUP PTIONS ENERAL Paper Choose the paper size that matches your document and the paper loaded in the printer.

Page Page Setup Options - Layout Reduce or Enlarge Documents can be scaled up or down to fit on different paper sizes. ETUP PTIONS AYOUT Multiple pages can be shrunk and printed on a single sheet of paper. For example, choosing 4-up will tile four of your document's pages across a single sheet of paper. Page Page Setup Options - Custom Paper Size ETUP PTIONS USTOM APER You can create and edit custom paper sizes.

These appear in the paper size menu and can be selected just like any other paper size. RINT PTIONS ENERAL Copies Enter the number of copies to print. If Collate is selected, all the pages of the document print before the next copy prints.

Page 41 Pages Choose whether to print all the pages of your document or just a section of it. Paper Source Selects which paper tray to use for your print job.

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It is best to gently pull the paper out of the printer. Turn the printer off, and make sure that the printhead is not hanging over the paper and that no paper remains in the printer. How come my printer does not accept original cartridges?

Non-genuine cartridges may not be recognised by the printer. In that case you will receive a message that the cartridge is empty. The manual of the purchased cartridge usually contains the solution, if this does not work, it is advisable to contact the seller. How come my prints are of poor quality?

There can be various reasons for poor print quality. Check if the cartridges or toners are full. If so, inkjet printers often require cleaning the printer, the cartridges have dried out, or the print head is broken. With laser printers, calibrating the laser printer is recommended.

What is the difference between a laser printer and an inkjet printer? A laser printer prints with a toner and an inkjet printer prints with ink. How come my inkjet printer has black stripes? In most cases, the inkjet printer cartridge is broken and the cartridge needs to be replaced. What does DPI stand for? DPI stands for Dots Per Inch and is the number of ink droplets per inch that end up on the paper when printing.