Handbuch bmw 320d



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Handbuch bmw 320d

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Manuals Brands BMW Manuals Automobile i xDrive Owner's handbook manual BMW i Owner's Handbook Manual. Quick Links. See also: Owner's ManualManual. Table of Contents. Owner's Handbook. Online Edition for Part-No. Related Manuals for BMW i Automobile BMW Saloon 3 Series Owner's Handbook Manual pages.

Bmw the ultimate driving machine owner's handbook pages. Automobile BMW XI Owner's Manual Bmw automobile user manual pages. Summary of Contents for BMW i Page 1 Owner's Handbook for Vehicle Contents The Ultimate Driving Machine Online Edition for Part-No.

Page 2 Supplementary information is provided in the other documents of on-board literature. We wish you many a safe and enjoyable journey, BMW AG Online Edition for Part-No. Page 3 BMW AG, Munich. Order No. Page 4: Table Of Contents Driving precautions Mobility Refuelling Wheels and tyres In the engine compartment Maintenance Replacing parts Mutual aid Indicator and warning lights Reference Technical data From A to Z Online Edition for Part-No.

Page 5: About This Owner's Handbook Symbol for components and assemblies Recommends that you study the relevant section of this Owner's Handbook in con- nection with a particular part or assembly. Page 6: Your Individual Vehicle Tests performed for such permits cannot always cover all operating conditions for BMW vehicles, and some of them therefore are insufficient.

Page 7 Online Edition for Part-No. Page 8: Overview In addition, it gives you an insight into the principles behind the various ways in which functions can be performed. Page 9: Cockpit Low-beam headlights Opening and closing windows Automatic driving lights control Folding outside mirrors in and out Adjusting outside mirrors, parking position function Headlight beam throw adjustment Online Edition for Part-No.

Page Indicator And Warning Lights A list of all indicator and warning lights, as well as notes on the possible cause of a fault and on what corresponding measures should be taken, can be found starting on page Page Controls Around the centre console: controls and displays Online Edition for Part-No. Page 14 Cooling function Automatic Air Recirculation Control Recirculated-air mode 69, Maximum cooling Residual heat utilisation Air flow rate 69, Defrosting windows Rear window heating 69, Online Edition for Part-No.

Page 15 Online Edition for Part-No. Page Controls This chapter enables you to operate your car with greater ease. All equipment items that are of relevance for driving and make your journey safer and more comfortable are described here. Page 19 While the car is locked: In some national versions, the alarm sys- Press the button. Page Alarm System Switching off an alarm unobstructed.

Page 22 The tilt alarm sensor and the interior movement your person is inside the car. This pre- Online Edition for Part-No. Page 23 The remote control is not in the car Online Edition for Part-No. Page 24 Online Edition for Part-No. Page 25 The sliding trim remains Service. For convenient operation by means of the remote control or at the door lock see page Online Edition for Part-No. Page 26 In the event of an electrical fault, you can move the glass roof manually: Unclip the front of the cover for the interior lights using the screwdriver from the toolkit, see page Page Adjusting The seat could move unexpectedly, leading to the driver losing con- trol of the car, so that an accident could be Online Edition for Part-No.

Page Head Restraints Down: press the button, arrow 1, and slide Pull the lever and apply your weight to the seat the head restraint down. Page Seat Heating Settings for the seat back width and lumbar support are not saved in memory. Folding up: Pull the head restraint. Page 32 The glass of the mirror on the passenger Folding mirrors in and out side tilts slightly down. The road surface close to the car, e.

Page Inside Mirror Fold lever down. Move the steering wheel to the preferred height and angle to suit your seated posi- tion. Page Child Safety Do not change the height The front passenger's airbags are reactivated of the seat after fitting the child restraint sys- and can deploy correctly if the need arises. Page 35 The ISOFIX child seat mountings are located at the points marked with the arrows. Page 36 Safety switch for window lifts Press the safety switch for the window lifts, see page 24, if children are travelling on the rear seat.

Page Driving Radio readiness and ignition switched the selector lever is in the P position: interlock. All indicator and warning lights in the instru- ment cluster go out. Page 38 Always take the remote control with you when soon as the engine has started. When parking on an incline, apply the hand- brake, otherwise the vehicle could roll away. Page Automatic Transmission With In order to remove the remote control from the could lock the rear wheels and cause the rear of ignition lock, you must first move the selector the car to swerve.

Page Selector Lever Positions Upshifts and downshifts are performed only at front of the selector lever knob, see arrow. Page Wiper System Normal wiper speed Press once. The wipers switch to intermittent wipe as the High-beam headlights car comes to a halt. Headlight flasher Flashing turn indicators Online Edition for Part-No.

Page Washer Fluid Approx. When the vehicle's lights are switched on, the headlights are cleaned simultaneously at prac- tical intervals. Page 43 The memorised speed is deleted as soon as the may in turn prove impossible to maintain speed ignition is switched off.

Page 44 Memorising and maintaining speed or If the speed is to be reduced significantly, decelerating press the brake pedal; otherwise, decel- Deactivating cruise control Online Edition for Part-No. Page 45 N tained on downhill gradients. Page 46 Otherwise, an accident could result.

Sig- nificant speed differences to vehicles ahead, e. The displays in the speedometer dis- Increase distance appear. Page 48 ABS or DSC you move the selector lever to position N interventions. Page Radar Sensor The system also does not react to oncoming The system does not decelerate your car vehicles in the same lane.

Page Your Responsibility Due to the radar sensor's limited detection range, bends may lead to vehicles ahead being detected only later or not at all. Page Everything Under Control Distance recorder — odometer — and trip distance recorder Resetting trip distance recorder: With the ignition switched on, press button 1 in the instrument cluster.

Page Energy Control The average fuel consumption is calculated for fuel, otherwise the engine's functions are not the period since the engine was last started. Page Settings And Information You can set formats and units of measure. Page 54 The remaining driving distance and the date of the next scheduled service are displayed briefly immediately after you start the engine or switch on the ignition. Page 55 Use button 1 to set the minutes. Press button 2.

The system accepts the new time. Lightly push button 1 in the turn indicator stalk repeatedly up or down until the appro- Online Edition for Part-No. Page Check Control Other Check Control messages are automati- cator or warning lights in the instrument cluster cally hidden after approx. Page 57 Lightly push button 1 to check for other messages.

The display again shows the outside tem- perature and the time. Page Technical Features For Driving Comfort And Safety PDC has failed. Have the system checked. As a precautionary measure, keep the sensors clean and free from ice, so that they always operate reliably. Page Dynamic Stability Control Dsc If the car has to be rocked out of or started in behaviour.

Page Control Systems The drive-off assistant holds the vehicle in place for approx. Depending on the vehi- Online Edition for Part-No. Page System Limitations In the following situations, the system could be slow to respond or operate incorrectly: Online Edition for Part-No. Page 62 Your BMW's handling is thus improved across all speed ranges. In critical situations, the system can correct the wheel turning angle resulting from the driver's Online Edition for Part-No.

Page 63 Side airbags in the seat backrests. The head-level and side airbags provide protection in the event of a Online Edition for Part-No. Page 64 Any careless or unskilled interference with the system could lead to its failure or to accidental triggering off with the risk of injury. Page Lights When the switch is in position 2 the lights are on and other related factors. You can use the side lights for Online Edition for Part-No.

Page Reading Lights 3 seconds. Reading lights There are reading lights at the front and rear next to the interior lights. To switch on and off, press the button briefly. Page Heating And Air-Conditioning Systems The levers alter the direction of the airflow. For further details of Automatic air conditioning draught-free ventilation, see page Air to the footwell Online Edition for Part-No.

Page Air Conditioner To cool the air, turn the knob coun- or cooling will be. Page 71 Micro-filter The micro-filter traps dust and pollen in the incoming air.