Handbuch brother mfc 8520dn



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Handbuch brother mfc 8520dn

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Manuals Brands Brother Manuals All in One Printer MFCDN User manual Brother MFCDN User Manual. Quick Links Download this manual See also: Service ManualAdvanced User's Manual. Basic User's Guide. Related Manuals for Brother MFCDN All in One Printer Brother MFCDN Advanced User's Manual 74 pages.

Multi-protocol on-board ethernet multi-function print server pages. All in One Printer Brother MFCDN Basic User's Manual pages. Brother - network-ready wireless black-and-white all-in-one printer - black 93 pages. Page 2 The serial number is on the back of the unit. All rights reserved. Page 4: Table Of Contents Viewing Documentation Page 5 Connecting an external or extension telephone Page 6 Making copies How to copy Page 7 Troubleshooting Identifying your problem Page 8 Table of Contents Advanced User's Guide You can view the Advanced User's Guide on the Installer CD-ROM.

The Advanced User's Guide explains the following features and operations. General Setup Making copies Memory storage Copy settings Automatic Daylight Saving Time Duplex 2-sided copying Ecology features Routine maintenance Quiet mode feature Page 9: General Information Bold Bold style identifies keys on the documentation machine's control panel or on the computer screen. Thank you for buying a Brother machine! Italics Italicized style emphasizes an Reading the documentation will help you important point or refers you to make the most of your machine.

Page Accessing The Advanced User's Guide, Software User's Guide And Network User's Guide CD-ROM by following the instructions below: Turn on your computer. Insert the Installer CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. Note If the Brother screen does not appear automatically, go to My Computer Double-click the Documentation icon. Computerdouble-click the CD-ROM If the model name screen appears, icon, and then double-click start.

Page 11 Macintosh users Note Presto! PageManager must be downloaded and installed before use. For further instructions, see Accessing Brother Support Macintosh uu page 5. Page How To Access The User's Guides For Advanced Features You can view and download these Guides Center on the Installer CD-ROM. Page Accessing Brother Support Macintosh Double-click the Brother Support icon.

PageManager, click Presto! Page Control Panel Overview Chapter 1 Control panel overview MFCDN and MFCDN have the same keys. The illustration is based on the MFCDN. Deletes entered data or lets you cancel the 10 Mode keys: current setting. Menu Puts the machine in FAX mode. Lets you access the Menu to program your settings or retrieve information from the SCAN Machine Status Description Ready Mode The machine is ready to print, in Sleep mode, there is no print data, or the power switch is off.

Receiving Data The machine is either receiving data from the computer, processing data in memory, or printing data. Page Volume Settings General information Volume settings Speaker volume You can choose a range of speaker volume Ring volume levels, from High to Off. Press Menu, 1, 3, 3.

You can choose a range of ring volume levels, from High to Off. Press a or b to choose Low, Med, High While in FAX mode press to adjust or Off. Page Loading Paper Loading paper Loading paper and Printing on plain paper, thin paper or recycled paper from Tray 1 and Tray 2 print media Pull the paper tray completely out of the machine. The machine can feed paper from the standard paper tray, optional lower tray or multi-purpose tray.

Page 19 Loading paper Fan the stack of paper well to avoid Lift up the support flap 1 to prevent paper jams and misfeeds. Page Loading Paper In The Multi-Purpose Tray Mp Tray Chapter 2 Loading paper in the Pull out the MP tray support 1 and unfold the flap 2. Page 21 Loading paper Printing on thick paper, labels and Lift up the support flap to prevent paper from sliding off the face-down output envelopes from the MP tray tray, or remove each page as soon as it Before loading, press the corners and sides comes out of the machine.

Page 22 Chapter 2 Open the MP tray and lower it gently. Put paper, labels or envelopes in the MP tray. Page Unscannable And Unprintable Areas Loading paper Unscannable and unprintable areas The figures below show maximum unscannable and unprintable areas. These areas may vary depending on the paper size or settings in the application you are using.

Note When using BR-Script3 emulation, the edges of the paper that cannot be printed on are 4. Page Paper Settings Chapter 2 Paper settings Paper Size Note Paper Type You can use four sizes of paper for printing faxes: A4, Letter, Legal or Folio. Set up the machine for the type of paper you are using. This will give you the best print You can use ten sizes of paper for printing quality. Page Tray Use In Copy Mode Loading paper Tray Use in COPY mode Tray Use in FAX mode You can change the priority tray that the You can change the default tray that the machine will use for printing copies.

When you choose Tray 1 Only, MP Only When you choose Tray 1 Only, MP Only or Tray 2 Only Page Tray Use In Print Mode Chapter 2 Tray Use in print mode You can change the default tray the machine will use for printing from your computer and for Direct print. Press Menu, 1, 6, 3. Page Acceptable Paper And Other Print Media Loading paper Acceptable paper and Recommended paper and print media other print media Print quality may vary according to the type of Paper Type Item paper you are using.

Page 28 Chapter 2 Paper capacity of the paper trays Paper size Paper types No. This damage is not covered under any Brother warranty or service agreement. This damage may not be machine covered under any Brother warranty or service agreement.

Page 31 Loading paper Labels Types of labels to avoid The machine will print on most types of labels Do not use labels that are damaged, curled, designed for use with a laser machine. Labels wrinkled or an unusual shape. Page Using The Scanner Glass Loading documents How to load documents Adjust the paper guides 1 to fit the width of your document. Note To use the scanner glass, the ADF must be empty. Lift the document cover. Using the document guidelines on the left and top, place the document face down in the upper left corner of the scanner glass.

Page Sending A Fax To send the document, go to fax send or receive settings, press the Step d. FAX key to illuminate it in blue. Page Faxing Letter Size Documents From The Scanner Glass Chapter 4 Faxing Letter size documents Transmission Verification from the scanner glass Report When faxing Letter size documents, you will You can use the Transmission Verification need to set the scan glass size to Letter; Report as proof that you sent a fax. Page Receiving A Fax Receiving a fax Receive modes Note You can use four sizes of paper for printing faxes: A4, Letter, Legal or Folio.

You must choose a receive mode depending on the external devices and telephone services you have on your line. Choosing the receive mode By default, your machine will automatically receive any faxes that are sent to it. You may want to BT Call Sign feature. The number of rings is set by the Ring times the machine rings before it answers in Delay setting. Page Fax Detect Receiving a fax Fax Detect If Fax Detect is On: The machine can receive a fax automatically, even if you answer the call.

When you see Receiving on the LCD or hear a click on the phone line through the handset you are using, just replace the handset. Make sure your PC PC-Fax Receiving, and select Receive. Page Pc-Fax Send Using PC-FAX PC-FAX Send The Brother PC-FAX feature lets you use your PC to send a document from an application as a standard fax. You can send a file created in any application on your PC as a PC-FAX.

You can even attach a cover page. Page Connecting An External Tad Telephone and external devices Connecting an external Connections The external TAD must be connected as shown in the illustration below. You can connect an external Telephone Answering Device TAD to the same line as your machine. Page Recording An Outgoing Message Ogm Chapter 7 External and extension Recording an outgoing message OGM telephones Record 5 seconds of silence at the Note beginning of your message. This allows You need to turn the Remote Codes your machine time to listen for fax tones.

Page Operation From External Or Extension Telephones Telephone and external devices Operation from external or Using extension telephones extension telephones U. Page Using A Non-Brother Cordless External Handset Make sure you are in FAX mode external handset Press Menu 2, 1, 4. If your non-Brother cordless telephone is connected to the telephone line cord see Press a or b to choose On.

Page 49 Telephone and external devices Changing the Remote Codes The preset Remote Activation Code is l The preset Remote Deactivation Code is If you are always disconnected when accessing your External TAD, try changing the three-digit remote codes, for example and Page Dialling And Storing Numbers Dialling and storing numbers How to dial Speed dialling You can dial in any of the following ways. Press Address Book twice and enter the three digit Speed Dial number.

See Manual dialling Storing Speed Dial numbers uu page Use the dial pad to enter all the digits of the telephone or fax number. Page Search Dialling and storing numbers Search LDAP search You can search alphabetically for names you If the machine is connected to your LDAP have stored in the One Touch and Speed Dial server, you can search for information such memories. See Storing One Touch Dial as fax numbers and E-mail addresses from numbers uu page 46 and Storing Speed Dial your server.

Page Storing Numbers Chapter 8 Storing numbers You can set up your machine to do the following types of easy dialling: One Touch, Speed Dial and Groups for Broadcasting faxes. You can also specify the default resolution for each One Touch and Speed Dial number.