Honda vt 600 werkstatthandbuch pdf deutsch



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Honda vt 600 werkstatthandbuch pdf deutsch

Fiat, Alfa, Lancia. Verkaufsbezeichnung, Modellname. CB CB CB CL CL CB CB CB CL CL CL Honda CB Honda CB Honda CL Honda CJ T Honda CJ T. Honda CRF X 09 Honda CRF X 10 Honda CRF X 11 Honda CRF X Honda CTX A Honda CTX D Honda CTX N Honda CTX NA Honda CTX ND. RD08A-0VF RD08B-0VF RD08A-0WF RD08B-0WF RD08A-0XF RD08B-0XF RD08A-0VF RD08B-0VF.

Honda VT C Shadow Honda VT CA Shadow ABS Honda VT CS Shadow ABS. Honda 50 Honda C Honda C Honda C Honda C Honda CB Honda CL Honda CB Honda CL SC54E-8M4 SC54E-9K5 SC54C-8M4 SC54C-9K5. Buchkorrekturen Kurbelgehäuse, Kurbelwelle, Ausgleichswelle, Kolben, Zylinder. Honda CBR RR17 CBR RA BS CBR S1 ABS CBR S2 ABS. Quickshifter elek Fahrwerk Griff APS Öhlins Smart EC usw. LBW-AF72A LBW-AF72C LBW-AF73B LBW-AF73C. Honda NSS AD Forza ABS 15 Honda NSS D Forza.

RD RD RD RD RD RD RDSF RDSF RD08A-0TF RD08B-0TF. Honda SH 6 i AD ABS Honda SH i ANC Mode. Honda SZX 50 Super Sport Honda SZX 50 Cross Sport. Honda VF F Interceptor Honda VF Bol d Or. RCEM0 RCFM1 RCGM2 RCHM3. Honda VT C Shadow Honda VT C2 Shadow Ace. Honda VT C Shadow Honda VT C2 Shadow Aero. Honda VT C Shadow Honda VT CA ABS Shadow.

RC48A-1K0 RC48B-1K0 RC48B-1M1 RC48B-1K1. XL XL XL XL XL K0 XL K1 XL K2 XL k3. XL K0 XL K1 XL K2 XL K3.

Manuals Brands Honda Manuals Motorcycle VTC Shadow VLX Service manual Honda VTC Shadow VLX Service Manual. Quick Links Download this manual See also: Owner's Manual. Table of Contents. Related Manuals for Honda VTC Shadow VLX Motorcycle Honda VTC Owner's Manual Honda pages. Motorcycle Honda VTDC Owner's Manual Honda pages.

Summary of Contents for Honda VTC Shadow VLX Page 2 Honda, might be done or of the possibly hazardous consequences of each conceivable way, nor could Honda investigate all such ways. Anyone using service procedures or tools, whether or not recommended by Honda, must satisfy himself HONDA MOTOR CO. Page 5: Service Rules 1. Page 8 G E N ERAL I N FO RMATIO N ITEM S PECI F I CATI O N S I ntake valve O pens 1 0" BTDC at 1 mm lift Closes 3 0" AB DC Exhaust valve O pens 3 0" Torque ITEM Q'ty Remark mm m kg-mft-lb Cylinder head cover bolt 1 0 1.

Page 11 GEN ERAL I N FORMATION Torque specifications listed above are for specific tightening points. If a specification is not listed, follow the standard torque values below. Page 13 G E N ERAL I N FO RMATIO N C O M M O N Refer to Description Tool number Alternate tool Tool number section Float level gauge 1 - 00 1 07 7 1 6 - Lock nut wrench1 7 x 2 7 m m Equivalent - 00 1 0 1 After clamping, check each wire to be sure it is secure.

Page Emission Control Systems Carbon monoxide does not react in the same way, but it is toxic. Honda Motor Co. Fuel vapor from the fuel tan k and carbureto r is d irected into the evaporative emission canister where it is adsorbed a n d sto red while the engine is stopped. Page 27 G E N ERAL I N F O RMATI O N VACUUM HOSE ROUTING DIAGRAM LABEL California model only The Vacuu m Hose Routing Diagram label is on the inside of the left side cover. Route the vacuum hoses as shown on this label.

Page 29 2. Page 31 L U BRICATI O N T O O LS Special Oil filter wrench 07HAA - PJ 70 1 00 Oil pressure gauge 07 - or equivalent commercially available in U. Oil pressure gauge attachment 0 7 5 1 0- 1 00 Snap ring pliers 1 4 - 1 - or equivalent commercially available in U. Page 32 2. Page 33 LUB R I CATION O I L FI LTER CHANGE Drain the engine o i l page CAUTION Do not replace the oil filter when the exhaust system is hot. TOOL: Oil filter wrench 07HAA - PJ70 1 Remove the bolt and pressure relief valve cover.

Page 35 L UB R I CATIO N O I L STRA I N ER Remove the oil strainer and oil pipe from the oil pump. Check the 0-rings and oil seal for fatigue or damage. O I L SEAL 21 OIL STRA I N E R Clean the oil strainer and oil pipe w ith non-flammable or high flash point solvent. Page 36 LUBRIC ATI O N Remove the oil pump shaft from the oil pump and measure the pump end clearance.

SERVICE LIMIT: 0. Measure the inner rotor tip clearance. I nstall the oil pump as an assembly. Thoroughly lubricate the cables and their pivot points with a commercially available cable lubricant or a light weight oil. Page 41 3. Page 46 MAI NTENAN C E FUEL LI N E Remove the seat. Check the fuel li nes for deterioration, damage or leakage. Replace the fuel l ines if necessary.

F U E L F I LTER Pul l the fuel filter out, clip the inlet line closed and remove the filter. Check for smooth operation of the choke knob. Pull the drain tube out of the frame clamp. Remove the drain plug from the tube to empty any deposits. Reinstal l the drain plug. Page 49 MAINTENAN CE Remove the crankshaft and timing hole caps. NOTE Adjust the front cylinder valves first. Make sure the piston is at TDC on the compression stroke. Page Radiator Coolant M A I NTENANC E Check that the difference in vacuum readings is 40 mm 1.

Check the chain wear label. If the red zone on the label aligns with the arrow mark of the chain adjuster after the chain has been adjustedthe chain must be replaced. Make sure that the master link pins are installed properly. Retighten the lock nut. Adjust horizontally by turning the horizontal adjusting screw.

Page 59 MAI NTENANCE SI DE STAND Check the spring for damage o r loss of tension. Check the side stand assembly for freedom of movement. Tighten the pivot bolt and nut. Page 60 MAI NTENAN C E N UTS, BOLTS, FASTEN ERS Tighten the bolts, nuts and fasteners at the i ntervals shown in the Maintenance Schedule page Work in a well ventilated area with the engine stopped.

Page 66 FUEL S YSTEM AI R C LEA N ER HOUSING 1 A I R CLEAN ER H O U S I N MOUNTING BOLTS R E M O V A L Remove the fuel tank mounting, and lift the tank and remove the air cleaner housing mounting bolts. Do not smoke or allow flames or sparks in the work area or where gasoline is stored.

Loosen the drain screws and drain the fuel into a container. Inspect the vacuum piston for wear, nicks, scratches or other damage. Page 70 F U E L SYSTEM Remove the float pin, float and float valves. Check the float valve and valve seat for scratches, clogging or damage. Inspect the operation of the float valve. Page 71 FUEL SYSTEM Center punch the pilot screw plug to center the drill point. Drill throug h the plug with a in drill bit. Page 72 FUEL SYSTEM 0-RING Visually check the following : - diaphragm for deterioration, pin hole or other damage.

Page 74 FUEL SYSTEM I nstall the 0-ring on the float chamber groove. I nstall the float chamber and tighten the screws securely. NOTE I nstall the fuel tube clamp. Page 75 FUEL SYSTEM Install the right choke valve and choke knob. CHOKE KNOB 2 1 FUEL TUBE ;:, p:s. Page 76 FUEL SYSTEM THRUST ASSEMBLY SPRING loosen the synchronization adjusting screw until there is no spring tension.

Install the thrust spring between the throttle links. Secure the carburetors together with the two screws. I nstal l the following parts - air cleaner chamber - air cleaner housing - fuel tank - throttle cables Adjust as follows: - pilot screw page 4- 1 Page 79 F U E L SYSTEM Disconnect the EVAP P U R G E CONTROL VALVE hoses from 1 EVAPO RATIVE E M I S S I O N their connections and rem ove the EVAP P U R G E CONTRO L P U R G E CONT R O L VALVE VALVE from its mou nt.

Page 80 F U EL SYSTEM Connect a vac u u m pump to the No. Page 81 M EMO Page 82 COO L I N G SYSTEM Page 83 5. Page 84 COO LING SYSTEM SYSTEM TESTI NG C O O LANT M I XT U R E Remove the fuel tank page Remove the steering covers by removing the bolt. Remove the radiator cap. Remove the radiator cap page Drain the coolant from the system by removing the drain bolt on the water pump cover.

Page 86 COOLI N G SYSTEM Remove the thermostat from the housing. Page 87 COOLING SYSTEM Tighten the thermostat housing cover mounting bolts. NOTE Be sure to secure the thermostat ground wire with the cover mounting bolt shown. I nstall a new 0-ring on the radiator filler, and connect the u pper radiator hose to the radiator. I nstall the radiator filler onto the thermostat housing. Page 88 COOLI N G SYSTE M U nhock the radiator mounts from the grommets from in frame. Unclamp the upper radiator hose and disconnect the hose from the radiator.

Page 89 COOLING SYSTEM A S S EM B LY Inspect the radiator soldered joints and seams for leaks. Blow dirt out from between core fins with compressed air. If insects, etc. Remove the evaporative emission canister California model only.