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Nikon fm2 handbuch

Manuals Brands Nikon Manuals Film Camera FM2 Instruction manual Nikon FM2 Instruction Manual Nikon digital camera user manual. Quick Links Download this manual See also: Repair Manual. Related Manuals for Nikon FM2 Film Camera Nikon FM3A Instruction Manual 56 pages. Film Camera Nikon F Instruction Manual pages. Page 4: Table Of Contents Ready-light. Interchangeable focusing screens Page 5: Foreword FOREWORD Thank you for your purchase of the Nikon FM2 and welcome to Nikon's world of photography.

You can lock the shutter release button by simply pulling out the film advance lever slightly from the flush to the standoff position Press the shutter Page 8: Basic Operation -BASIC OPERATION-continued Mount the lens onto the camera.

Page 9 Install the film cartridge. Note: can use any the 3Smm film car- tridges available on the market. Close the camera back until it snaps making sure that the perforations are perfectly meshed with the sprockets and that the film is set between the film guide rails Take up film slack. Unless the film speed correctly, you cannot obtain correct exposure. Page 12 -BASIC OPERATION-continued Set the correct exposure. Look through viewfinder while turning the focusing ring until the two halves of split image rangefinder coincide perfectly Look through the viewfinder, and depress the shutter release button.

In depressing the shutter release button, apply light but steady pressure with the ball of your index finger to avoid camera shake that might result in image blur. Advance the film. Page 15 Rewind the film. At the end of film rewind you will feel a slight resistance. Continue winding one or two more turns until the crank feels lighter this will indicate that the film leader is now fully rewound into the cartridge.

Page Shutter Release Button Shutter re. When the film advance lever is in the flush position, the shutter release button is locked and will not operate. To release the button from its locked position, pull out Page Asaiiso Film Speed Dial -CONTROLS IN ASAIISO film speed dial The ASAIISO scale on the dial has numbered settings speeds from ASAIISO 12 to The dots between each pair of ASAIISO numbers stand for intermediate settings, such as etc. The illustration above gives the speeds for all mediate settings.

Page 19 Fast shutter speed SlOw snutter speed Page Setting The Aperture With the exception of a few special lenses, Nikkor and DETAIL-continued- - - - - - - - - Nikon Series E lenses enable full-aperture light measurement even when the aperture ring is moved said to have an automatic Page Exposure Determination Exposure determination amount of light reaching the film plane combination the shutter speed and the lens aperture.

Page Metering Range Of Exposure Meter DETAIL-contlnued, Metering range of exposure meter When there is a proper combination of lens aperture and shutter speed, lights up, indicating correct light up when the aperture and shutter speed combination is not suitable for correct exposure. Also, ture and shutter speed is improper for the subject, the exposure meter will not give an indication for rect exposure even if you vary the neighboring settings within Page Stop-Down Exposure Measurement Stop-down exposure measurement This exposure measurement method phragm on the lens does not link with camera body, such as when sion ring mounted on the camera.

Page Duplication Work And Photomicrography to stop for white letters on black background. Be sure to gauge indicator-e- The FM2 viewfinder covers approx. Page 28 -CONTROLS IN DETAIL-continued Depth-of-fleld preview lever What depth of field is When you focus on your subject find that not only is the subject certain distance range both in front of and behind it appear sharp.

Objects increasingly out of this range become creasingly out of focus. Most objects near to far in focus. However, pressing the depth-of-field preview lever will cause the lens to be stopped down to the to enable you to examine depth of field before shooting image in the viewfinder " Page Multiple Exposure Lever But it may occur due to film slack inappropriate film winding.

To make a fully. Page Memo Holder CONTROLS IN DETAIL-continued- - Memo holder To remind yourself of the film type and number of exposures on the roll of film in use, clip off the end of the film package and insert it into the memo holder. Of course, holder to store anything including your name Page Flash Photography The FM2's built-in hot-shoe contact enables direct mounting of the Nikon S, S, S, S, S, S, S or S Speedlight, requiring no special connecting cords.

When shooting with a flash unit, Page Ready-Light DETAIL-continued Picture taken by balancing the flash exposure with daylight. Page 35 Use of any other flash which operates at high voltages may damage the camera circuitry. Page Close-Up Equipment AF Micro- mm pho- Micro-Nikkor lenses. Auto Extension Rings Close-Up lenses PN-Ietc. In addition to single -frame shooting, maximum rate of 3. Page Nikon Speed Lights,, or Speed light can be directly mounted onto the FM2's built-in hot shoe speed lights also activate the camera's LED ready-light inside the viewfinder which lights up when the and ready to fire, and blinks when Right-Angie Viewing Attachment DR-3 Screws onto the viewfinder eyepiece The CF case accommodates the FM2 mounted with a lens smaller than 50 camera mounted with any lens from 50mm fl1.

Page Page Specifications Film sensitivity range: ASAIISO Power source: Choice of one 3V lithium 1. Page Important I IMPORTANT! The Nikon FM2 is an AI-type Automatic which performs full-aperture metering with AI -type these lenses are fitted with meter coupling ridges see illustration.

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