Husqvarna lth 126 handbuch



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Husqvarna lth 126 handbuch

Manuals Brands Husqvarna Manuals Lawn Mower LTH Operator's manual Husqvarna LTH Operator's Manual. Quick Links. See also: Instruction Manual. Table of Contents. Related Manuals for Husqvarna LTH Lawn Mower Husqvarna LTH Parts List 19 pages. Lawn Mower Husqvarna LTH Owner's Manual 19 pages. Summary of Contents for Husqvarna LTH Page 1 LTH Operator's Manual 43 Page 3 SAFETY RULES Safe Operation Practices for Ride-On Mowers III.

It has been designed, engineered and manu fac tured to give Gasoline Capacity 1. Page 6: Assembly ASSEMBLY Your new tractor has been assembled at the factory with exception of those parts left unassembled for shipping purposes. To ensure safe and proper operation of your tractor all parts and hardware you assemble must be tightened securely.

Use the correct tools as necessary to insure proper tightness. Page 7 ASSEMBLY INSTALL SEAT See Figs. Remove the cardboard packing and discard. Follow the ap pro pri ate instruction below to remove the tractor BEFORE YOU OPERATE YOUR NEW TRAC TOR, WE from the skid. Page 9: Operation OPERATION These symbols may appear on your tractor or in literature supplied with the product. Learn and understand their meaning. HIGH FAST SLOW REVERSE NEUTRAL CHOKE IGNITION SWITCH ENGINE START ENGINE ON PARKING BRAKE MOWER HEIGHT MOWER LIFT ENGINE OFF REVERSE OPERATION SYSTEM ROS Page 10 OPERATION KNOW YOUR TRACTOR READ THIS OWNER'S MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR TRACTOR Compare the illustrations with your tractor to familiarize yourself with the locations of various controls and ad just ments.

Save this manual for future reference. Page How To Use Your Tractor OPERATION The operation of any tractor can result in foreign objects thrown into the eyes, which can result in severe eye dam age. Always wear safety glass es or eye shields while operating your tractor or per form ing any adjustments or repairs. We rec om mend a wide vision safety mask over spectacles or stan dard safety glasses. Page 12 OPERATION TO MOVE FORWARD AND BACKWARD TO OPERATE MOWER See Fig.

Any attempt by the operator to leave the seat with The direction and speed of movement is controlled by the the engine running and the attachment clutch engaged will forward and reverse drive pedals. Page 13 OPERATION TO TRANSPORT See Figs. Page Before Starting The Engine OPERATION BEFORE STARTING THE ENGINE TO START ENGINE See Fig. See "TO LEVEL MOWER HOUSING" in CAUTION: Never engage or disengage the Service and Adjustments section of this manual.

Re place Always observe safety rules when per form ing any bent or damaged blade. CAUTION: Use only a replacement blade ap- BRAKE OPERATION proved by the manufacturer of your tractor. The belts are not ad just able.

Re place belts if they begin to slip from wear. If fuel its surface as part of its deck wash system. It should be filter becomes clogged, ob struct ing fuel flow to car bu re tor, utilized after each use. If tires are over or under inflated, it may affect the sides are equal.

En gage parking brake. The mower blade drive belt may be replaced without tools. For as sis tance, there is a belt installation guide decal on Park the tractor on level surface. The WARNING: Do not short battery ter mi - fuse holder is located behind the dash. Page Storage STORAGE ENGINE Immediately prepare your tractor for storage at the end of the season or if the tractor will not be used for 30 days or more.

Out of fuel. Fill fuel tank. Will not start 2. Engine flooded. Wait several minutes before attempting to start. Faulty operator-safety presence control 1. Check wiring, switches and connections. If not system. Worn, bent or loose blade. Page 30 SERVICE NOTES Page 31 SERVICE NOTES Page 32 Print page 1 Print document 32 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.

Manuals Brands Husqvarna Manuals Lawn Mower LTH Parts list Husqvarna LTH Parts List. Quick Links. See also: Operator's ManualInstruction Manual. Table of Contents. MODEL NO. CUSTOMER CATALOG NO. Related Manuals for Husqvarna LTH Lawn Mower Husqvarna LTH Operator's Manual 32 pages. Lawn Mower Husqvarna LTH Owner's Manual 19 pages. LTH PROD. Page 2: Wheels And Tires TRACTOR - - MODEL NO. LTHPROD. Page 3 TRACTOR - - MODEL NO. Page 5 TRACTOR - - MODEL NO.

Page 6: Chassis And Enclosures TRACTOR - - MODEL NO. Page 7 TRACTOR - - MODEL NO. Page 8 TRACTOR - - MODEL NO. Page 9 TRACTOR - - MODEL NO. Page 10 TRACTOR - - MODEL NO. Page 11 TRACTOR - - MODEL NO. Page Steering Assembly TRACTOR - - MODEL NO. Page 13 TRACTOR - - MODEL NO.

Page Mower Deck TRACTOR - - MODEL NO. Page 15 TRACTOR - - MODEL NO. Page Mower Lift TRACTOR - - MODEL NO. Page Seat Assembly TRACTOR - - MODEL NO. Page 18 This manual is also suitable for: Print page 1 Print document 19 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.