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Handbuch siemens openstage 40 t

Manuals Brands Siemens Manuals IP Phone OpenStage 40 T User manual Siemens OpenStage 40 T User Manual Hipath Quick Links. See also: Quick Reference Manual. Related Manuals for Siemens OpenStage 40 T Telephone Siemens OpenScape Voice User Manual Telephones pages. IP Phone Siemens OpenStage 40 User Manual Hipath dx ver. Summary of Contents for Siemens OpenStage 40 T Page 1 Documentation HiPath OpenStage 40 T OpenStage Key Module 40 User Guide Communication for the open minded Siemens Enterprise Communications www.

Page 2: Important Information Never open the telephone or a key module. Should you en- counter any problems, contact the responsible service per- sonnel. Use only original Siemens accessories. Page 4: Table Of Contents Getting to know your OpenStage phone. Page 5 Contents Basic functions Page 6 Contents Making calls Page 7 Contents Programming sensor keys Page 8 Contents Making calls via multiple lines Page 9 Contents Individual phone configuration Please contact your Siemens sales partner for information on how to upgrade.

This user guide is intended to help you familiarize yourself with OpenStage and all of its functions. It contains important information on the safe and proper operation of your OpenStage phone. Page Intended Use This means that your ser- vice personnel can configure multiple lines on your phone, which is not the case with single-line phones. Each line is assigned an individual phone number which you can use to make and receive calls. Page Getting To Know Your Openstage Phone The following sections describe the most frequently used operating ele- ments and the displays on your OpenStage phone.

OpenStage 40 T user interface 1 You can make and receive calls as normal using the handset. Page Ports On The Underside Of The Phone Getting to know your OpenStage phone Ports on the underside of the phone HiPath USB slave Headset Key module Handset OpenStage 40 T properties Display type LCD, 40 x 6 characters Illuminated display Programmable sensor keys Full-duplex speakerphone function Headset Page Openstage Key Module 40 You can attach up to two OpenStage Key Module 40s to your OpenStage 40 T.

To operate one or more OpenStage Key Module 40s, you always need a power supply unit page 2. Page Keys Getting to know your OpenStage phone Keys Function keys Key Function when key is pressed End disconnect call page Redialing page Button for fixed call forwarding with red LED key page Open mailbox with red LED key page Page 5-Way Navigator Getting to know your OpenStage phone 5-way navigator Remove the protective film from the ring around the 5-way naviga- tor before using the phone.

Operation Functions when key is pressed In idle mode Page Programmable Sensor Keys Getting to know your OpenStage phone Programmable sensor keys Your OpenStage 40 T has six illuminated sensor keys to which you can as- sign functions or numbers.

Increase the number of programmable sensor keys by connecting a key module page Page Keypad Getting to know your OpenStage phone Keypad In cases where text input is possible, you can use the keypad to input text, punctuation and special characters in addition to the digits 0 to 9 and the hash and asterisk symbols. To do this, press the numerical keys repeatedly.

Example: To enter the letter "h", press the number key on the keypad twice. Page 19 Getting to know your OpenStage phone Text input Enter the required characters via the keypad. Select the functions using the keys Confirm your entry with Characters entered Delete character to the left of the Backspace? Save entry Delete? Delete all characters Return? Cancel entry Page Display Getting to know your OpenStage phone Display Your OpenStage 40 T comes with a tilt-and-swivel black-and-white LCD display.

Adjust the tilt and contrast to suit your needs page Idle mode If there are no calls taking place or settings being made, your OpenStage 40 T is in idle mode. Page 21 Getting to know your OpenStage phone Idle menu When in idle mode, press a key on the 5-way navigator page 16 to dis- play the idle menu. You can call up various functions here. Entries may vary. Page Telephony Dialogs Getting to know your OpenStage phone Telephony dialogs Connection-dependent conditions and situations, e.

Situation-dependent functions that automatically appear on the display can be selected and activated with the 5-way navigator page Page 23 Getting to know your OpenStage phone Appearance during an ongoing call Example: You are connected with a caller. Icon indicating call status Smith Michael Call duration Current connection Consultation? Options relevant to situation; Start transfer? Page Mailbox Getting to know your OpenStage phone Mailbox Depending on your communication platform and its configuration contact your service personnelyou can use the mailbox key to access received callback requests and messages from services such as HiPath Xpressions.

The menu key LED remains red as long as you are in this menu. Menu Prog. Page Call Preparation Getting to know your OpenStage phone Call preparation Activate the function "Call preparation" to use en-bloc dialing on your OpenStage 40 T. This means you engage the line only after you have fully entered the num- ber and confirmed. Page Call Pop-Up Getting to know your OpenStage phone Call pop-up Activate the function "Call pop up" so that if you are on a call you are noti- fied on the display by a popup about a second incoming call.

Page Basic Functions Basic functions Step by Step Basic functions Please read the introductory chapter "Getting to know your OpenStage phone" page 12 care- fully before performing any of the steps de- scribed here on your phone. Answering a call An incoming call will cancel any ongoing tele- phone setting operations. Page Switching To Speakerphone Mode Basic functions Step by Step Switching to speakerphone mode People present in the room can participate in your call.

Prerequisite: You are conducting a call via the handset. Hold down the key and replace the handset. Then re- lease the key and proceed with your call. Page Turning The Microphone On And Off Basic functions Step by Step Turning the microphone on and off To prevent the other party from listening in while you consult with someone in your office, you can temporari- ly switch off the handset microphone or the handsfree microphone.

Prerequisite: You are conducting a call. Page Making Calls Basic functions Step by Step Making calls Off-hook dialing Lift the handset. Internal calls: Enter the station number. External calls: Enter the external code and the station number. The connection is set up as soon as your input in com- plete. Page Dialing Using En-Bloc Dialing Basic functions Step by Step Dialing using En-bloc dialing Prerequisite: You have activated "Call preparation" page Correct input.

Please dial: Confirm the option shown. The party you are calling answers via loudspeaker. Page Redialing A Number Last Dialed Number Basic functions Step by Step Redialing a number last dialed number The last phone number dialed on your telephone is dialed. Redial key Press the key shown. The key lights up. Speakerphone mode. Lift the handset. Redialing from the menu Lift the handset. Page Redialing A Number Saved Number Basic functions Step by Step Redialing a number saved number Prerequisite: You have saved a phone number page Press the key shown.

Saved number redial? Select and confirm the option shown. The saved phone number is dialed. Calling a second party consultation You can call a second party while a call is in progress. Page Switching To The Held Party Alternating Basic functions Step by Step Switching to the held party alternating Prerequisite: You are conducting a consultation call. You are switched to the party on hold.

Ending an alternate operation Release and return? Page Transferring A Call Basic functions Step by Step Transferring a call If your call partner wishes to speak to one of your col- leagues, you can transfer the call. Transferring with announcement Consultation?

Announce the call partner. Page Call Forwarding Basic functions Step by Step Call forwarding If your belongs to an ONS group parallel call pageplease note the following: Call forwarding can be configured on any phone in the ONS group and will then apply to all phones in that ONS group. Page Fixed Call Forwarding All Calls Basic functions Step by Step Fixed call forwarding all calls If you have programmed a destination for fixed call for- warding, forwarding can always be activated and deac- tivated using the key.

The programmed forward- ing destination remains unchanged until you reprogram or delete it. Page 40 Basic functions Step by Step Deleting a fixed call forwarding destination You can delete the destination for fixed call forwarding. Confirm the option shown.

Anleitungen Marken Siemens Anleitungen Telefone OpenStage 40 T Bedienungsanleitung Siemens OpenStage 40 T Bedienungsanleitung Seite 5. Seite von Vorwärts. Anruf annehmen. Anruf über Hörer annehmen. Anruf über Lautsprecher annehmen Freisprechen. Anruf über Headset annehmen.

Auf Freisprechen umschalten. Auf Hörer umschalten. Gespräch beenden. Mit abgehobenem Hörer wählen. Im Freisprechmodus wählen. Mit angeschlossenem Headset wählen. Mit Blockwahl wählen. Mit Zielwahltasten wählen. Wahl wiederholen letztgewählte Rufnummer. Wahlwiederholung aus dem Menü.

Wahl wiederholen gespeicherte Rufnummer. Zweiten Teilnehmer anrufen Rückfrage. Zum jeweils wartenden Teilnehmer wechseln Makeln. Gespräch weitergeben. Anrufe umleiten. Übersicht der Umleitungsarten. Feste Umleitung alle Anrufe.

Variable Umleitung alle Anrufe. Weitere Umleitungsarten. Rückruf nutzen. Rückruf speichern. Rückruf annehmen. Auf Rückrufwunsch reagieren. Nummer für Wahlwiederholung speichern. Aktuelle Rufnummer speichern. Beliebige Rufnummer speichern. Inhalt sverzeichnis. Verwandte Anleitungen für Siemens OpenStage 40 T Telefone Siemens HiPath Bedienungsanleitung Seiten. Telefon optipoint office am communication server hipath Seiten. Telefone Siemens HiPath Bedienungsanleitung Seiten.

Gigaset s4 professional an hipath cordless enterprise Seiten. Verwandte Produkte für Siemens OpenStage 40 T Siemens Gigaset Comfort Siemens Gigaset Micro Siemens Gigaset Siemens OpenStage 40 SIP Siemens OpenStage 40 G SIP Siemens GIGASET i COMFORT Siemens optiPoint economy Siemens HiPath V2.

Siemens Classic Siemens HiPath optiPoint standard Siemens Gigaset Siemens optiPoint economy plus Siemens Gigaset isdn Siemens optiPoint S Siemens optiPoint S Siemens optiPoint entry. Diese Anleitung auch für: Hipath Seite 5 drucken Dokument drucken Seiten.

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