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Kyocera m6530cdn handbuch

Manuals Brands Kyocera Manuals Fax Machine ECOSYS Mcdn Operation manual Kyocera ECOSYS Mcdn Operation Manual. Quick Links. See also: Operating Manual. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Related Manuals for Kyocera ECOSYS Mcdn Copier Kyocera ECOSYS Mcdn Operation Manual 50 pages. Fax Machine Kyocera ECOSYS Midn Operation Manual pages. Summary of Contents for Kyocera ECOSYS Mcdn Page 1 PRINT COPY SCAN ECOSYS Mcdn OPERATION GUIDE Page 2: Table Of Contents Contents Contents Page 3 Fax transmission functions Page 4 Sub Address Communication Page 5 Fax Settings Page 6: Contents Preface This Operation Guide is intended to help you operate the machine correctly, perform routine maintenance and take a simple troubleshooting action as necessary, so that you can always use the machine in good condition.

Please read the Operation Guide before using the facsimile. Keep it close to the facsimile for easy reference. About the FAX Operation Guide this Guide Structure of the guide This Operation Guide contains the following chapters. Page 7: Conventions Used In This Guide Conventions Used in This Guide Adobe Reader X is used as an example in the explanations below.

Click an item in the Table of Contents Click to move from the current page to the previously to jump to the corresponding page. Page 9: Legal And Safety Information Legal and Safety Information Please read this information before using your machine.

This chapter provides information on the following topics. WARNING: Indicates that serious injury or even death may result from insufficient attention to or incorrect compliance with the related points. Please read the Operation Guide before you start using the machine.

During use, refer to the Operation Guide for your machine for information regarding the sections listed below. Environment Precautions for Use Loading Paper Ne pas jeter les piles dans le feu: elles peuvent exploser. Page Before Using The Fax Machine Before Using the Fax Machine This chapter explains the following topics: Part Names and Functions Opening handle Hold this handle when opening or closing the Document Processor.

Original table Stack the sheet originals on this table. Original eject table Read originals are ejected onto this table. Cancel screen. Enter numbers and Displays the function menu screen. When you send a fax using the transmission function, the date and time as set here will be printed in the header of the fax.

TTI Transmit Terminal Identification Select whether or not to print the local fax information on the fax on the receiving system. Display the screen. NOTE This setting does not appear in some regions. NOTE Before connecting this machine to PBX, it is recommended to contact the company that installed the PBX system to request connection of this machine.

The saved destinations can be changed. The destinations are available for Send as E-mail, Send to Folder, and Fax Transmission. NOTE Registering and editing of the Address Book can also be done in Command Center RX.

NOTE Up to 32 characters can be entered. Use the numeric keys to enter a number. Select the [OK] key. Adding a Group Compile two or more contacts into a group. Designations in the group can be added at the same time. When adding a group, a maximum of 50 groups can be added in the Address Book. Select the member you want to delete. Confirm the registered member. You can sort the list in the order of index or address numbers of the destinations. Adding a Destination Add a new destination contact or group.

A maximum of 22 destinations can be registered. Register fax destinations in the Fax screen. Select the One Touch Key to be edited or deleted. Press the One Touch Key to be edited or deleted 2 seconds or more. Select a key number, select the [OK] key. Page Sending Faxes Sending Faxes This chapter explains the following topics: Basic transmission procedure Select the [FAX] key. The base screen for fax appears. Place the originals. Press the [Start] key. When scanning finishes, transmission starts.

When originals are placed in the document processor After originals placed in the document processor are scanned and stored in the memory, the receiving system is dialed. When originals are placed on the glass surface After originals placed on the glass surface are scanned and stored in the memory, the receiving system is dialed.

Select the destination you want to check, select the [OK] key. Display the send job status screen. Check the details of the transmission job. Select the job you want to check. Methods of cancelling in various cases are explained here. Cancelling Memory Transmission while originals are being scanned Select the [Stop] key. When communication is disconnected, transmission stops.

NOTE To cancel direct transmission, delayed transmission, or polling transmission, refer to the section for that function. NOTE If New Destination Entry FAX is set to [Prohibit], it is not possible to directly enter a fax number. Select the destination from the Address Book or the One Touch Key. Sub address communication, encrypted transmission, transmission start speed and ECM can be set.

Select [Detail]. Select the item to change the settings for and then select [Edit] or [Change]. Description Sub Address Set this to transmit using a Sub Address. NOTE For more information on adding One Touch Key, refer to the following: Adding a Destination on One Touch Key page Select the [FAX] key.

The machine stores memorizes originals to send in memory temporarily, and automatically repeats dialing and transmission to the set destination afterwards. Select the destination. To add destinations, repeat steps 2 to 3. NOTE For details of the Address Book, refer to the following: Choosing from the Address Book page Select the destination from the One Touch Key Select all the One Touch Key to which necessary destinations are registered. Login Enter the login user name.

If this screen is displayed during operations, select the [OK] key while the column for entering a login user name is selected. Login Enter the account ID. If this screen is displayed during operations, enter the account ID. NOTE If you entered a wrong character, select the [Clear] key and enter the account ID again. Operation Method page Displays the function menu. Selects the item displayed or changes the numeric value. Confirms the selected setting.

Cancels the current menu setting to return to the menu one level higher. Select this mode when the running noise is uncomfortable. The larger the number, the better the image resolution. However, better resolution also means larger file sizes and longer send times.

Item Description xdpi Norm. Originals will be scanned continuously until you select [End Scan]. FAX Direct Transmission Scans all originals into memory, then dials and sends. Scanning of the originals starts after the connection is made with the receiving system, allowing you to verify that each page of the fax has been properly sent.

NOTE Connecting a telephone set commercially available product to this machine enables you to talk with the person at the receiving system before sending originals. You can use delayed transmission together with the broadcast transmission function, etc.

Item Description Does not use the delayed transmission.

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