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Toshiba nb510 handbuch

HP's Mini is a considerable improvement on its predecessor, the Miniand has managed to iron out some of the deficiencies in earlier versions of the Minialthough the touchpad needs a major rethink. HP : gegründet, ist das Unternehmen ein wichtiger Server und Druckerhersteller und eines der führenden IT-Unternehmen weltweit.

Nach einer Aufspaltung wurde der Computer-Bereich in HP Inc. Am Smartphone-Sektor ist HP nicht präsent Daten Office Programme und Internet surfen dürfte jedoch ohne Problem möglich sein. Daher für HD Videos und 3D Spiele nicht geeignet. Basiert auf einen PowerVR SGX Kern. Von Lenovo anscheinend auch GMAMHD genannt. Die gleichgenannte Intel HD Graphics Prozessorgrafik in den Sandy Bridge Prozessoren basiert auf einer neueren Architektur.

Intel Atom : Die Intel Atom Serie besteht aus Bit Mikroprozessoren für günstige und stromsparende Notebooks, MIDs oder UMPC. Besonderheit der Architektur, ist das die Befehle nicht wie derzeit üblich z. Dadurch verliert man zwar einiges an Performance, jedoch spart dies Transistoren und daher Kosten und dadurch auch etwas Strom. Die Leistung ist daher immer nur vergleichbar mit einem alten 1. Die Leistung ist daher immer nur einfache Aufgaben ausreichend Office, Surfen.

N : Doppelkernprozessor für Netbooks mit lediglich 8. Durch die geringe Taktung von 1. Unterstützt bereits DDR3 Hauptspeicher. N : Atom CPU für Netbooks N mit DDR3 Speicherkontroller und integrierter GMA Grafik. Die Leistung ist daher nur für einfache Aufgaben ausreichend Office, Surfen. N : Doppelkernprozessor für Netbooks.

Durch die Taktung von 1. Unterstützt DDR3 Hauptspeicher. Dieser Gewichtsbereich repräsentiert typische Notebooks mit Zoll Display-Diagonale. Die meisten Notebooks werden besser beurteilt. Als Kaufempfehlung darf man das nicht sehen. Auch wenn Verbalbewertungen in diesem Bereich gar nicht so schlecht klingen "genügend" oder "befriedigend"meist sind es Euphemismen, die eine Klassifikation als unterdurchschnittliches Notebook verschleiern. TestsNewsProzessoren CPUsGrafikkarten GPUsArtikelKolumneSonstiges.

HP Mini Serie Prozessor: Intel Atom N, Intel Atom N, Intel Atom N, Intel Atom N, Intel Atom N, Intel Atom N, Intel Atom N Grafikkarte: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator GMAIntel Graphics Media Accelerator GMAIntel Graphics Media Accelerator GMA HD Graphics Bildschirm: Ob es sich von anderen Netbooks absetzen kann, klärt der Test. Das HP Mini überzeugt mit einer guten Akkulaufzeit. Ein uneingeschränkter Kauftipp ist es aber nicht: Dafür müssten Display und Tastatur besser sowie der Lüfter leiser sein.

Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: The HP Mini NR is an attractive inch netbook that provides good multimedia performance and outstanding battery life, but the touchpad is very skittish. In particular, we'd like But as far as design and ease of use are concerned, the HP Mini is excellent. It's a vast improvement over the Mini Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: In this price range we prefer the Toshiba mini NB because of its better ergonomics and cooler running temperatures, but if you want a little more multimedia muscle from your netbook, the Mini is a worthwhile choice.

Although it has standard specifications, its look and feel are very different to most netbooks', and it's a much more refined product than the netbook it replaces the HP Mini We like it a lot, but wish it had The new patterned exterior wraps around the top and bottom and gives it a very stylish look. They have also taken they superb keyboard design from their business line and adapted it to this one.

Battery life is very strong thanks to the new Atom N but performance hasn't improved much. Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Kurz, Datum: Vergleich, online nicht verfügbar, Lang, Datum: Ist das für Euro überhaupt machbar?

Einzeltest, online nicht verfügbar, Lang, Datum: The versatile HP Mini adds best-of features from other HP laptops, but the HD video card requires a still-in-beta Flash update for streaming Flash video. Overall I cannot find anything really spectacular about the Mini that stands out against the competition, but still there is value here in terms of good battery life, and a great alternative OS made by HP.

Unsere Erwartungen wurden zwar nicht hoch angesetzt, dennoch konnte uns dieses Hardware-Update nicht komplett überzeugen. Ohne Probleme können wir mit Windows 7 Starter arbeiten — dafür sorgt die bekannte Pine Trail Plattform mit Intel Atom N und 1 GByte Arbeitsspeicher. Leider hinkt es in Sachen Display und im Bereich der Emissionen. Nothing particularly impressive nor disappointing distinguishes the HP Minibut the price is right. Es ist zwar nicht das erste Pine Trail Netbook, dafür aber ein besonders Hübsches.

Der Zoller bringt eine hochwertige Optik mit einer selbst für Netbooks grandiosen Laufzeit zusammen. Ob uns der Bordeaux-Rote Mini in Champagner-Laune versetzt, das erfahren Sie im ausführlichen Test. Ausführliches Handbuch ist als PDF-Datei auf dem Netbook gespeichert.

Mit Kartenleser auch für xD und Memory Stick. Auf Seiten der Leistung bringt der Intel Atom N keine Überraschungen, wohl aber die Seagate Festplatte. Mit 7. Beim Touchpad zeigt HP zudem Mut. Zusammen mit der Tastatur ergibt sich ein sehr gelungenes Bedien-Konzept. Der Lüfter agiert unnötigerweise mit zu hohen Drehzahlen, zusammen mit dem einzelnen Soundanschluss trübt er das ansonsten gute Gesamtbild.

The NB follows much of the same formula as the original series. One welcome change is the new position for the battery. Review: HP Mini HD netbook Quelle: Geek. I like how it looks, but the scuffs on the exterior were bothersome and I enjoy the portability, but the extended battery would have really helped as the computer kept dying on me whenever I took it away from my desk. The HP Mini SA is one of the company's latest netbooks, combining an attractive design with decent portability.

Netbooks for the longest time have offered longer battery life at the expense of system performance, while CULV-notebooks offered higher resolution screens with much greater system performance. The HP Mini HD is a cross between those two groups, offering a mix of an Intel Atom processor, WXGA p compatible screen resolution, HD movie playback with decoder card and still keeping the 10" netbook form-factor.

The rest of the software consists of a few HP tools, a trial version of Office and Norton Internet Security. A few additional tiny applications are also there, such as the Youcam mirror, which means that the installed camera will provide you with a mirror whenever you have your netbook with you. What else? Mini will serve very well for watching films, listening to music, doing homework, using Facebook, uploading photos etc. However, Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr kurz, Datum: It also comes with a convenient Instant-on Web OS that lets you connect online within seconds of turning on the netbook.

HP Mini Review Quelle: Notebooks. The beautiful display, easy to use keyboard and slim attractive design compensate for the less than stellar battery life and the interesting mousepad. Home users looking for a machine to check email and surf on the couch will love this machine. It is also a great choice for a back to school laptop when paired with another computer or an external keyboard, mouse and monitor. Its less endearing traits take time to ooze to the surface, and when they do, the honeymoon is over.

The HP Minidespite one or two flaws, is a magnet for frugal netbook shoppers. It's not the best-looking netbook, but it nails down the mobile computing essentials like battery life, warranty, and features. If you're willing to spend an extra few dollars, check out the Editors' Choice Toshiba mini NBN, Samsung N, or HP Mini It has one of the best keyboard and touch pad combos we've seen on a inch Netbook, but HP's pink-hued Mini is still a little pricey for what you get.

The new Atom N with DDR3 memory has near identical performance to the previous N with DDR2. Instead, it is the larger and faster hard drive and the added HP Mini Review:Update and Ready to Rock Quelle: Notebooks. The could easily move from work to play and back again with enough battery life to do just that. While netbooks have a tough time competing with the iPad these days, the Mini offers a nice alternative thanks to the ability to get a lot of work done on the capable keyboard and the ability to relax by watching movies and YouTube videos.

Like all the computers in its class, it will be judged on how easy it is carry around, battery life and whether it has enough under the bonnet to give decent usage. This netbook won't stand out because of its level of performance. It is nevertheless a compact well finished model with good battery life. However, it was not available in my country and only last week I managed to grab it and give it a spin.

The HP Mini is a solid option for anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive 10 inch netbook offering decent performance. Although it is around Rs. The excellent keyboard, the responsive touch-pad, the sturdy build quality and charming looks, not to forget the slightly better internals. If you're looking for a Netbook and are willing to spend a little more for finesse, then the Mini will not disappoint.

Commenti AMD Radeon HD : Scheda grafica integrata nel processore per netbook Ontario i. C e C che sfrutta un decoder video UVD3 e non ha memoria dedicata. Soltanto i giochi datasi possono essere giocati in modo fluido con questi chips grafici se non richiedono troppe prestazioni.

I cores con memoria grafica condivisa in questa categoria hanno il vantaggio delle minori emissioni di calore e della maggiore autonomia della batteria. Per ufficio, internet, image processing, e video editing queste schede grafiche sono utilizzabili senza particolari problematiche. I semiconduttori Toshiba sono tra i Top 20 a livello mondiale per quanto riguarda le vendite.

Ci sono molte recensioni dei modelli Toshiba. Toshiba recensioni. RecensioniNewsCPUGPUArticoliColonneAltro. Netbook, 6-Zellen-Akku, Netzteil mit Netzkabel, Kurzanleitung, Handbuch, Adobe Reader 9. Toshiba homepage Toshiba sezione notebook. Toshiba NBDH Punteggio medio: If only it had arrived last year. It should not only be faster and more energy efficient than AMD's previous netbook chips, it also has an integrated HD graphics processor that should be capable of playing high definition video.

The HDMI port should make it appeal to users who want something small that they can plug into their TVs to watch streaming video or downloads. Note that we did see choppy video on our high-defintion television. We also wish it had better battery life, as its performance in our battery test doesn't stack up well against recent competitors. Toshiba NBD Radeon HD Toshiba NBDG Radeon HD Asus Eee PC B Radeon HD Acer Aspire One BZ Radeon HD Acer Aspire One C58kk Radeon HD Acer Aspire One Radeon HD Acer Aspire One C58KK Radeon HDC-Series C Asus Eee PC B-MU17 Radeon HDC-Series C Toshiba NBD Radeon HDC-Series C Acer Aspire One C52kk Radeon HDC-Series C, Toshiba Satellite LC HD Graphics BraswellCeleron N, Toshiba Satellite NB10t-AF HD Graphics Bay TrailCeleron N, Toshiba Satellite NB10t-A HD Graphics HaswellCeleron N, Toshiba Chromebook CB HD Graphics HaswellCeleron U, Toshiba Satellite NB10t-A HD Graphics Bay TrailCeleron N, Toshiba Satellite UtH HD GraphicsCore i5 U, Toshiba NBP Graphics Media Accelerator GMAAtom N, Toshiba NBD Graphics Media Accelerator GMAAtom N, Toshiba NB Graphics Media Accelerator GMAAtom N, Toshiba NBDD Radeon HDC-Series C, Toshiba NBU Graphics Media Accelerator GMAAtom N, Toshiba NBH Graphics Media Accelerator GMAAtom N, Toshiba Mini NBNGN Graphics Media Accelerator GMAAtom N, Toshiba NBN Graphics Media Accelerator GMAAtom N, Toshiba Mini NBNTQ Graphics Media Accelerator GMAAtom N, Prezzi attuali.

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