Avm 3272 handbuch



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Avm 3272 handbuch

Intelligent Wi-Fi for maximum speed and significantly greater range. Experience internet, telephony and multimedia at top speeds with the versatile FRITZ! Box product range for every connection. Discover the future of Mesh, with this powerful duo consisting of the FRITZ! Box and the FRITZ! Repeater Increased coverage, fast speeds and state-of-the-art hardware architecture make the FRITZ!

Repeater the experts for your home network. With the powerful FRITZ! Box on an IP-based connection, you can enjoy the entire bandwidth of communication: fast internet, convenient telephony and multimedia fun. The flagship FRITZ! Box Cable brings top speeds to any cable connection. Enjoy the advantages of high-end Wi-Fi, gigabit LAN, IPTV, a telephone system and more. The FRITZ! Box comes with a whole host of extras, covering all communication needs when it comes to internet, telephony or the home network.

Box is the ideal introduction to fast home networking with 35b supervectoring. It also has an integrated DECT telephone system, gigabit Ethernet, a USB port and a media server. With innovative and intelligent high-end Wi-Fi the FRITZ! Box VDSL offers greater range and higher speeds. It also features a fully-fledged telephone system for IP-based connections with ISDN S0 for hunt groups with up to four B channels. Thanks to Wi-Fi 6 with Multi-User MIMO and a 2. Box Cable is a home networking hub you can rely on.

The new Wi-Fi standard is designed to expertly supply multiple devices with reliable and fast Wi-Fi. Box Cable brings high-end Wi-Fi to every cable connection. With the new top model you can finally get rid of your old modem and benefit from Multi-User MIMO, IPTV, a telephone system, gigabit LAN and more!

Box Cable makes the complete FRITZ! Box range of functions available for the cable connection: The comprehensive telephone system, the lightning fast Wi-Fi 5 and gigabit Ethernet provide for best connections for all your devices. Thanks to the exchangeable modules, the FRITZ! Box Fiber can be used flexibly on all common fiber optic connections throughout Europe.

Equipped with next-generation Wi-Fi 6, the FRITZ! Box uses a Gigabit Passive Optical Network GPON for speedier internet. Box also supports fast Wi-Fi 5 and is packed with cutting-edge telephone and multimedia features. Box is the first model to enable fast internet over fiber optics. Along with it comes fast Wi-Fi 5, dual operation in the 2. Box LTE connects you to the internet via mobile broadband.

No matter how good your current reception is, the always provides maximum speed. Box LTE ensures fast downloads with LTE 4G while you enjoy full FRITZ! Box convenience: The integrated DECT base station makes phone calls fun, with up to six cordless phones. Reliable Wi-Fi connects your home network devices with speedy mobile Internet.

The slim and compact FRITZ! Box LTE always provides maximum speed with both UMTS 3G and LTE 4G. With gigabit LAN, music and videos are shared in no time at all. The versatile FRITZ! Box is ideal for home networking on any cable, DSL or fiber optic modem. Box gives you easy entry into home networking with cable, DSL and fiber optic modems. Go directly to: FRITZ! Box FRITZ! Box AVM International. AVM Content. To the product. An intelligent system for consistently strong signal.

Box For 6 cordless telephones, incl. Box Cable. Network with 4 x gigabit LAN, 2 x USB 3. Telephone system for IP-based connections. Network with 4 x gigabit LAN, 1 x USB 2. Network with 4 x gigabit LAN, 1 x USB 3. Box VDSL. Box AX. Network with 1 x 2,5 gigabit LAN, 4 x gigabit LAN, 1 x USB 2. Network with 4 x gigabit LAN, 2 x USB 2. Box Fiber. Network with 1 x 2. Box LTE. Network with 4 x Fast Ethernet, 1 x USB 2. Language selection.

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If you have not received an email with the manual within fifteen minutes, it may be that you have a entered a wrong email address or that your ISP has set a maximum size to receive email that is smaller than the size of the manual. Would you like to receive an email when new answers and questions are posted? Please enter your email address. Home Computer Router AVM FRITZBox Online Usermanual and installation guide, pages, 1.

AVM FRITZBox Get by email. Box Need help? Post your question in this forum. Forum avm-fritzbox Content of pages Page 1 FRITZ! Box www. Page 2 Table of Contents Symbols and Highlighting. Box Package. Page 3 7 Configuring an Internet Connection in the FRITZ! Box as a router. Box Access for All Users. Box User. Box without a Passw Page 4 Box as a Wireless Access Point.

Box Guest Access. Box Home Network. Page 5 18 Help in Case of Errors. Box out of Operation. Page 6 Symbols and Highlighting Symbols and emphasized text are used to mark certain information in this manual. Symbols This symbol marks useful hints and tips. This symbol indicates important instructions that must be observed to avoid malfunctions. Box Blue text designates links and references within this manual see page Bold type emphasizes important words Do not click Page 7 The FRITZ!

Box 1 The FRITZ! Box Welcome! We are pleased you decided on a FRITZ! The FRITZ! Box is the hub of your home network, connecting your computers and network devices with the Internet. You can operate the FRITZ! Box on a DSL line as an Internet router. Box is equipped with ports for computers and USB devices and supports wireless LAN technology. This means you can use the FRITZ! Box as a wireless LAN access point for wireless devices like notebooks, tablets or smartphones.

Box integrates connected computers and network devices into your private home network. The devices can exchange data with each other and enjoy shared access to USB hard drives, USB printers and other USB devices. Box transmits music, video and image files to suitable playback devices in the home network.

Settings for the FRITZ! Box and for your private network are configured in a user-friendly user interface. The user interface can be opened in a Page 8 Ports, Interfaces, Buttons and LEDs 2 Ports, Interfaces, Buttons and LEDs This chapter describes the ports, interfaces, buttons and LEDs of the FRITZ! Box has two buttons on the top of the housing.

Info DSL LAN Power WLAN WLAN WPS FRITZ! Box by WPS. WPS is an easy way to establish secure wireless connections see page Page 10 LEDs 2. Boxwhich flash or light up to display various connection statuses and events. Repeat the WPS procedure. OSthe firmware of your FRITZ! Page 11 Before You Connect the FRITZ! Box 3 3.

Box package. See the section Contents of the FRITZ! Box Package on page 11 for more information. Box have been met. See the section Requirements for Operation on page 11 for more information. Contents of the FRITZ! Box functions can be used only with a web browser that supports HTML5, for instance Firefox version 17 or higher, Internet Explorer version 9 or higher, or Google Chrome versio Computers that do not have wireless LAN integrated can be equipped with wireless LAN support by installing a wireless LAN device like a FRITZ!

WLAN USB Stick, for instance. Box, please read the following security and handling instructions. Safety Instructions When connecting the FRITZ! Boxbe sure to observe the following security instructions in order to protect yourself and the FRITZ!

Box from harm. Overloaded power supply components present a fire and electrocution Page 13 Security and Handling — The FRITZ! Box should not be placed on a carpet or on upholstered furniture. Box on excessively heat-sensitive surfaces, as the base of the device can heat up during normal operation. Box during an electrical storm.

Otherwise, electric shocks or short circuits may result. Box housing. The device contains hazardous components and should only be opened by authorized repair technicians. Box is intended for indoor use only. During a storm, disconnect the FRITZ! Box from the power supply and from the DSL line. Handling the FRITZ!