Handbuch avm 6490 cable



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Handbuch avm 6490 cable

Mit WLAN AC ermöglicht die FRITZ! Box Cable spektakuläre Gigabit- Geschwindigkeiten im kabellosen Heimnetz. Die FRITZ! Box verbindet alle Geräte schnell, stabil und sicher mit dem Internet — an jedem Kabelanschluss! Das kostenlose Update auf FRITZ!

Entdecken Sie über Neuerungen und Verbesserungen in den Bereichen WLAN, Mesh, Smart Home, Telefonie und Internet. Haben Sie Fragen zum Handling Ihrer FRITZ! Im Handbuch finden Sie konkrete Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitungen und vielfältige Erläuterungen. Clips geben Ihnen einen Überblick über die vielfältigen Funktionen der FRITZ!

Box und beschreiben die Einrichtung Schritt für Schritt. Zu den FRITZ! Praktische Apps erweitern Ihre FRITZ! Box, Smartphones und Tablets um neue Funktionen. Es gibt sie für iOS und Android zum kostenlosen Download. Go directly to: Übersicht Übersicht Übersicht Übersicht AVM Deutschland. AVM Inhalt. Der FRITZ! Mehr Infos zum Update. FAQs Integrierte Faxfunktion in FRITZ!

Box einrichten Aufbau ausgehender Telefonverbindungen nicht möglich Speicher NAS am Computer als Netzlaufwerk einrichten Benutzeroberfläche der FRITZ! Box nicht aufrufbar VPN mit FRITZ! Box für Betrieb mit anderer FRITZ! Box einrichten. Safer Internet Day Besserer Schutz für Kinder und Jugendliche WLAN-Anrufe: Trotz Funkloch mobil telefonieren Mehr Komfort im Heimnetz mit der MyFRITZ! App FRITZ! Handbuch Haben Sie Fragen zum Handling Ihrer FRITZ! Zu den Handbüchern. Clips Die FRITZ!

Apps Praktische Apps erweitern Ihre FRITZ! Zum Supportformular. AVM Bereichsnavigation.

Reset search. Since I plugged in the new monitor, there's no SOUND anymore. How can I retrieve it? Submitted on at On my ESPRIMO Q Serial No YLQH I have a "Line Out" jack light blue where there should have been "Mic" jack pink according to the manual! How is this possible?

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Would you like to receive an email when new answers and questions are posted? Please enter your email address. Home Computer Router AVM FRITZBox Cable Online Usermanual and installation guide, pages, 3.

AVM FRITZBox Cable. Get by email. Box Cable. Need help? Post your question in this forum. Forum avm-fritzboxcable. Content of pages Page 1 FRITZ! Box Cable www. Page 2 Table of Contents Security and Handling. Box Package. Page 3 7 The FRITZ! Box User Interface. Box at a Glance. Box Functions. Box Settings. Page 4 13 FRITZ! Box as an Internet Router.

Box as a LISP Router. Page 5 17 FRITZ! Box Connects Network Devices. Page 6 Box Out of Operation. Page 7 Security and Handling Before installing and using the FRITZ! Box, please read the following security and handling instructions. Safety Instructions Before connecting the FRITZ!

Box Cable, observe the following security instructions in order to protect yourself and the FRITZ! Box from harm. Box from the power supply at any time. Box into an electrical outlet that is easy to reach. Box on the wall, make sure that there are no electrical lines, gas or water pipes Page 8 — Do not cover the FRITZ! Box can heat up during normal operation.

This heat can cause damage to heat-sensitive surfaces. Box on heat-sensitive surfaces. Boxnot install the during an electrical storm. Box from the power supply and from the cable connection. Box can cause electric shocks or short circuits. Box indoors. Box housing. Page 9 — Make sure that the earthing contacts of your power outlets are connected via a protective ground conductor that is earthed along with the cable network connection via the equipotential bonding bar, in accordance with the valid safety standards.

Handling the FRITZ! Box on a horizontal surface or mount it on a wall. For a drilling template to mount the FRITZ! Box on a wall, see page Box in a dry location that is free of dust and protected from direct sunlight. Box on a wall with the cables connected on the bottom. Box to your computer using a network cable, keep in mind that the cable can be no longer than m.

Box and the computer, position Page 10 Conventions in the Manual This manual uses the following symbols and emphases: This symbol marks useful hints and tips. This symbol indicates important instructions that must be observed to avoid malfunctions. Example Do not leave the page without saving. Example See also the information on page Box Cable Page 11 The FRITZ!

Box Cable 1 The FRITZ! Box Cable Welcome! We are pleased you decided on a FRITZ! The FRITZ! Box Cable is the hub of your home network, connecting your computers and network devices with the Internet. You can operate the FRITZ! Box as an Internet router directly at the cable connection. Box is equipped with ports for computers, telephones and USB devices and supports the wireless technologies WiFi and DECT.

You can use the FRITZ! Box as a wireless LAN access point for wireless devices like notebooks, tablets or smartphones and as DECT base station for your cordless telephones. Connected telephones use the FRITZ! Box as a telephone system PBX. Box integrates connected computers and network devices into your private home network.

The devices can exchange data with each other and enjoy shared access to USB hard drives, USB printers and other USB devices. Box transmits music, video and image files to suitable playbac Page 12 Ports, Interfaces, Buttons and LEDs 2 Ports, Interfaces, Buttons and LEDs This chapter describes the ports, interfaces, buttons and LEDs of the FRITZ!

Fon or other DECT telephones 2. This means you can connect a total of two analog telephones. Box has two buttons on the top of the housing. Box buttons You can lock the keys on the FRITZ! For more information, read Locking the Buttons on the FRITZ! Box on page WLAN USB Stick from AVM in progress flashing flashing red Error: FRITZ! Box user interface; see page