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Rational doors handbuch

Manuals Brands Rational Manuals Commercial Food Equipment SelfCooking Center Manual Rational SelfCooking Center Manual. Quick Links Download this manual See also: Training ManualOperating Manual. Related Manuals for Rational SelfCooking Center Commercial Food Equipment Rational SelfCooking Center Applications Manual 80 pages. Page 2 Safety Instructions Warning: Incorrect installation, adjustment, servicing, maintenance, cleaning, or unatmorised modifications to the appliance can result in damage, injury or death.

Read the Operating Manual carefully before starting to use the appliance. For your safety: Do not store or use any flammable gases or liquids near this appliance. What to do in the event of danger or if you smell gas: - Shut the gas supply immediately - Do not touch any electric control elements This may appear on the display when you switch on.

It means that the steam generator is not yet filled with water. You can enter your desired values by rotating the Selecting a function central dial. Cooking time, temperature and the ideal cooking cabinet climate are continuously adjusted to achieve the result you want. Your User Manual will give you within the first 60 seconds. That way you can always see exactly when each rack is ready.

A buzzer sounds and the indicated level flashes as soon as the preset time for the relevant rack is up. If the core temperature probe is incorrectly inserted or is not inserted see chapter on Working with Core Temperature Probe you will see the Select Side Dishes appropriate message on the display.

Page Combi-Steamer Mode Combi-Steamer Mode All Combi-Steamer functions are available in Combi-Steamer Mode. You enter Combi-Steamer Mode by operating the Moist Heat, Dry Heat or Combination Moist Heat and Dry Heat button. Page 26 Combi-Steamer Mode — Moist Heat The fresh steam generator generates hygienic fresh Optional functions, e. Cooking methods: Steaming, stewing, blanching, simmering, soaking, vacuum cooking, thawing, preserving Page 27 Combi-Steamer Mode — Dry Heat Powerful heating elements heat the dry air.

Cooking Optional functions, e. This combination creates a hot humid core temperature probe cabinet climate for especially intensive cooking. You can set the exact product-specific climate for each food in the clima window. Page Time Settings, Continuous Operation, Preheating Combi-Steamer Mode Time settings, Continuous operation, Preheat Timer Manual Preheat CONT. First Continuous operation "Continuous" appears, then "Preheat".

Press clock symbol and hold button down until Real-time setting "Continuous" appears on the display. Page Working With The Core Temperature Probe Combi-Steamer Mode Working with the Core Temperature Probe The cooking process is regulated by a 6-point core Using the core temperature probe temperature measurement in the food.

Page Pressure Humidification, Air Speeds Combi-Steamer Mode — Humidification, air speed Humidification Air speed A powerful jet atomises bursts of water and 5 air speeds are available. The appliance operates distributes it throughout the cooking cabinet. Humidification creates ideal rising conditions and Can be selected for any cooking medium. Page Cool Down Combi-Steamer Mode — Cool Down You have been operating your appliance at high cooking cabinet temperature and now want to Warning!

Page Programming Mode Controls Programming Mode — Controls It takes no time at all to create your own cooking programs in Programming Mode using the easy-to- understand control concept. Select program clean Program name New program change clean Change program copy Copy program LevelControl delete copy change Page Program Start, Check, Change Programming Mode "Start, check, change program" Start program TEST e.

Page Program Delete, Copy Programming Mode - "Delete, copy program" Delete program Copy program e. If the program name is not changed the appliance allocates a consecutive index number. The buzzer sounds and the indicated level flashes as soon as the preset time for the relevant rack is up. Page 40 Programming Mode "Level Control" Select level loaded e. Program stored. The time runs when the cooking cabinet door is closed.

As soon as you open the cooking cabinet All optional functions, e. Page Program Lock Programming Mode "Program Lock" Setting Program Lock: Change password New programs cannot be created when "Program change password Lock" is set. You can use existing programs, but not change, copy or delete them. Note: use the automatic cleaning system for cleaning the cooking cabinet.

Follow the chemical cleaner handling instructions on the next page. Note: The number of Cleaner and Rinse Aid tablets will vary, depending on the degree of soiling and size of the unit. Remove any cleaner and rinse CleaJet medium aid tablet residues and rinse thoroughly with hand shower.

The display shows this message when the set operating time is reached, the activated cooking process is complete or after the unit is switched on. Page Haccp Logging — Batch no. You will find more detailed — Can be selected for any cooking medium. Page Automatic Start Time Automatic start time If your kitchen setup so requires, you can set your The start time is activated.

After 10 seconds the display alternately shows the real time and the start time. The display shows the limescale level in the steam generator as a red bar. Service 26 No Funktion call Customer Serv. Replace left grid shelf to secure the descaler hose. Page 55 Service — Steam generator descaling IIIIII When the descaling process has finished the desca- Cleaning incomplete ling status of the steam generator is indicated.

The descaling process can be repeated if necessary. IIIIII repeat descale? The steam generator is automatically drained and thoroughly rinsed. Page Descale Humidification Jet Service — Humidifying nozzle descaling Descaling the humidifying nozzle Please check the humidifying nozzle for limescale deposits once a month. Page Drain Steam Generator Service — Draining the steam generator You can drain the steam generator before moving it or to stop it freezing.

Deselect cooking process. Open cabinet door. The steam generator is drained automatically. Page Appliance Settings Real Time, Time Format Appliance settings — real time, time format Basic appliance settings can be displayed Time format setting and changed. Page Date, Temperature Unit, Language Appliance settings — Date, temperature unit, language Date setting.

Date format is linked to time format. Selection: 24h appears as Page 61 Appliance settings — Date, temperature unit, language Language setting english Use the central dial to select the language you want. User Language setting User Select "User" with the central dial. Water The term to be translated is suggested to you in English. Rotate the central dial to select the desired signal tone. Page Maintenance Maintenance Inspections which shoud only be Changing the interior lighting carried out by experienced staff Replace the halogen bulb when the interior lighting technicians.

First switch off the unit at the mains! Cover the outlet inside the cabinet with a cloth and remove the 4 screws holding the glass retaining Caution! Page 66 Maintenance Replacing the door gasket The door gasket comprises a vulcanised frame which slots into a guide on the cooking cabinet. If a gasket needs changing, pull the old gasket out of the guide.

Clean any dirt from the guide rails. When fitting the gasket make sure the rectangular part of the gasket is inserted properly into the frame. Page Appliance Options Info Appliance options Draft diverter Condensation extractor hood for gas appliances only table-top units Vapour is automatically fan-extracted when the cabinet door is opened no condensation enginee- ring. Easy to install and retrofit. Page 68 Info Appliance options Heat shield for left side panel Combi-Duo Retrofitting a heat shield allows you to place a radiant heat source e.

Page Fault Warnings Fault indications Any faults developed by your unit will be shown on Faults on your unit which allow you to continue the display: using the unit can be suppressed by pressing the arrow button. Service 26 Keine Funktion Service rufen Tel. Page 70 Fault indications Service 24 Continuous indication Please notify Customer Service! Page Help Function Info Help Function Help texts are filed in your appliance so that you can use its extensive potential as fully and as sim- ply as possible.

The Help Function is available if the display shows "? To leaf through the Help Function: - 71 Page 72 RATIONAL International Print page 1 Print document 72 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.

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