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Oki c610 handbuch

Manuals Brands Oki Manuals Printer CN Maintenance manual Oki Cn Maintenance Manual. Quick Links. See also: Configuration ManualHardware. Table of Contents. Chapters Set Up 32 Maintenance Menu 90 Periodic Maintenance 7. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting and repair procedure Troubleshooting method Preparation for troubleshooting Troubleshooting the abnormal images Network troubleshooting Related Manuals for Oki Cn Printer Oki Cdtn User Manual Oki cdtn: user guide pages.

Printer Oki C User Manual 78 pages. Guide: user's, c series portuguese brazilian pages. Guide: user's, c series canadian french pages. Name TL Cn Disassembly for Maintenance TR Cn RSPL Use for Certification Body Date DCO No.

Contents Design Approval Approval Design Naoki Sunaga Naoki Sunaga Name Cn No Date Corrected items charge Person in Page Description of change Rev. No Date charge Page Description of change Issue PED11 N. Sunaga TH Rev.

This manual is intended for maintenance staff. For more information about how to operate the Cn, please refer to User 's manual. Page 7: System Configuration 1. Cover Duplex Front Bottom open paper hopping sensor sensor sensor sensor sensor sensor sensor size SW Duplex HOST USB Feed clutch clutch Separator solenoid Page 8: The Configuration Of Printer 1. Page 9: Optional Parts 1. Page Specifications 1. Page 11 1. Page 12 1. Page Specification Of Interface 1.

Page Specification Of Network Interface 1. Network layer Page Specification Of Acc Interface 1. Page Electrophotographic Processing Mechanism 2. OPC drum, and the surface of OPC drum is charged. Page 18 2. Page 19 2. Page 20 2. Page Printing Process 2. It is transferred by MPT paper feed roller and resister roller U when the paper is fed from MPT.

Page 22 2. As figure shows, a feed motor runs clockwise, a feed clutch engages and 1. As figure shows, a feed motor runs counterclockwise, an MPT clutch paper is fed a feed roller rotates when the feed clutch engages. Page 23 2. When the transport belt motor is rotated in the direction of the arrow, the transport belt is driven. As for the belt unit, a transfer roller is set over under each color drum. Page 24 2.

The up and down operation of the ID unit is done by driving the liftup motor. Page 25 2. The fuse unit and the delivery roller are driven by the DC motor as shown in 1. Page 26 2. Transport belt The pattern is detected by this sensor, and the correction is operated.

Page 27 2. See 5. Page 28 2. Page 29 2. Toner low is detected by the toner sensor reflect sensor installed in the equipment. Page 30 2. Page 31 2. Paper size Simplex Duplex LETTER EXECUTIVE LEGAL14 LEGAL Page Notes And Precautions 3.

It may cause fire. Page Unpack Method 3. Because the weight of the printer without Duplex unit is approximately 31kg in a state of packingit needs more than two adults to lift it up. Page Setting Method 3. Page List Of Equipments And Accessories 3. Page Assembling Method 3. Remove the protective materials. Page 38 3. Return the paper cassette 8 Remove the stopper orange when pressing down the lever of the fuser unit to the main body of the printer.

Page 39 3. Page 40 3. Replace Toner. Page 41 3. Page 42 3. Page Cable Connect 3. Power condition Note! Confirm that the power switch is turned to OFF " ". Page Turn The Power Off 3. When you do not use the printer for long time Note! If you turn off the power without properly shutting down, it may cause Please explain to the customer about the following items. Page Optional Part Installation And Confirmation 3. Install the optional tray unit to the printer.

Page 46 3. Connect the power cord and printer cable to the printer and turn the 1 Set the number of tray by the printer driver. The printer driver setup for recognizing the option tray unit is required. Page 47 3.

Page 48 3. Install Duplex Unit This unit is used for printing on two sides of paper. Insert the Duplex unit into the lower part on the back of the printer as far as it will go. Please use OKI product. Page 50 3. Remove the side cover. Install the memory. Loose the screw one place. Discharge any static electricity by Remove the side cover. Page 51 3. Install the side cover. Fix the side cover with the screw. Be careful that the font cannot be downloaded.

Page 52 3. Open the top cover and front cover. Press down the OPEN button, and open the top cover.

Manuals Brands Oki Manuals Printer C Series User manual Oki C User Manual. Quick Links Download this manual See also: Maintenance ManualSetup Manual. Related Manuals for Oki C Printer Oki Cdtn User Manual Oki cdtn: user guide pages. Guide: user's, c series portuguese brazilian pages.

Page 2: Preface Iss. All rights reserved. Oki is a registered trademark of Oki Electric Industry Company, Ltd. Oki Printing Solutions is a registered trademark of Oki Data Corporation. Energy Star is a trademark of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Page 4: Table Of Contents ONTENTS Preface Page 5 Oki contact details Page 6: Notes, Cautions And Warnings OTES CAUTIONS AND WARNINGS NOTE A note provides additional information to supplement the main text.

A caution provides additional information which, if ignored, may result in equipment malfunction or damage. A warning provides additional information which, if ignored, may result in a risk of personal injury. Page 7: About This Guide BOUT THIS GUIDE NOTE Images used in this manual may include optional features that your product does not have installed.

Page 8: On-Line Usage LINE USAGE This guide is intended to be read on screen using Adobe Reader. Use the navigation and viewing tools provided in Adobe Reader. There are many cross-references within this book, each highlighted as blue text. When you click on a cross-reference the display will instantly jump to the part of the manual containing the referenced material. Page Printer Overview RINTER OVERVIEW RONT VIEW C 1.

Output stacker, face down. Paper level indicator. Standard printed copy delivery point. Holds 6. Front cover release lever. Multi-purpose tray release recess. Operator panel. Top cover release button. Page 11 C 1. Menu driven operator controls and LCD 9. Page Rear View EAR VIEW This view shows the connection panel, the rear output stacker and the location of the optional duplex two-sided printing unit. C 1. USB interface. AC power socket. ACC interface host USB.

Duplex unit when fitted. Page Changing The Display Language When the rear paper stacker is folded down paper exits the printer through the rear of the printer and is stacked here face up. This is mainly used for heavy print media.

When used in conjunction with the multi purpose feed tray, the paper path through the printer is essentially straight. Page Multi Purpose Tray 10mm. Page Loading Paper OADING PAPER NOTE For illustrative purposes, the C printer has been shown. If you have a C printer, the principle is the same with any exceptions noted. ASSETTE TRAYS Remove the paper tray from the printer. Fan the paper to be loaded at the edges 1 and in the middle 2 to ensure that all sheets are properly separated, then tap the edges of the stack on a flat surface to make it flush again 3.

Page 17 Load paper letter headed paper face down and top edge towards the front of the printeras shown. C ONLY: IMPORTANT: Set paper size dial c to the size of paper being used A4 in the above example. Page 18 For face down printing, make sure the face up rear stacker a is closed the paper exits from the top of the printer. Stacking capacity is approximately sheets for the C and sheets for the C, depending on paper weight. Page Multi Purpose Tray ULTI PURPOSE TRAY Open the multi purpose tray a.

Fold out the paper supports b. Press gently down on the paper platform c to ensure it is latched down. Load the paper and adjust the paper guides d to the size of paper being used. Page Operation PERATION For full details of how to use the machine and any optional accessories to print jobs efficiently and effectively, please refer to the Printing Guide and the Barcode Guide.

For full details of how to access and use the printer security features, please refer to the Security Guide. PERATOR PANEL 1. Ready LED ON: Ready to receive data. Display Displays the printer status and any error messages. BLINKING: Processing data. Page How To Change The Settings - User OW TO CHANGE THE SETTINGS USER It should be noted that many of these settings can be, and often are, overridden by settings in the printer drivers.

Where applicable, factory default settings are shown in bold type in the following tables. Page Configuration Menu Using the up or down MENU button, identify the parameter as required. Press the On Line button to switch to online. The machine will automatically re- boot.

Network Execute Scroll down to this parameter and select execute to print out Network information. Page Print Secure Job RINT SECURE JOB NOTE: This menu only displays if the optional SD card is installed. Page Menus Unit of Measurement Selects UOM Inches or millimeter. Select by scroll and Enter button. Default: Select by scroll and Enter button. Be warned that this will shorten the ID life by as much as this rotation. Setup Address 0. Short Edge Display Condition: a duplex unit is installed and enabled.

Sets a paper size at right angles to the paper run direction. Width 80 column Auto LF. This menu is enabled only when A4 paper is selected in the menu that sets the print width of A4 paper in portrait orientation. Setup Pitch 12 CPI 17 CPI 20 CPI Proportional Font 12CPI to Specifies 12CPI pitch for Condense Mode.

Condense 20CPI 12CPI to 12CPI Character SET-2 Sets a character set. SET-1 Symbol Set IBM Sets the Symbol Set for Epson FX Emulation. Save 0. Setup Initialize Execute Initializes the SD Card to the factory default setting. Machine performs partition-division, and initializes each partition. When this menu is executed, the following confirmation message appears. Enable: Display a near-life warning. Disable: Do not display a near-life warning. Settings When the Enter button is pressed, the following confirmation message appears.

Are You Sure? If Yes is selected, changes to the menu settings are saved and this menu is exited. Page Boot Menu OOT MENU This menu should only be changed by the System Administrators. Parallel Setup NOTE This menu item is applicable to the C only. After setting change the menu, the printer restarts on exit. When this processing is done, all data stored on the SD card cannot be restored.

After execution, the following confirmation messages will appear. If No is selected, the display will return to the previous menu. Page Storage Setup Storage setup NOTE This menu only displays if the optional SD card is installed. Performs administration data FAT information recovery. Performs recovery only for an SD Card. When Enable is set, also the maintenance counter is indicated in together. Reset Main Counter Execute The main counter is reset. If you have a C printer, the principle is the same.

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