Native instruments z2 handbuch



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Native instruments z2 handbuch

For more information please visit the following link: Kontrol Z2 CE Template for VirtualDj VirtualDJ 8 Setup Download and install VirtualDJ 8 from our Downloads Page in case you have not done already Once VirtualDJ 8 is launched, a Login Window will appear. Login with your virtualdj.

Without any of the above Licenses, the controller will operate for 10 minutes each time you restart VirtualDJ. Therefore if you plan to use this controller with timecode CD's or Vinyls you will need to either get a special second license for timecodes, or purchase a PRO version of VirtualDj 8 A detection window will appear next, verifying that the device is properly connected. Click to OK. The unit is now ready to operate.

The factory default Mapping offers the functions described in this Manual, however those can be adjusted to your needs via VDJ Script actions. Find more details at VDJ Pedia AUDIO Setup The unit has a pre-defined Audio setup and a special button in the AUDIO tab of Config to provide that. Alternative Audio setups can be applied in the same window.

For further software settings please refer to the Manuals of VirtualDJ 8. LAYOUT The functionality of each button, knob and slider per section as shown in the image above will be explained in detail in the next chapters A. MIXER B. EFFECTS C. HOTCUES D. LOOPS E. BROWSER F. MASTER G. MIC - AUX H. REAR I. When the button is unlit, they will control the analog sound inputs of Kontrol Z2. All the way to the left is CUE sound output only, all the way to the right is MASTER sound output only.

PFL : Press this button to send this channel's pre-fader signal to the Cue Channel for monitoring. When engaged, the button will be lit. SHIFT : Press and hold this button to access secondary functions of other controls on the Kontrol Z2. VU METERS : Displays the intensity of the mono sum of each decks pre-fader volume and the master volume output. Effects The Left FX section FX1 controls the effects of the deck 1 and the Right FX section FX2 controls the effects of deck 2. Use the FX ASSIGN 15 buttons to clone the effects from one deck to another.

FX ASSIGN : Clone the effects from one deck to anotther. FX ON : Activates the selected effect. FX SELECT : Selects the current effect. Hotcues HOTCUE BANK SELECT : Press these buttons to select the active hotcue bank for each deck. When bank 1 is selected the hotcue buttons 20 act against hotcueswhile when bank 2 is selected they act against hotcues HOTCUES : Each one of the 4 buttons assigns a Hot Cue Point or jumps the track to that Hot Cue Point if already assigned.

When a Hot Cue Button is unlit you can assign a Hot Cue Point by pressing it at the desired point in your track. Once it is assigned, the Hot Cue Button will light on. The last used Hot Cue Point will light on white color, while the rest stored Hot Cue Points will light on green color. Hold down SHIFT 13 and then press a button to delete its assigned Hot Cue Point. While SHIFT is held the stored Hot Cue Points will light on red color. SLIP : Enables Slip Mode. Several software functions such as HotCues and Loops will apply temporarily on the track, and the track will return to the position it would have been if those functions were not triggered.

Please note that Slip Mode does not work with Timecode. Hold down SHIFT 13 and then tap this button a few times to manually set a new BPM for the track. Loops LOOP : Turn this knob to adjust the size used by automatic loops, or to change the length of the current loop. Hold down SHIFT 13 and turn this knob clockwise while performing a loop to move the loop forward in the track.

The loop will move as many beats as the current loop. Hold down SHIFT and turn the knob counter clockwise to move the loop backwards in time. The track playing position will jump in order to remain inside the loop at the same position. LCD DISPLAY : Shows the size that will be used by automatic loops, or the length of the current loop. When a loop is active the LCD will blink to notify you. BROWSE : Turn this knob to scroll through files or folders. Hold down SHIFT 13 and turn the knob to change the area of the browser that has the focus between folders, songs and sideview.

Hold down SHIFT 13 and press the knob to set the focus on the songs list if the focus is on folders list. LOAD : Press one of these buttons while a track is selected to load it on the corresponding deck. Press and hold the same button for more than 1 second, to unload the same deck. Hold down SHIFT 13 and press this button to clone the track of the selected deck to the other deck.

TIMECODE ACTIVATE : Press one of these buttons to activate timecode processing for the corresponding deck. Press the same button again to turn off timecode and return to internal playback. When timecode is active, these buttons will be lit in amber color. When timecode is inactive and therefore internal control mode is active these buttons will be lit in green color. If timecode processing is active, it will be deactivated. SYNC : Press this button to automatically match the corresponding deck's tempo with the opposite deck's tempo and phase.

Master MASTER LEVEL : Controls the master output volume of the device. This control is hardware operated and its movement is not visible in the VirtualDj GUI. Mic - Aux MIC-AUX VOLUME : Controls the volume of the mic — auxiliary input of Kontrol Z2. POWER INPUT : Connect the supplied power cord. USB CONNECTOR : Use a standard USB cable to connect Kontrol Z2 with your computer.

USB HUB : Use these USB ports to connect up to two other devices with your PC. BALANCED XLR OUTPUTS : Use these connectors to connect your device on a PRO grade amplifier or self-powered active speakers. RCA OUTPUTS : Use these connectors to connect your device on another mixer or consumer grade amplifier. BOOTH TRS OUTPUTS : Use these connectors to connect your device on your booth monitor speakers or amp. CHANNEL 2 INPUTS : Connect a turntable or a CD player to channel 2.

CHANNEL 1 INPUTS : Connect a turntable or a CD player to channel 1. AUXILIARY INPUT : Connect any line level auxiliary source. MIC INPUT : Connect your microphone.

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