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Piaggio x8 handbuch

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Manuals Brands PIAGGIO Manuals Scooter X8 Workshop manual PIAGGIO X8 Workshop Manual. Quick Links Download this manual. Table of Contents. WORKSHOP MANUAL. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 56 troubleshooting Related Manuals for PIAGGIO X8 Scooter PIAGGIO X8 i.

Owner's Manual 96 pages. Scooter PIAGGIO X9 cc Service Manual 70 pages. Summary of Contents for PIAGGIO X8 Page 1 WORKSHOP MANUAL X8 Page 2 Not all versions shown in this publication are available in all countries. The availability of single models should be checked at the official Piaggio sales network. All rights reserved. Reproduction of this publication in whole or in part is prohibited.

Spa to be used by the workshops of Piaggio- Gilera dealers. This manual is addressed to Piaggio service mechanics who are supposed to have a basic knowledge of mechanics principles and of vehicle fixing techniques and procedures. Page 7: Safety Rules Even though the latter contains no asbestos, inhaling dust is harmful. Maintenance rules - Use original PIAGGIO spare parts and lubricants recommended by the Manufacturer. Non-original or non-conforming spares may damage the vehicle.

Page Tightening Torques X8 Characteristics Specification Desc. Page 15 X8 Characteristics Cylinder - piston assy. Page 17 X8 Characteristics Slot packing system Characteristic Compression ratio, models Cr: It indicates by how much the plane formed by the piston crown protrudes from the plane formed by the upper part of the cylinder.

The further the piston protrudes from the cylinder, the thicker the base gasket to be used to restore the compression ratio and vice versa. It indicates by how much the plane formed by the piston crown descends below the plane formed by the upper part of the cylinder.

The further the piston falls inside the cylinder, the less the base gasket to be applied to recover the compression ratio and vice versa. Page 21 X8 Characteristics Oversizes ENGINE OVERSIZE Name Description Dimensions Initials Quantity Compression ring 57 x 1 0. Page 23 INDEX OF TOPICS TOOL OOLING Page 25 X8 Tooling Stores code Description Y 15 mm guide Y Magnetic support for dial gauge Y Flywheel lock calliper spanner Y 17 mm guide Y 42xmm Adaptor TOOL - Page 26 X8 Tooling Stores code Description Y 20 mm guide Y Punch for fitting bearing on steering tube Y Puller for lower bearing on steering tube Y Engine support Y Flywheel extractor Y Oil pressure control fitting TOOL - Page 27 X8 Tooling Stores code Description Y adapter for valve removal tool Y Driven pulley roller casing fitting punch Y Valve oil seal extractor Y Oil pressure gauge Y Punch for assembling valve sealing rings Y 52xmm Adaptor TOOL - Page 29 X8 Tooling Stores code Description Y driving pulley lock wrench Y Immobilizer check tester Y Clamp to assemble piston on cylinder Y Driven pulley assembly sheath Y Crankcase splitting strip Y Pin lock fitting tool TOOL - Page 30 X8 Tooling Stores code Description Y Piston position check support Y Piston fitting fork Y Punch for flywheel-side oil seal Y Driven pulley lock wrench Y mm guide Y Piston assembly band TOOL - Page 31 X8 Tooling Stores code Description Y Valve cotters equipped with part re- moval tool Y mm guide Y Pulley lock wrench Y Water pump service tool Y MityVac vacuum-operated pump Y 32xmm Adaptor TOOL - Page 33 X8 Tooling Stores code Description Y Pliers for circlips Y Tool for fitting steering seats Y Tool for fitting piston pin stops - Y Transmission-side oil guard punch Y adapter ring Y wrench 46 x 55 Y Page 38 X8 Maintenance Action Driving belt - replacement Coolant level - check Steering - adjustment Brake control levers - greasing Brake pads - check condition and wear Brake fluid level - check Transmission elements - lubrication Safety locks - check Page 42 X8 Maintenance ERSION Specification Desc.

Page 43 X8 Maintenance Spark plug MAIN - To check the rear hub oil level, proceed as follows: 1 Park the scooter on level ground and place it on the centre stand. CAUTION UPON REPLACING HUB OIL, AVOID THE OIL COMING IN- TO CONTACT WITH THE REAR BRAKE DISC. Page Checking The Ignition Timing X8 Maintenance This operation must be carried out with the en- gine cold and following the procedure below: 1 Rest the scooter on the central stand and on a flat ground.

Page Checking The Valve Clearance X8 Maintenance To use this reference mark, remove the spark plug and turn the engine in the opposite direction to the normal direction using a calliper spanner applied to the camshaft command pulley casing. TIME THE TIMING SYSTEM UNIT IF IT IS NOT IN PHASE. Page 50 X8 Maintenance Proceed as follows: 1. Position the unloaded scooter, in running order and with the tyres inflated to the prescribed pres- sure, on a flat surface 10 m away from a half-lit white screen; ensure that the longitudinal axis of the scooter is perpendicular to the screen; Page 51 X8 Maintenance - Insert a conical plug into the vacuum feeding pump.

Page 52 X8 Maintenance SAS filters inspection and cleaning Insert the filter into its housing. Fit the valve support with the 3 screws Insert the rubber spacer on the valve and proceed with the assembly on the support. Fix the support with the 2 screws. Page 53 X8 Maintenance MAIN - Page 54 X8 Maintenance Undo the 3 fixing screws "A", remove the secon- dary air filter cover and then take out the filtering element "B".

Page 55 X8 Maintenance MAIN - Page Troubleshooting X8 Troubleshooting This section makes it possible to find what solutions to apply when troubleshooting. For each failure, a list of the possible causes and pertaining operations is given.

Page 58 X8 Troubleshooting Possible Cause Operation The carburettor is dirty; fuel pump or vacuum valve damaged Remove, wash with solvent and dry with compressed air or re- place Battery flat Check the charge of the battery, if there are any sulphur marks, Page 59 X8 Troubleshooting Possible Cause Operation The starter remains on Check: electric wiring, circuit not interrupted, mechanical movement and power supply; replace if necessary Minimum nozzle dirty Wash the nozzle with solvent and dry with compressed air Excessive exhaust noise Check that the brake discs are not worn, scored or warped.

Check the correct level of fluid in the pumps and change brake fluid if necessary. Check there is no air in the circuits; Page 62 INDEX OF TOPICS ELE SYS LECTRICAL SYSTEM Page Electric System X8 Electrical system ELECTRIC SYSTEM Specification Desc. Page 64 X8 Electrical system Specification Desc. Page 65 X8 Electrical system Ignition IGNITION Specification Desc. Page 67 X8 Electrical system Battery recharge and starting BATTERY RECHARGE AND START-UP SECTION Specification Desc.

Page 68 X8 Electrical system Level indicators and enable signals section ENABLE SIGNALS Specification Desc. Page 69 X8 Electrical system We inform you that a new thermal switch has been introduced starting with frame number ZAPM X9 ZAPM X8 ZAPM Beverlyin order to prevent possible malfunctioning of the thermal switch. Turn signal lights FLASHING LIGHTS Specification Desc. Page 70 X8 Electrical system Specification Desc. Page 71 X8 Electrical system The duration of the flash depends on the electronic control unit program see figure.

If the led turns off and remains so when switching to "ON", it is necessary to check if there is battery voltage in the electric control unit. Page 72 X8 Electrical system Virgin circuit If the ignition system has not been programmed, the engine can be started but it will run limited to rpm. When trying to accelerate, some evi- dent loss of power may be felt.

Ignition disabled-Vehicle immobilised 3-FLASH CODE - Example with programmed control unit, aerial working properly and unknown trans- ponder code. Ignition disabled-Vehicle immobilised Diagnostic code - 2 flashes Page 74 X8 Electrical system Diagnostic code - 3 flashes If the 3-flash code is detected, check if the failure occurs when the MASTER key in inserted into the key switch.

Page 75 X8 Electrical system No spark plug Once the lack of power to the spark plug has been detected and the LED indicates it can be ignited, follow this procedure: - Pick-Up check. Disconnect the control unit connector and check that the cable between terminal No. Page 77 X8 Electrical system Electric characteristic Ohm value: 0. If non-conforming values are detected, repeat the checks directly to the stator. In case of further rep- etitions of incorrect values replace the stator or repair the wiring.

Page 78 X8 Electrical system Voltage regulator check With a perfectly charged battery and lights off, measure voltage at the battery poles with a high running engine. The voltage should not exceed In case higher voltages are detected, replace the regulator. Pressing the button for less than one second will add one minute to the displayed time; Page 84 X8 Electrical system Note: With the battery charger drw.

The value indicated on the display must be higher than the value indicated on the chart; Page 85 X8 Electrical system Specification Desc. Page 86 INDEX OF TOPICS ENG VE NGINE FROM VEHICLE Page 87 X8 Engine from vehicle This section describes the operations to make to separate of the motor of the vehicle.

Exhaust assy. Page 90 X8 Engine from vehicle and remove the supporting plate from the swinging arm buffer. Remove the engine - swinging arm fixing pin operating on the nut and the pin head. Page 91 INDEX OF TOPICS NGINE Page Automatic Transmission X8 Engine This section describes the operations to be carried out on the engine and the tools to be used. Automatic transmission Transmission cover - To remove the transmission cover it is necessary to remove the plastic cover first, by inserting a screwdriver in the slotted holes.

Page 93 X8 Engine - Remove the 5 screws, found on two different lev- els, as well as the small casing. Page 94 X8 Engine Refitting the driven pulley shaft bearing - Slightly heat the crankcase from the inside so as not to damage the painted surface. Page Removing The Driven Pulley X8 Engine - Refit the roller with the special screw. Page Removing The Clutch X8 Engine - Using a feeler pin gauge and the magnetic base, measure the bell eccentricity.

Specific tooling Y Support base for checking crankshaft