Vespa vbb2t handbuch



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Vespa vbb2t handbuch

Manuals Brands PIAGGIO Manuals Scooter Vespa Operation and maintenance manual PIAGGIO Vespa Operation And Maintenance Manual Scooter. Quick Links. Related Manuals for PIAGGIO Vespa Scooter PIAGGIO Vespa G. Operation And Maintenance 39 pages.

Scooter PIAGGIO Vespa GTS HPE Owner's Manual pages. Page 3: Table Of Contents Demand original Piaggio spare parts exclusively. All PIAGGIO spares are made of the same material, have undergone the same machining steps and inspections as the components of your VESPA.

For its characteristics comfort, low fuel consumption, noiseless running, neatness etc. Maximum length mm Such numbers and prefixes identify the Vespa as prescribed by law and are repeated on the test card and other documents of the Vespa. They must be quoted when ordering spares. Page 7: Engine ENGINE Single horizontal cylinder, two-stroke, with deflector piston and rotary valve, i. Lubrication of piston, cylinder, wrist pin, connecting rod, crankshaft, main bearings is attended to by the oil in the fuel mixture.

Page 8 Ignition by an external H. Use one of the following sparkplugs: - AC 43F - Marelli CW A-T or CW N-T - Champion L86 - Bosch WT1 - KLG F70 or F75 Fig. The flow is controlled by a three way fuel cock. The carburetor is embodied in the air cleaner case, has a plate-shaped slide valve and immersed jets. A - Reserve B - Open C - Closed Fig. Page 10 Cooling effected at all engine speeds by a centrifugal fan see Fig. The muffler is of the expansion and absorption combined type with very high silencing efficiency.

Air cleaner mounted inside the body. Air goes to the carburetor through a large flexible inlet tube, a silencing chamber and porous filter, which ensures a very quiet air intake. Page 11 The engine directly drives the rear wheel through the clutch and the gear box engine see Fig. The clutch is of multiplate type, with linings bonded to the driving discs see Fig. Its control is done by lever, on left hand side of handlebars see Fig.

Four speed gear box with mesh gears in oil bath see Fig. Page Controls CONTROLS Fig. Gear change twist grip with clutch control lever 2. Front brake lever 3. Throttle control grip 4. Light and dip switch 5. Front brake shoes 6. Rear brake pedal 7. Kick-starter 8. Gear shifter 9. Page Frame FRAME Stressed skin body of pressed steel sheet, see Fig.

It gives full protection to the driver, to the passenger and to the machine units; it is completed in this function by the mudguard and, on the two sides, by the steel sheet engine bonnet and tool box. Page 14 Front suspension with variable rate coil spring and double action hydraulic damper. Rear suspension: swinging bracket for engine and rear wheel, variable rate coil spring and coaxial, double action hydraulic tamper.

Saddle of the nose-pivoted, sprung type with central spring adjustable to the driver's weight. Page Electric Wiring ELECTRIC WIRING The electrical supply for illumination and horn is in a. Page 17 The man switch unit see Fig. One of the control levers has three positions: - Pilot light, tail lamp and speedometer bulb on; - Lights off; and - Head lamp, tail lamp and speedometer bulb on.

Page 18 Fig. Magneto 2. External ignition coil 3. Spark plug 4. Low tension terminal 5. Tail lamp 6V-3W 6. STOP light 6V-3W 7. Main switch 8. Speedometer bulb 6V Pilot light 6V Page Tool Kit TOOL KIT The included tool kit is composed of: - 1 four-ended box wrench mm ; - 2 double open-ended wrenches 11 and mm ; - 1 single open-ended wrench 8 mm ; and - 1 screwdriver.

These tools are contained in a canvas roll which is placed in the left wing together with this booklet and the test card. Page 20 Fig. Page Operation Owing to the simple and rational design of the Vespa scooter, no particular experience is required for its operation, nor skilled personnel for its maintenance. The tasks can be carried out by any customer, even inexperienced, by following some general rules. Page 22 A - Open the fuel valve B - Select "neutral" C - Pull out the starter device rod with cold engine D - Throttle control grip in idling position E - Depress the kick -starter Fig.

Page 23 For access to the engine, take off the engine bonnet. Proceed as follows see Fig. Page 24 Fig. Gear change twist grip 2. Clutch control lever 3. Gear change control cables 4. Gear shifter 5. Selector stem 5. Selector 7. Page 25 Setting the machine in motion. Let the engine idle, lift the clutch and turn the gear change twist grip L. Now let in the clutch gently, while opening the throttle gradually to set the machine in motion.

The wheels are interchangeable, i. For replacing a flat tire: - Unscrew the four nuts which secure the wheel; - Pull the latter sideways off the studs; and - Repair the tube or fit on the spare wheel. Page 27 Brake adjustment. Brakes are properly adjusted if: - The wheel rotates freely when control lever or pedal are in resting position; and - The braking action starts as soon as controls are operated.

These conditions are obtained by adjusting the tuning screws on the cables see Fig. Page 28 Setting the head lamp. The correct orientation of the main beam can be obtained both horizontally and vertically as follows see Fig.

Page 29 Before setting the machine in motion. With the scooter standing upright, oil should just be about to flow out. After the first Km miles. Page 30 Every Km miles Do the following tasks: - Clean the breaker points. Check the gap and adjusted if needed. The gap should be 0. Page 31 Cleaning the scooter. Brushing with paraffin and wiping dry with clean rags is advisable for external cleaning of engine. All painted surfaces should be washed with water, cleaned using a sponge and wiped dry with chamois leather.

Do not use paraffin in such surfaces as it damages paint and turns it dull. Page 33 Fig. Engine lubricated by fuel mixture 1. Filling hole, gear box 2. Draining hole, gear box Page Fault Finding When the machine does not run properly, make all inspections and rectifications explained here. If the suggested remedies are not sufficient to eliminate the trouble, the customer should not try to carry out operations pertaining to the retailers, who have the necessary facilities to undertake this work.

FAULT FINDING LOCATING THE TROUBLE REMEDIES Page 35 LOCATING THE TROUBLE REMEDIES INCORRECT RUNNING 1. Lack of power Muffler outlet pipe carbonized Clean see page Sparkplug not well screwed Tighten with 21 mm box wrench. Cylinder head not set properly Re-set the head and tighten nuts uniformly.

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