Handbuch tomtom go 610



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Handbuch tomtom go 610

VikramK Posts: 11, Moderator. Hello all, We've just released a new software v It's available for download in the MyDrive Connect. Release notes: Bug fixes and improvements: Various performance improvements and bug fixes have been implemented. Drive safe! Regards Vikram. Tagged: tomtom version May Whatt are the updates or improvements? I too would like to know what the updates and improvements are.

It is even better practice to invite users to comment on the changes at the end of the change log. Vikram, I see that you haven't mentioned the Rider in your list. Is the not receiving any updates? RoadRider Posts: [Revered Pioneer].

When can we expect the version for the Rider 5x0? How about the advanced lane guidance issue. Is it solved in this new release?? Pleydell Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]. Is the top of this range GO not included? DougLap Posts: 7, Superuser. Hi Pleydell Does not look like it as I have not been offered a software update on my GO based unit.

YamFazMan Posts: 18, Superusers. May edited May Rider are not WiFi and are not in the list. Just wait for the review of a rider owner. Prins Posts: 15 [Apprentice Traveler]. Bug fixes and improvements I missed RIDER in that list. Thanks YamFazMan and Mike I have edited the list above. VikramK Isn't there any more information you can share on what has changed in the software.

I haven't noticed anything different after this update. ALG still works poorly for example. Covkid62 Posts: [Supreme Trailblazer]. Hi Covkid62 The update that is being talked about is not applicable to the GOX based units hence you have not been offered one. ALG still sucks in the new release. Hi mikeyorkie08 What's new in the latest software for my navigation device? Patjepeeer Posts: 71 [Supreme Trailblazer]. Does anybody know or the Advanced Lane Guidance failure has been fixed in this firmware update?

Because it looks like it is fixed in the firmware update on the NAV5 WIFI devices. How do I know if I have NAV4 or NAV5 on my GO? ALG still sucks in this NAV4 release. Who's Online in this Category 1 DougLap.

Hi All, We've just released a new software v Versions available are as follows: Nav4: Lepre Posts: 90 [Renowned Trailblazer]. November edited November November One year since the last update, only bug fix. There must have been many bugs. John-Jay Posts: [Revered Pioneer]. Hi, LepreIts showing as a requirement on my GO! Luigimita82 Posts: 16 [Outstanding Explorer].

So disappointing, over a year for that! All this is scandalous, and Rider continues to be advertised as compatible with ios. Does this fix the incorrect calculation of the ETA in the Netherlands in the daytime? Bugslayer Posts: 13 [Master Explorer]. Seriously, is there no software development going on at all? There are so many things that need improvement with my Rider 's software. The ability to upload planned routes via WiFi is an obvious one.

And why does it appear to accumulate duplicate routes? YamFazMan Posts: 18, Superusers. Snip There are so many things that need improvement with my Rider 's software. The ability to upload planned routes via Wi-Fi is an obvious one. Hi adixx Maybe Useful If you watch the official Tomtom Video After various tips Tomtom recommends a Factory reset If you hold your GO Upside-down i.

With the device turned OFF Carefully remove the sticker Its advisable to use Antistatic precautions when handling the SIM You will need a pair of fine pointed tweezers to remove the SIM If you pull-out the SIM a little way, and reinsert it, repeat this a few times, it should now remake a good connection Note: On the GO when reinserting the SIM have the contacts facing away from the screen Note This may differ on other models I used double-sided sticky tape to replace the CE sticker Note The above will void your Tomtom guarantee All the usual disclaimers apply, all the above is at your own discretion Stay Safe ATB YFM.

RMRH Posts: 2 [Apprentice Seeker]. January 3 edited January 3. January 3. Stay safe Snip How do I do a 'clean' reinstall of the system software? What else do you suggest please? Sign In or Register to comment. Who's Online in this Category 0.