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Handbuch fujitsu lifebook e series

Manuals Brands Fujitsu Manuals Laptop LIFEBOOK E Series Easy manual Fujitsu Lifebook E Series Easy Manual. Quick Links. See also: Owner's ManualInstruction Manual. LIFEBOOK E Series EasyGuide. Related Manuals for Fujitsu Lifebook E Series Laptop Fujitsu LifeBook E Series User Manual 34 pages. Laptop Fujitsu LifeBook P Series Manual pages. Summary of Contents for Fujitsu Lifebook E Series Page 1: Lifebook E Series LIFEBOOK E Series EasyGuide Page 2 Are there. Page 5 LIFEBOOK E Series EasyGuide Innovative technology… Important notes Ports and operating elements Removing and installing components during servicing Technical data Index Page 6 All other trademarks referenced are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners, whose protected rights are acknowledged.

Page 7: Table Of Contents Contents Contents Innovative technology… Notational conventions. Page 8 Contents Index AKZ, edition Page Ports And Operating Elements Ports and operating elements Ports and operating elements Ports This chapter presents the individual hardware components of your device. This will provide you with an overview of the ports and operating elements on the device. Please familiarise yourself with these components before starting to work with your device. Notebook open Front View The power-on indicator of the notebook appears in the status indicator panel 2.

The notebook will switch off. Any unsaved data may be lost. Page Status Indicator Panel Ports and operating elements Status indicator panel Statusindicator panel The status indicator panel is a small LCD panel on which various symbols appear. These symbols provide information about the status of the power supply, the drives, and the keyboard functions. Power-on indicator Hard disk indicator Power indicator Page Key Combinations Ports and operating elements Scroll Lock indicator Indicator ScrollLock Indicator ScrollLock Indicator is on: the key combination has been pressed.

The effect that this key has varies between applications. Page Application Buttons Ports and operating elements Application buttons Applicationbuttons Your notebook is equipped with four application keys. Lock Workstation key This key allows you to lock your workstation. However, you are also free to program this key as desired.

Mobility Center key This button starts the Mobility Center. Page Camera Optional If you do not want the camera function, you can disable it in the BIOS. Removing and installing the battery Notes Battery Only use rechargeable batteries approved by Fujitsu Technology Solutions for your notebook. Never use force when inserting or removing a battery. Make sure that no foreign bodies get into the battery connections.

It could otherwise be damaged due to overheating. The modules for radio components are switched off during shipping. Page Security Functions If you lose both the user and the admin passwords you will need to contact the help desk.

The service of deleting passwords is not covered by your warranty, and a charge will therefore be made for any assistance provided. Security functions Type of protection Preparation Kensington Lock If necessary, lay a non-slip cloth on this surface to prevent the notebook from being scratched.

Page Installing The Hard Disk Removing and installing components during servicing Installing the hard disk When installing the hard disk, ensure that the contacts in the hard disk compartment do not get bent or become damaged. Your notebook supports dual channel technology if two DDR3 memory modules are installed.

Fujitsu Technology Solutions recommends installing two identical memory modules in order to achieve the best system performance. Memory expansion Memory module The memory module snaps upwards 2. Page Installing A Memory Module Removing and installing components during servicing Installing a memory module Memory bank 0 must always be loaded. Page 80 W Mains Adapter Technical data 80 W mains adapter Technicaldata ONLY use the 80 W mains adapter for a LIFEBOOK E internal graphics.

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