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Handbuch olympus tg 4

After the shutter button is pressed halfway, it takes about 50 msec to release the shutter. This model is compatible with SD, SDHC and SDXC cards, including Eye-Fi cards. When recording sound in a movie, the sound made by the lens and camera operating may be recorded.

This is due to the proximity of the microphone to the lens. If desired, you can reduce these sounds by shooting with [AF Mode] set to [S-AF], or by limiting the amount of times you press the buttons. Using an external microphone, you can extend the microphone away from the lens. If you are using a non-MSC lens, you may want to consider a lens with this type of mechanism which is near silent during AF operation. AUTO mode The camera automatically adjusts the settings best suited for the scene, which is convenient for beginners.

Use the Live Guide to easily adjust color, brightness and background blurring. Camera settings cannot be changed except some settings, because this is an automatic mode. This mode enables you to shoot in the appropriate settings by selecting a sub mode best suited to the subject or scene. Select a general situation in sub mode 1, and then a more specific mode in sub mode 2.

Camera settings are limited to maximize the effect of each Scene mode. Refer to the following question for more information:. AP mode Advanced Photo mode This mode enables you to take creative photos unique to D-SLR cameras. Advanced shooting modes like Live Composite, Multiple Exposure and Live Time can be set with a simple operation. While SCN modes such as SilentPanorama and Light Trails achieve effects that are similar to the Live Composite in AP mode, more advanced settings are possible in AP mode than in SCN mode.

Art Filter You can take creative pictures using art filters. The effects of art filters can be checked on the live view monitor before shooting, so you can select a desired art filter by checking the effects. P Program mode The camera automatically adjusts the settings best suited for the scene.

Camera menu settings such as white balance and exposure compensation can be changed. A Aperture Priority mode When the aperture value F-number is set manually, the camera sets the appropriate shutter speed automatically. If a smaller aperture F-number is set, the focus range becomes narrower.

You will get pictures of a subject with out-of-focus background. If a larger aperture F-number is set, the focus range becomes wider. Both the subject and the background come into focus. S Shutter Priority mode When the shutter speed is set manually, the camera sets the appropriate aperture automatically. A fast shutter speed can freeze a fast-moving action without blurring. A slow shutter speed will blur a fast-moving action. This blurring will give the impression of dynamic motion.

M Manual mode Both the aperture and the shutter speed can be set manually. You can also set the BULB Bulb photographyLIVE TIME Time photography or LIVECOMP Live composite photography. Movie mode This mode enables you to create movies. In addition to standard movies, you can shoot 4K movies in 4K mode or slow motion movies in High-speed mode. AP Advanced Photo mode enables you to shoot in advanced settings like Live Composite and Multiple Exposure with a simple operation.

When the mode dial is already set to AP mode, press the. Note: In order to maximize the effect of each mode, some of the function settings are disabled. Reset: Sequential numbers for folder names and file names can be reset when replacing cards. Auto: Sequential numbers for folder names and file names can even be continued when replacing cards.

Settings are not reset, even if the power is turned off. Our newest imaging software supporting various styles of workflows, this software is packed with features that meet the demands of pro photographers. New Version 1. OM Digital Solutions Americas, Inc. Consumer Products Customer Care Corporate Parkway P.

Box Center Valley, PA Olympus products are built to highest quality standards and should provide you with years of satisfaction. Ensure the long lasting enjoyment of your purchase with an Extended Warranty. If the Olympus product fails to function properly under normal and proper usage due to defects in materials or workmanship, during the period of this Extended Warranty, Olympus will, at its option, either repair at no charge for parts or labor, or replace.

Home SUPPORT. Search for Tough TG-4 Support Topics Download the Tough TG-4 Manual Download the Tough TG-4 Firmware Updates Contact Olympus Support Register My Tough TG-4 Extend My Warranty Search for Tough TG-4 Support Topics Tough TG-4 Support Topics Search. Where can I see a list of frequently asked questions on my model? RETURN TO SUPPORT TOPICS. How long is the shutter-release lag time? What type of memory card can I use with this model? When recording movies I can hear the sound of the lens focusing, how can I reduce this sound?

What differentiates the TG-4 from the TG-3? Image Size Movies p, p, VGA, HSfps, HSfps Built-in Wi-Fi Available Compatible Smartphone Application OI. Share Remote Control function, Import Photos function, Add Geotag function, Easy Setup function OI. What differentiates the E-PL9 from the E-PL8? The following table describes the differences:. What differentiates the E-PL9 from the E-M10 Mark III? What types of shooting modes are available from the mode dial? Available shooting modes from the mode dial are AUTO modeAP, Advanced Photo modeSCN Scene modeART Art FilterP Program modeA Aperture Priority modeS Shutter Priority modeM Manual mode and Movie mode.

The shooting modes can be selected from the mode dial. You can select a sub mode on the monitor in AP mode, SCN mode and Movie mode. What kinds of AP modes are available? Tough TG-4 Instruction Manuals Manuals for Download: TG-4 Instruction Manual English TG-4 Instruction Manual French TG-4 Instruction Manual Spanish TG-4 Quick Start Guide. TG-4 Firmware version 2. Olympus Workspace Our newest imaging software supporting various styles of workflows, this software is packed with features that meet the demands of pro photographers.

Contact Support for Tough TG-4 Model: Tough TG Operating System Operating System Required Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP Windows Windows ME Windows 98 SE OS 9. Purchase Date Purchase Date Required Within the last 30 days Within the past year Greater than a year. How can we help you? First Name. Last Name. Address 1. Address 2. Zip Code. Country Country Required United States Canada.

State State Required AL- Alabama AK- Alaska AB- Alberta AZ- Arizona AR- Arkansas BC- British Columbia CA- California CO- Colorado CT- Connecticut DE- Delaware DC- District of Columbia FL- Florida GA- Georgia GU- Guam HI- Hawaii ID- Idaho IL- Illinois IN- Indiana IA- Iowa KS- Kansas KY- Kentucky LB- Labrador LA- Louisiana ME- Maine MB- Manitoba MD- Maryland MA- Massachusetts MI- Michigan MN- Minnesota MS- Mississippi MO- Missouri MT- Montana NE- Nebraska NV- Nevada NB- New Brunswick NH- New Hampshire NJ- New Jersey NM- New Mexico NY- New York NF- Newfoundland NC- North Carolina ND- North Dakota NT- Northwest Territories NS- Nova Scotia NU- Nunavut OH- Ohio OK- Oklahoma ON- Ontario OR- Oregon PA- Pennsylvania PE- Prince Edward Island PR- Puerto Rico PQ- Quebec RI- Rhode Island SK- Saskatchewan SC- South Carolina SD- South Dakota TN- Tennessee TX- Texas UT- Utah VT- Vermont VA- Virginia WA- Washington WV- West Virginia WI- Wisconsin WY- Wyoming YT- Yukon Territory Other.

Email Email. Confirm email. Best Contact Number. Best Time to Call. Olympus may call depending on the nature of your inquiry. We have representatives available from 6am - 2pm ET Monday - Friday. If you wish to receive product updates or Olympus offers via email, please check here. Extend my warranty Olympus products are built to highest quality standards and should provide you with years of satisfaction. This Extended Warranty includes: Coverage against defects in materials ir workmanship for two years beyond the original manufacturer's warranty period.

One free checkup and cleaning during the warranty period. What is covered by the Extended Warranty? Please Note: Extended warranty must be purchased within the original warranty time period: First year on a new products, 90 days on a refurbished product. Extended warranty must be limited to product sold in the USA, its territories, and Canada from authorized Olympus dealers. Repairs will only be performed in corresponding locations. Underwater Snapshot, Underwater Wide1, Underwater Wide2, Underwater Macro, Underwater HDR.

Available Microscope, Focus Stacking, Focus BKT, Microscope Control Shooting range: from 1cm to 30cm. Available Microscope, Focus Stacking, Focus BKT, Microscope Control Shooting range: from 1cm to 10cm. Track Update A-GPS data, Import GPS logging information, Easy Setup function. Not available A separately sold EVF can be connected to Accessory Port 2.

Monitore Kameras Drucker Ranglisten Kontakt. Size: 2. Sprache: DE. Sprache: EN. Einzel-Autofokus, kontinuierlicher Autofokus, Flächen-Autofokus, Manuell, AFL-Funktion, AF-Hilfslicht. Fischauge, Fisheye, Lochkamera, Miniatureffekt, Weichzeichnung, Aquarell, Dramatischer Ton, Glitzermodus, Pop Art, Reflexion, Rock, 10 weitere Bildeffekte. Automatik, Wolken, Sonne, Unterwasser, Leuchtstofflampe, Manuell 1 Speicherplätze. Serienbildfunktion max.

Automatik, Aufhellblitz, Blitz ein, Blitz aus, Langzeitsynchronisation, Rote-Augen-Reduktion. Videobearbeitung, Bilder beschneiden, Bilddrehung, Bild schützen, Wiedergabe-Histogramm, Bildindex, Diashowfunktion, Verkleinern. Pixelmapping, Orientierungssensor, Live View, Benutzerprofile mit 2 Benutzerprofilen. Um den Teleconverter TCON-T01 und den Fisheyekonverter FCON-T01 an die Kamera zu montieren, muss der Vorsatzobjektivadapter CLA-T01 ebenfalls auf die Kamera geschraubt werden.

TruePic-VII-Bildprozessor Schattenaufhellung Gesichtserkennung Belichtungsreihe Fokus Fokus-Stacking Mikroskop-Modus Live Composit Verzerrungskorrektur Vignettierungskorrektur Zeitraffervideo p Elektronischer Kompass Manometer SNS Upload weitere Bildauflösungen mitund Seitenverhältnis Bildübertragung und GPS-Logfunktion via App auf dem Smartphone oder Tablet.

Olympus CB-USB8 USB-Kabel Olympus F-2AC Netzgerät Olympus LIB Spezialakku Ladegerät USB-Anschlusskabel Trageschlaufe Bildbearbeitungssoftware Olympus Master Software für Windows und für Macintosh. Olympus CHS schwimmende Handschlaufe Aufbewahrungszubehör Olympus CNS Aufbewahrungszubehör Olympus CSCH Kameratasche Olympus CSCH Kameratasche Olympus CSCH Aufbewahrungszubehör Olympus FCON-T01 Konverter Olympus FD-1 Blitzdiffusor Blitzgerätezubehör Olympus LG-1 Lichtleitaufsatz Olympus PT Unterwassergehäuse Olympus TCON-T01 Telekonverter Olympus UFL-3 UW-Blitz Videoanschlusskabel.