Fujitsu s751 handbuch



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Fujitsu s751 handbuch

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Nach Gruppe Filtern Nach Gruppe Filtern BIOS Treiber - Audio Treiber - Chipsatz Treiber - Kommunikation Treiber - Video. Nach Betriebssystem Filtern Nach Betriebssystem Filtern OS Independent Windows 7 64 bit. Gruppe Bezeichnung Betriebssystem Download BIOS Flashbios Windows E - S 1 OS Independent Download zip 4,46 MB Treiber - Chipsatz Intel Chipsatz Software 1 Windows 7 64 bit Download zip 2,52 MB Treiber - Video Intel Grafiktreiber 1 Windows 7 64 bit Download zip 62,52 MB Treiber - Audio Realtek HD Audio 1 Windows 7 64 bit Download zip 80,23 MB Treiber - Kommunikation Onboard Intel Gigabit Lantreiber 1 Windows 7 64 bit Download zip ,22 KB Treiber - Kommunikation Wlan Atheros Adapter Lantreiber 1 Windows 7 64 bit Download zip 31,81 MB Treiber - Kommunikation Intel Wifi-Treiber 1 Windows 7 64 bit Download zip 49,39 MB.

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Manuals Brands Fujitsu Manuals Laptop Lifebook E Operating manual Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E Operating Manual. Quick Links. See also: User Manual. Related Manuals for Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E Laptop Fujitsu LIFEBOOK Series E Getting Started 13 pages.

Laptop Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E Getting Started 7 pages. Summary of Contents for Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E Page 1 System Operating Manual LIFEBOOK E Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH: AKZ, edition Page 6 All other trademarks referenced are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners, whose protected rights are acknowledged. Page 7: Table Of Contents Using the power-management features Page 8 Connecting external audio devices Page 9 Declarations of Conformity Page 10 Index Page Innovative Technology The Windows drivers for your device can be found on our Internet site.

The factory installation of your device does not support any other operating system. Fujitsu Technology Solutions accepts no liability whatsoever if any other operating system is used. Page Notational Conventions Names of CDs, DVDs and titles or designations for other materials, e. Page Important Notes e. For information on how to switch radio components on and off, see chapter "Switching the wireless components on and off", Page Fujitsu Technology Solutions Fujitsu Technology Solutions Page Notebook: Transporting The surface can be cleaned with a dry cloth.

If particularly dirty, use a cloth which has been moistened in mild domestic detergent and then carefully wrung out. To clean the keyboard and the touchpad, if available, you can use disinfectant wipes. Ensure that no liquid enters the device.

You may need the packaging in the future, if you need to transport your device. Page Working With The Notebook The indicator is illuminated: The notebook is switched on. Page 25 Scroll Lock indicator Indicator ScrollLock Indicator ScrollLock The indicator is illuminated: The key combination has been pressed. The effect that this key has varies between applications. Page Switching On The Notebook e. The example applies when the Caps Lock key has not been activated. The illustrations shown below may differ from your actual device.

Alt Gr Fujitsu Technology Solutions Page Key Description The cursor keys move the cursor in the direction of the arrow, i. Cursor keys Cursor controlkeys Start key The Start key opens the Windows Start menu. Startkey Menu key The Menu key invokes the menu for the marked item. Page Key Combinations If an external monitor is connected, the monitor on which the output is to be displayed can be selected with this key combination. All application buttons are freely programmable, see "Programming the application keys", Page Fujitsu Technology Solutions Page Dragging Items LCDscreen Notes High-quality TFT displays are installed in notebooks from Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH.

An optimal, clear picture can only be ensured with the correct resolution intended for the relevant TFT monitor. Page Rechargeable Battery If you do not use the batteries for long periods, remove them from the notebook. Never store the batteries in the device. Removing and installing the battery Only use rechargeable batteries approved by Fujitsu Technology Solutions for your notebook.

Page Module The module can now be removed without any further actions being necessary. Page Installing A Module Avoid storing a data carrier in areas subject to high temperatures or humidity. You may use both 8-cm and cm data carriers in the optical drive. When using a data carrier of lesser quality, vibrations and reading errors may occur. Page Manual Removal Emergency Removal Do not use any cleaning liquids!

To avoid overheating of the device, do not remove the ventilation slot cover when the device is switched on. Page Memory Cards The label should be facing upward. Do not apply excessive force, as otherwise the delicate contact surfaces could be damaged. Page Removing The Memory Card Wait for the dialogue box which tells you that it is now safe to remove the memory card.

Page Expresscards Do not use excessive force. Depending on the type, the card may protrude slightly from the slot. Please see the documentation relating to the card for driver installation instructions. Page Removing The Card If you attach an external microphone, the built-in microphone is disabled.

When you connect headphones or external speakers, the built-in speakers are disabled. Information on connecting headphones and a microphone can be found "Connecting external devices", Page Fujitsu Technology Solutions Page Integrated 56K Modem Multifrequency MFC dialling: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Holland, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain.

Pulse dialling: Belgium, France, Holland and Italy. Also in: Poland, Slovenia, South Africa and Hungary. Page Setting Up Wlan Access The optional UMTS module is ready for use immediately. If you have not ordered a UMTS module, you can purchase the accessories for UMTS reception from specialised dealers or from your Fujitsu Technology Solutions dealer.

Page Connecting The Mains Adapter To The Port Replicator "Docked" mode. The notebook will switch off. Any unsaved data may however be lost. Page Use Kensington Lock Utility, while the user password only provides some of the functions. You can only set a user password if a supervisor password has already been assigned. Please refer to the "Settings in BIOS Setup Utility", Page 78 section for a description of how to call up and operate the BIOS Setup Utility.

Removing the supervisor password simultaneously deactivates the user password. Page Password Protection For Booting Of The Operating System If you do not want to change any other settings, you can exit BIOS Setup Utility. The system is no longer password-protected. Page Smartcard Reader In order to be able to take advantage of all the security features of your notebook, you will need a CardOS SmartCard from Fujitsu Technology Solutions. The SmartCard can only be used with a PIN, offering maximum protection even if you lose the SmartCard.

Page Connecting External Devices Disconnecting devices from the notebook 1. Turn off your notebook and all external devices. Unplug your notebook and all devices from the mains sockets. Disconnect the cables for your external devices following the instructions. Devices Peripheraldevices Fujitsu Technology Solutions You can also switch between the external monitor and the LCD monitor of the notebook, see chapter "Key combinations", Page You can display the same picture on the external monitor and the notebook LCD monitor simultaneously.

Page Connecting External Devices To The Parallel Or Serial Port The devices connected to the parallel or serial port require drivers. Your operating system already includes many drivers. If the required drive is missing, install it. Current drivers are usually available on the Internet or will be supplied on a data medium. Page Connecting Usb Devices Additional information can be found in the documentation for the USB devices.

Device drivers USB devices will be automatically recognised and installed by your operating system. Page Usb Port With Charging Function You can use this USB port to charge or supply power to a USB device e. Page Connecting External Audio Devices If you purchase a cable from a retailer, please note the following information: The headphone port on your notebook is a "3.

If you want to connect headphones or a speaker you will need a "3. Page Removing And Installing Components During Servicing The equipment and tools you use must be free of static charges. Page Preparing To Remove Components Otherwise, there is a risk of suffering burns! As some components are exposed that are sensitive to static electricity, please take note of chapter "Notes on installing and removing boards and components", Page Fujitsu Technology Solutions Page Installing A Memory Module If you remove more than one component at the same time, keep the screws for the individual components separate from each other and make sure that you use the correct screws.

If you install the wrong screws, components may be damaged. Page Installing A Hard Disk If you install the wrong screws, components may be damaged. Your device is shut down. Page Troubleshooting And Tips PC if you are running processor-intensive gaming software, e. Updating your hardware with drivers which have not been approved by Fujitsu Technology Solutions may result in performance losses, data losses or malfunction of the equipment. Page Help If Problems Occur The SystemDiagnostics program is already installed on devices which were delivered with a Windows operating system.

Page The Notebook Cannot Be Started by restarting the operating system or switching the device off and back on again. The battery is dead.