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Handbuch garmin 645 music

The Forerunner Music is a watch that can track a huge variety of sports and look good while doing it. However, the headline music playback feature feels a bit half-baked and the battery life isn't as good as we've experienced on other Garmin watches. Read more: Garmin Forerunner But with the likes of the Apple Watch 3 and Samsung Gear Sport encroaching on this space, bringing both GPS tracking and the ability to stream music to a Bluetooth headset, Garmin needed to catch up.

But this watch isn't cheap The Forerunner Music is already available, with the release date back in February And up until recently, the experience has been disappointing for a running watch in The Forerunner Music got the right bits to be a great little entertainer on the go: 4GB of internal storage should carry songs with you, and deals with iHeartRadio and Deezer will give you access to reams of tunes. Then in October, Garmin added Spotify offline playlist support to some of its devices and the Forerunner Music has been the latest to see some Spotify action.

You can load playlists from Spotify, then listen to them without your smartphone. It's worth mentioning you'll need a Spotify Premium account to transfer playlists and get offline support - as well as a pair of Bluetooth headphones. But if you do go down the route of putting music on your Garmin Forerunnerthe experience is fine. The impressive feature is the metal rim around the edge of the 1.

The other thing is that feels really light in the hand and on the wrist - at The strap is silicone and also pretty lightweight - it feels comfortable on the wrist, although those with sensitive skin might need to swap it out. Thankfully you can use any 20mm strap here, thanks to the standard lugs. The screen itself is very clear, and a had a nice degree of sharpness. Current page: Music and design. TechRadar The source for Tech Buying Advice. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

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Our Verdict The Forerunner Music is a watch that can track a huge variety of sports and look good while doing it. For Lovely design Rapid GPS Recent Spotify support. Against Poor battery life. Music and design Fitness Battery life and activity tracking Verdict.

The Forerunner Music has the latest Garmin look with a round watch case and face and replaceable 20mm silicon band with quick release system. The watch has a face of The screen is sharp — even though not to the level of an Apple Watch or one of the latest Samsung Gear watches — and is very readable, especially outdoors.

Compared to the VivoActive 3 Music which I reviewed a few days ago, the major design element of the ForeRunner is a beautiful steel bezel which is sloped from the glass towards the case of the watch. I really like this design feature and at a glance give to the Forerunner Music an expensive, elegant look. On the back there are the socket for the charger and the Elevate wrist heart rate sensor.

The charger cable is an alligator-clip style that clips around the watch. The ForeRunner Music does NOT have a touchscreen, leaving all the navigation to the 5 physical buttons on the side of the watch. In my opinion a performance-oriented watch needs physical buttons. They allow you to operate the watch without even looking at it, which is especially useful while running.

While it might be difficult at first to get used to all the buttons and their functions, they become quite natural after a while took me a week before being able to do stuff without having to think too much about it and right now after two months of use I can just go to wathever menu I need almost without looking at the screen. I cannot stress enough how much better physical buttons are for serious sport activity.

I can cycle through the screens without fear of inadvertently navigating out of the menu or pausing something… especially when raining, or swim training they are so much better than touchscreen. The Forerunner music is a mid-high range performance running watch so I had high expectations going in. Satellite acquisition is usually near-instantaneous even though at times I had to wait up to a minute for the watch to pick up my location. Luckily this is the exception and not the rule, but it still happens.

The watch is lightweight, the dial is large but sits well on the wrist. The dial has amazing readability even under full sunlight. Before I continue talking about using the Forerunner Music during an actual run, let me walk you through some of the options you can choose before you run.

So now for the run itself. As I mentioned the watch is lightweight and the screen is clearly legible at a glance. I set up automatic laps of 1km and once I completed a lap, the watch face displays the time for the last lap and if you have your headphones on it will give you a quick voice message about it. It performs as expected and my expectations were high to start with. This is not specific to the only, but common to all the Garmin GPS watches.

Garmin Connect is a good suite of dashboards, widgets and screens that give you both an insight on your activity level steps, floors, sleep, calories in vs calories out thanks to MyFitnessPal integration… and the list of your sport activities with good level of detail. Talking about runs specifically, what I like is the ability to check speed, cadence, heart rate all at the same time while locating yourself on the map.

You will be able to check your lap performance and the time spent in different heart rate zones too. The Garmin comes preloaded with a ton of other sport activites that you can track. The ones I used the most besides running are swimming, cardio and strength training. I was happy and impressed with the swim accuracy — even though it only tracks pool swims, no open water — and coming from the VivoActive 3, physical buttons make using the watch for swimming much easier and reliable.

Since you connect the watch to your phone you can enable notifications. This is really personal. Possibly because they have very similar hardware, but I found the battery life of the Music to be on par with the one from the VivoActive 3 Music. This means 4 full days of battery with heart rate active every second and including minutes of sport activity every day.

Sometimes with GPS, sometimes without. There are a couple of loops I usually do and I get my lap notification 1km where I expect the kilometre markers to be. There are good news and bad news. Good news is that loading music and podcasts onto the watch is straightforward enough: you connect the watch to your computer via USB and synchronize between files on the computer and files on the watch.

It would have been perfect if this could have happened wirelessly, but I am being picky here. There is also the option of using streaming services: iHeartRadio and Deezer. The not so good part of this for me is that the connection with the headphones can be hit or miss.

Testing it with the same headphones I tested the VivoActive 3 Music, a pair of Jlabs Epic 2, the audio skipped a lot, to the point that sometimes I had to stop listening. UPDATE : There has been a software update for the watch in the past weekend to version 4. Also, the update improved the Bluetooth reception for me. It is the same watch for every function aside from music. Another obvious competitor is the VivoActive 3 Music.

It is a though comparison. The is a better watch for runners, period. The physical buttons, the advanced metrics and ability to get even more detailed data if connected to a cadence pod or Garmin heart rate strap… all these details are noticeable and useful. If money is not an issue, I will recommend the without doubt. But if you are budget conscious, the VivoActive 3 Music offers a lot for the price point. Other competitors in a similar price range are the new Polar Vantage watches, which we are just now starting to review.

If the price is not an issue, buy this watch. I have been using it for more than two months and I really like it. Go for the VivoActive 3 Music if the price is too steep, but if you are serious about measuring your performance, the ForeRunner is the GPS watch to beat in the mid-price range. Have a look at our selection of the best GPS running watches of Click Accept to continue.

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