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Giant reign handbuch

PB Forum :: Pinkbike Groups and up giant reign owners thread! Previous Page Next Page. Post Message. Author Message. Just came off a decked out Trance The Trance was awesome but the Reign is def in another level. One major difference I found was the Reign likes to jump and be in the air. I found the Trance a bit more nervous and required more fitness. No major compromise in climbing. When it comes to descending I was really reluctant going from the Trance to the Reign because the majority of riding I do is east coast single track with short punchy climbs.

THE best bike I've ever ridden hands down. Rlvinas wrote: Out of the box my 2 model weighed a leg busting 33lbs. I've got her down to low 29's which isn't bad for a 6" travel aluminum bike. This is my third Giant Maestro bike and have to say that the rear end outperforms the others. My trance had a Pike and Debonair x57 mm rear travel. The Pike would easily soak everything up front but the rear would get overwhelmed on the fast chunky stuff.

Now don't get me wrong the Trance is awesome but the Reign feels like it has a Pike in the rear if that makes sense, its that well balanced. Kevlmcm wrote: Rlvinas wrote: Out of the box my 2 model weighed a leg busting 33lbs.

Rlvinas wrote: One major difference I found was the Reign likes to jump and be in the air. Running the stock monarch debonair in my reign 2 and considering an upgrade to something burlier. But not "Old School" 3 hours ago - SB Mullet 3 hours ago - SCOUT's fall in! About Us Contacts FAQ Terms of Use Privacy Policy Sign Up! All rights reserved. Mobile Version of Website. Posted: Jan 7, at Official thread to post and discuss the reign.

Keep on topic I have a reign advanced 1 and am loving it! Any tips on suspension set up etc? MODS ka81 MODS ka81 wrote:. I follow this chart. Rlvinas wrote:. Posted: Jan 8, at Out of the box my 2 model weighed a leg busting 33lbs. Kevlmcm wrote:. The reign advanced isn't that light for a carbon bike either so once its all paid off I plan to start lightening it up, thinking I'll go 1x10 maybe some lightbicycle rims and a lighter stem because the truvativ is quite a porker.

I used to get wrapped around the axle as far as total weight until I realized that a 30 lb bike with a light wheel set feels faster than a 28 lb bike with heavy wheels. Besides the rotational mass which we always almost mention on wheel upgrades but not always think about sprung weight. The lighter the wheels the faster they are going to react to successive hits. Sweet ride bro! That's right man! Thinking I definitely will be buying either some lighter rims or wheels, just have to decide if I want to keep the wheels ones I have for downhill duties and buy a whole new wheel set or just get rims.

Going on my first burly ride on it soon so am stoked to see how it handles! Sweet, let me know what you think. Posted: Jan 17, at Brakes, rotors, chainset, rear mech, shifter, cassette and xd driver, chain etc as I am replacing everything for Saint. Open to offers. Posted: Jan 29, at What rear shocks are people running in their reigns?

One thing I ha e noticed with my reign 2 is that it climbs better than any other bike I have owned xc or otherwise. I think it's because I am 6'5 on the XL and it's the first bike that has actually fit me properly. Needless to say it descends brilliantly, and I haven't even really dialed the suspension settings to the optimum for my weight yet. The thing is so planted and grippy. But not "Old School".

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