Bedienungsanleitung samsung fernseher serie 8



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Bedienungsanleitung samsung fernseher serie 8

Manuals Brands Samsung Manuals LCD TV Galaxy 8 User manual Samsung Series 8 User Manual Series 8. Quick Links. See also: User ManualInstallation Manual. Contact SAMSUNG WORLDWIDE. If you have any questions or comments relating to Samsung products, please contact the SAMSUNG customer care centre.

Samsung Zrt. Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register. Troubleshooting Listening through a Receiver Home theater 57 Troubleshooting: Before Contacting Service Personnel Related Manuals for Samsung Series 8 LED TV Samsung 8 series User Manual Series 8 pages. LED TV samsung 8 series User Manual pages. Summary of Contents for Samsung Series 8 Page 1 Contact SAMSUNG WORLDWIDE If you have any questions or comments relating to Samsung products, please contact the SAMSUNG customer care centre.

Page 2 4. For more information, please contact your local SAMSUNG customer care centre. Contact SAMSUNG WORLDWIDE If you have any questions or comments relating to Samsung products, please contact the SAMSUNG customer care centre. See back cover for more information. Precautions When Displaying a Still Image A still image may cause permanent damage to the TV screen Do not display a still image on the LCD panel for more than 2 hours as it can cause screen image retention.

Page 4: Connecting And Preparing Your Tv Wall Mount items. Contact a technician for assistance when installing the wall mounted bracket. Samsung Electronics is not responsible for any damage to the product or injury to yourself or others if you elect to install the TV on your own.

Page 5: Viewing The Control Panel Viewing the Control Panel Front Panel buttons Touch each button to operate. The product colour and shape may vary depending on the model. In the on-screen menu, use this button as you would use the ENTERE button on the remote control. Page 6: Viewing The Connection Panel Viewing the Connection Panel [TV Rear Panel] Power Input The product colour and shape may vary depending on the model. Whenever you connect an external device to your TV, make sure that power on the unit is turned off.

When connecting an external device, match the colour of the connection terminal to the cable. Page 7 7 WISELINK Connect a USB mass storage device to view movies and photos and listen to music files. Page 9: Mini Remote Control Mini Remote Control The Mini Remote Control is a simplified remote control that consists of the power, channel and volume buttons only. Page Switching On And Off Switching On and Off The mains lead is attached to the rear of your set.

Plug the mains lead into an appropriate socket. The standby indicator lights up on your set. Press the P button on your set. You also can press the POWER P button or the TV button on the remote control to turn the TV on. Page Using The Tools Button Using the TOOLS Button You can use the TOOLS button to select your frequently used functions quickly and easily. Press the TOOLS button. Press the POWER button on the remote control.

Enter your 4 digit PIN number. Update the channel list by selecting the appropriate option. Then you can watch the selected channel. You can reserve a programme according to the procedures described above. See below to adjust detailed picture settings. This function is active only when the external input connects to HDMI RGB signals. Page Pc Display Windows and your particular video card. However, even if your actual screens look different, the same basic set-up information will apply in almost all cases.

If not, contact your computer manufacturer or Samsung Dealer. Page Setting Up The Tv With Your Pc Setting up the TV with your PC Preset: Press the SOURCE button to select PC mode. The values of fine, coarse and position are adjusted automatically. This function does not work in DVI-HDMI mode. Displays the language information for the incoming stream. While viewing a digital channel, this function can be selected. You can only select the language among the actual languages being broadcast.

Audio Type Mono A2 Stereo Stereo Dual Mono Stereo NICAM Stereo Dual If the stereo signal is weak and an automatic switching occurs, then switch to the mono. Before the setup screen appears, the PIN number input screen appears. The Melody does not play When no sound is output from the TV because the MUTE button has been pressed. When no sound is output from the TV because the — Volume button has been pressed. Page Common Interface Upgrades the software using the broadcasting signal.

Since the power of the unit is turned on internally, the screen may be on slightly for the LCD product. If you disconnect the power cord, you have to set the clock again. Since an IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS are automatically allocated when DHCP is selected, you do not have to enter them manually. Page 30 1. Contact a Samsung Electronics agent or service center for purchasing.

See page 28 Cable: Connect to network using a cable. See page 28 If you connect the LAN cable and it supports DHCP, the Internet Protocol IP Settings are automatically configured. The wireless IP sharer to be connected to this product must support DHCP. Page Product Guide Product Guide The Product Guide gives you information on the most important features of this TV.

Press the MENU button to display the menu. Page Using The Wiselink Pro Function Before connecting your device to the TV, please back up your files to prevent them from damage or loss of data. SAMSUNG is not responsible for any data file damage or data loss. Do not disconnect the USB device while it is loading.

Currently selected file: The currently selected file is highlighted. Photo and movie files are displayed as thumbnail images. Information Window: Shows information about the currently selected file. Page Using And Sorting Photo List Using and Sorting Photo List You can sort photos in the Photo List by a particular standard.

The photos are sorted according to the newly selected sorting standard. You can view the information of photo files during a SlideShow using the same procedures. Alternatively, select a photo from the photo list and press the INFO button to view the information.

Page Using And Sorting The Music List Using and Sorting the Music List You can sort music files in the Music List by a particular standard. Music files are sorted according to the newly selected sorting standard. Page Playing A Music Playing a Music Playing a music file 1.

Files with other file extensions are not displayed, even if they are saved on the same USB device. Page Using And Sorting The Movie List Using and Sorting the Movie List You can sort movies in the Movie List by a particular standard. The movie files are sorted according to the newly selected sorting standard.

Page Playing A Movie File Playing a Movie File Playing a movie file 1. The selected file is displayed at the top with its playing time. Press the yellow button. Repeat the above operation to select multiple movie files. The cmark appears to the left of the selected movie file.

Picture Setting 1. Press the TOOLS button while a slideshow, music or movie is being played. Page Wiselink Pro-Dlna WISELINK Pro-DLNA Setting the DLNA Network DLNA allows you to watch videos and pictures saved on your PC on your TV through a network connection in Wiselink Pro mode. This removes the need to copy them to a USB storage device and then connect the device to your TV. To use DLNA, the TV must be connected to the network and the DLNA application must be installed on your PC.

Page 46 1. Run the Setup. Alternatively, you can download the file from www. Install the SAMSUNG PC Share Manager as shown in the figures below. When the installation is complete, the PC Share Manager icon appears on your Desktop. Page Using The Dlna Application Using the DLNA Application The Programme Screen Layout 1.

Click to share the selected PC server folder.

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Wie kann ich die Bedienungsanleitung TU nur in deutsch runtrerladen bzw. Der Fernseher soll mit einer externen Audioanlage verbunden werden. Die Anschlüsse auf der Rückseite Chinch geben kein Audiosignal heraus. Hallo, wie kann ich die Programme sotieren, ARD,ZDF, RTL, PRO Samsung 8 Serie TU Vielen Dank im Vorraus. Sehen Sie sich hier kostenlos das Handbuch für Samsung Series 8 TU an. Dieses Handbuch fällt unter die Kategorie LED-Fernseher und wurde von 8 Personen mit einem Durchschnitt von 8.

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Verwandte Produkthandbücher. Häufig gestellte Fragen Nachfolgend finden Sie die am häufigsten gestellten Fragen zu Samsung Series 8 TU Können Bluetooth-Geräte verschiedener Marken miteinander verbunden werden? Ja, Bluetooth ist eine universelle Methode, mit der sichergestellt wird, dass verschiedene mit Bluetooth ausgestattete Geräte eine Verbindung miteinander herstellen können.

Was ist der beste Betrachtungsabstand für meinen Samsung Fernseher? Als Faustregel können Sie annehmen, dass das 2,4-fache der Bildschirmdiagonale der ideale Betrachtungsabstand ist. Mein Fernseher empfängt kein Signal mehr, was nun? Wenn Ihr Fernseher kein Signal hat, können Sie Folgendes überprüfen: - Überprüfen Sie, ob Ihr Fernseher auf die richtige Quelle eingestellt ist. Welche Bildschirmabmessungen hat mein LED-Fernseher?

Was ist HDMI? HDMI steht für High-Definition Multimedia Interface. Ein HDMI-Kabel dient zur Weitergabe von Audio- und Videosignalen zwischen Geräten. Dynamisches Kontrastverhältnis Marketingbezeichnung. Anzahl USB 3. Wi-Fi 5