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Oki es8453 handbuch

Manuals Brands Oki Manuals All in One Printer ESMFP User manual Oki ESMFP User Manual. Quick Links Download this manual. Related Manuals for Oki ESMFP All in One Printer Oki ES User Manual Executive series 83 pages. Guide: mfp printing esmfp american english 43 pages.

Guide: handy reference esmfp american english 51 pages. All in One Printer Oki ESeMFP Reference Manual Ese mfp efi color reference guide pages. Guide: handy reference esmfp american english 43 pages. All rights reserved. Oki is a registered trademark of Oki Electric Industry Company Ltd. Oki Printing Solutions is a trademark of Oki Data Corporation. Page 4: Table Of Contents ONTENTS Preface Page 5 Operation Page 6 Specifications Page 7: Notes, Cautions And Warnings OTES CAUTIONS AND WARNINGS NOTE A note provides additional information to supplement the main text.

A caution provides additional information which, if ignored, may result in equipment malfunction or damage. A warning provides additional information which, if ignored, may result in a risk of personal injury. Page 8: About This Guide BOUT THIS GUIDE NOTE Images used in this manual may include optional features that your product does not have installed. Page 9: On-Line Usage LINE USAGE This guide is intended to be read on screen using an Adobe Reader.

Use the navigation and viewing tools provided in Adobe Reader. There are many cross-references within this book, each highlighted as blue text. When you click on a cross-reference the display will instantly jump to the part of the manual containing the referenced material. It is designed with advanced features, to give you clear, vibrant colour prints and crisp black and white pages at high speed on a range of office print media.

With this MFP, you can instantly scan paper-based documents and deliver the electronic image to various destinations including e-mail addresses, printers, ftp servers or someone else's computer on the network. Page Mfp Overview OVERVIEW RONT VIEW REF. Top cover release button Press to open. Multi purpose tray release handles Pull to open. Multi purpose feeder shown closed Used for feeding heavier paper stocks, envelopes and other special media.

Page Rear View EAR VIEW REF. Always follow the correct procedure to ensure that no HDD data is lost. AC power socket Parallel connector USB connector type A Page Control Panel ONTROL PANEL REF. Be careful not to scratch the display with sharp or pointed objects e. Page Changing The Display Language REF. If a long print job is in progress and you need to make a copy, use this button to initiate the interrupt mode. Once your copy job is complete press the interrupt button again to resume the original print job.

Page Getting Started ETTING STARTED ELEASING THE SCANNER LOCKS CAUTION! Make sure the scanner is in the UNLOCKED position before operating. Using the key 1 provided, turn the scanner lock to the UNLOCKED position. Repeat step 1 for the second scanner lock. Place key 1 on hook at the rear of the scanner for safe keeping. Fit plug 2 in the scanner lock locations as shown. Page Power Saving Mode OWER SAVING MODE If you do not use the MFP for a while, the machine will enter the power saving mode to control the power consumption of the device.

To cancel or initiate power saving mode, press the Power Save button on the control panel. WITCHING OFF CAUTION! Do not turn off the power switch suddenly as this may damage your In this case you must install the TWAIN driver first. Not plugging the printer in yet, but running the Oki driver installer program from the DVD-ROM.

This installs the TWAIN scanner driver and printer drivers. Once the printer is switched on and plugged in, the installation is complete. Page Fax Driver With the fax driver you are sending the fax data from your computer to the MFP, and then the MFP automatically sends the document. Installing the fax driver This is installed as part of the Oki driver installer wizard.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Configuration tool installation. The Configuration tool can discover devices over USB or network connections. Page Actkey Utility CTKEY UTILITY NOTE The Actkey utility only works via USB connections. You must have the TWAIN driver installed. The Actkey utility enables the MFP to receive one key touch commands from a locally connected computer. Page 22 To use Actkey in Local PC mode i.

The steps may vary if you are using any other operating system, but the principle is the same. Page Paper Recommendations Other types of label stock may damage the printer due to the labels peeling off during the printing process. Business cards recommended are produced by Oki Order No.

Page Face Up Stacker ACE UP STACKER The face up stacker at the rear of the MFP should be opened and the tray extension pulled out when required for use. In this condition paper will exit via this path, regardless of driver settings. Page Loading Paper OADING PAPER ASSETTE TRAYS Remove the paper tray from the MFP. Fan the paper to be loaded at the edges 1 and in the middle 2 to ensure that all sheets are properly separated, then tap the edges of the stack on a flat surface to make it flush again 3.

Page 27 CAUTION! IMPORTANT: Set paper size dial 3 to the size and orientation of paper being used A4 LEF in the example above. If required, set the correct media type in the Paper Setup menu. Page Multi Purpose Tray ULTI PURPOSE TRAY Open the multi purpose tray.

Fold out the paper supports 1. Press gently down on the paper platform 2 to ensure it is latched down. Load the paper and adjust the paper guides 3 to the size of paper being used. NOTE If you ran the Oki driver installer program from the DVD-ROM you may have already set the time zone, date and time via the Panel Language Setup utility.

Configuring your machine Page Network Set Up ETWORK SET UP The MFP must also be set up properly on your network to perform scan to e-mail and scan to FTP functions. In order for other network devices to find the MFP on the network, the following network parameters have to be set.

IP Address Set: IP Address:. Page Internet Communication Features NOTE 1. DHCP server: With DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocola host can automatically be given a unique IP address each time it connects to a network-making IP address management an easier task for network administrators. Page From The Configuration Tool Utility Note: max. Delete Select an e-mail address to delete from the list. Delete and Sort Select an e-mail address to delete from the list.

Select Bulletin Box Doc. Up to 20 F Code boxes can be registered. Up to 30 documents can be stored in one box. Delete Bulletin Box Doc. Print F-Code Doc. Type Doc. Type: Allows you to specify the type of Edit cont. Edit cont. Page 40 Admin Setup NOTE The Admin Setup option is blocked by a password.

Photo, Extra Fine Removal for Allows you to block out the colour Settings SEFB5, B5 SEFcont. A5, A5 SEFLetter, Letter SEFTabloid, Legal 14, H. LTR Cont. Scan OFF, ON Allows you to continue scanning more documents. Use the numeric keypad to enter the sub-address and ID code note enter a 4 digit ID code.

You can also enter a Box Name, Password and specify the hold time for your secure box. Settings OFF, Mode1, Mode2, reception. Mode3 Mode1: Reject fax from a number not registered in the Address Book.

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